Dear Outlaw Bloggers, Please Use Common Sense!

Editor’s Note: This is not a computer tip, all views expressed in this post are my personal opinion. The original intention of this post is to foster debate among readers and webmasters.

Suppose you discover a new fish species(let’s name it X) and tell your friend about it. Your friend goes to a group of people and tell them about a new fish called X without stating that it was discovered by you. Will you like it? Is this fair? Does it make a bit of sense? The answers is NO.

Now suppose another situation where you discover a new software and review it on your blog. Now your readers(both Direct visitors and those coming from RSS feeds) which include plenty of bloggers, will read about this new software and write about it in their respective blogs without mentioning that it was discovered by you. Will you like it? Is this fair? Does it make a bit of sense? The answer again is NO.

So what is this all about? It’s about using a bit of common sense. I have always tried to find the reasons why bloggers fail to credit the original discoverer and here is what I found.

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Kumo Search Homepage Screenshot Leaked

The first screenshot of Kumo’s homepage was accidentally leaked on Twitter, our friends at LiveSide got hold of it. For those who don’t know what Kumo is, it is a complete rebranding of Microsoft Live Search. Kumo is being internally tested by Microsoft employees before launching it to the public and according to some tweets it accidentally went live last night.

Update: According to some webmasters, they received 1-2 visits from Kumo. Perhaps it could be a bot.

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Ask Readers: Do You Like The New Design?

Lately I am not posting much articles because of my work related to the design of my blog. Today, I am delighted to say that my design is ready and the theme has been implemented. It took a sheer amount of hard work and could not have been possible without Cristi Antohe. He was responsible for half of this blog’s design and fully worked on the development of this theme. He is one of the most trusted guy to work with, he answered all my queries, helped me set up the theme and gave some important advices which I will never forget. I would like to ask my readers to take a minute and leave a comment. Let us know what you think about this blog’s new design. Do you like it? Should we add anything? If you are in a hurry and can’t leave a comment, you can take the poll on the  right sidebar which is going to take maximum of 2 seconds. ;) I am looking forward to hear from you.

AddictiveTips New Year Giveaway, Year 2009

Update: This contest has ended. Winners will receive an Email. To celebrate a Happy New Year, I am giving away 3 MozyHome Yearly licenses to my readers. If you don't know what MozyHome is, check out my praises for this product here. These 3 yearly licenses have unlimited space allowing you to backup thousands of thousands(in fact unlimited) number of files. You must be thinking what’s the use of Mozy anyway? Well, It can come handy if any of the following happens with you,
  • Your laptop gets stolen.
  • Your Computer crashes due to a virus and becomes corrupted
  • Your Important Files or Family Photos/Videos gets accidentally deleted.
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Download Or Copy Music From iPod To Your Computer Instantly With iDump

Do you love the the music playlist of  your friend’s or co-worker’s iPod? You can now copy the songs to your computer, and then later copy them to your iPod using iTunes if you have one. Almost everyone carry an iPod  these days, if you love someone's music playlist you can borrow his iPod for few minutes and copy his music to your computer instantly. iDump is a free little tool that lets you copy all music from any iPod to your computer.

There are  two types of files, one is a simple installer and the other is an executable file which you can download from here.

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Monthly Roundup November, 2008: New Poll, Plan For December, Increase In Feed Readers

As more and more people are migrating to open-source operating systems such as Ubuntu(which is more user friendly as compared to any other free operating systems),  it compelled us to ask our readers if they want Ubuntu tips to be covered on this blog. Majority of the people responded to the poll, results can be seen below.

You voted, we heard. We are now gearing up to bring you Ubuntu tips alongside other tips starting January, 2009.

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6 Simple Ways to Avoid Email Scams And Website Phishing Attacks

You've probably been the recipient of one of those emails – an urgent message from your bank, telling you to login and pay your bill. It could be a message from eBay, informing you that your account has been suspended. The email looks real enough, the login looks the same as the real site, but they're not the real thing. These emails and sites are fake sites set up by criminals to get your login information to steal your identity, your money, and your credentials. Read More

Tip For Mavericks: How To Use IP Address To Find Out Where You Live

The first thing you are going to wonder is why I wrote Maverick in the title? Some are going to laugh and some are going to take it seriously. I regularly check what my readers are searching for before coming to my blog. And surprisingly “How to use IP to find where you live” was one of the question many people were looking an answer for.

I wondered who will type such a question in Google? Even the dumbest person in the World knows where he is living. Then something else stuck my mind, suppose you get kidnapped or get lost somewhere in a crazy way(don’t know which one), you will surely want to know where the heck are you? So maybe someone typed this question because he could be in this exact situation.

But to know he needs a computer and a internet connection, maybe he searched using his Kidnapper’s laptop (Yeah I am thinking crazy at the moment).

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How To Protect USB Drive From Virus When Attached To Infected Computer

Have you ever attached a USB to a computer and later found out that the drive is infected by a virus? I have definitely faced this situation many times. If you attach your USB drive to the infected computer the virus is transferred to the drive in no time infecting all the important documents in USB drive too, depending on the nature of the virus you may loose important data from the USB drive and never recover them back. But there is a solution to protect your USB drive from virus infection when it is connected to already infected computer.

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How To Create A Free iPhone Application For Your Blog With AppLoop

Do you own a blog? Do you want to create an iPhone application for your blog where users can read your latest post without needing to open their web browser? If yes, then AppLoop does exactly that. You just need to create an account, answer few questions, choose your logo and then choose the price at which you want to make it available. After all is done, they will create your application and send it to Apple for approval. Once approved, your application will be live and everyone with an iPhone can download your application and become and regular reader of your blog. Read More

How To Extract Audio From Movies And Video Files Easily

Have you ever watched a movie with a fantastic piece of soundtrack? Like I did, when I watched “Into the Wild”, its soundtrack was awesome, Wouldn't it be great if we could make an MP3 file to play on our computer? As long as we don't infringe on copyrighted material, there's a great selection of audio extraction tools that we can use to generate digital audio files from video, for this purpose, AoA Audio Extractor is a powerful tool for video to audio file conversion.

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How To Recover Your Accidentally Deleted/Formatted Or Corrupted Pictures From Your Digital Camera

Did you accidentally press delete or format button on your camera by mistake? Or you took a photo and later found that it was corrupted? Don’t fret yet, thanks to Ars Plus Digital Photo Recovery, now you can recover all accidently deleted and corrupted photos from your digital camera. This software is just 1.2MB in size and doesn’t need to be installed, just download it and run it, that’s all. Also it needs no technical knowledge beforehand, which means almost everyone can use it. Read More

How To Use Sockso As Your Own Personal Streaming Music Server

Do you want to share some music with your friend? Or do you want to hear to your favorite music playlist while you are away from your PC? Sockso is a free, open-source, personal music server for everyone! It's designed to be as simple as possible so that anyone with a mouse and some mp3's can get themselves and their friends listening to their music across the internet in seconds. Plus, it works Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. The only thing it requires is to have java installed on your machine, which is not a big problem.

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Blog Statistics For The Month Of September, 2008

Note: This Blog’s statistics will be posted on monthly basis, they might not seem useful right now, but they will  come handy from January when I will start writing about blogging tips. If you hate such posts, you can skip it. :)

Update : I forgot to mention that the pagerank of this blog reached from 0 to 3 in just a month.

AddictiveTips has been alive for a month and our stats prove how loyal our readers are becoming. More and more people are looking for useful tips and we are working hard to keep up to your expectations. Before I start, I would ask you to first welcome our new author Muzammil Younus to our solid AddictiveTips team. Soon you will also find a short biography (with a picture) of every author, so that people can understand the team better.

Here are the detailed statistics for the month of September.

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How To Sync Your Nokia Phone With Mac Easily Over Bluetooth

All Nokia devices supported by iSync can connect to your Mac through Bluetooth. However, selected Nokia device models can also be synchronized through a USB cable in addition to using Bluetooth. If iSync supports both Bluetooth and USB connections to your Nokia device, you can choose whichever connection method you prefer for the initial setup. Follow these simple steps to connect your Nokia Phone with you Mac. Read More

Using Time Mangagement Tool ‘RememberTheMilk’ Right From Your Desktop

As technology is evolving, our lives are getting busy in involving with it. We all want to do so many things in a single day just like I want to do several blog posts per day and at the same time, I want to keep some time for my offline world {friends and family}. But at the end of the day, when I look at my activities, I often get disappointed. This is where time management tools job come and they can be very handy in the process of planning one's schedule. If you want to work efficiently, you have to remember the milk ;). RTM is an online service and works from the browser. It may be comfortable for others but I prefer desktop widget over browser. We will make an account first, then with a little hack, we will be able to access RTM via desktop widget. Read More

Apple To Launch iTunes 8 along with iPods On Tuesday

Apple is having an event on 9th september, so there are spectaculations going that there will be launch of new iPod nano and iPod touch. At the same time I believe that Apple will release iTunes 8, because it is a perfect day to launch. If Apple had to launch iTunes, it would have done it already, its been 2 years since Apple launched iTunes 7, but Apple has been patient on iTunes this time, because Steve Jobs didn't want this launch to go wrong just like MobileMe's launch did. Read More