Change Language In Facebook To English(Pirate) Mode

Since facebook relies on it’s users for translation, a bunch of Pirate fans have created a language dubbed English(Pirate). It adds an overall fun to the facebook profile by changing the words such as Home to Home Port, Friends to Mates Y’might Know, etc. Below is the screenshot showing the new language in action.

facebook english pirate-small

Click the image above to enlarge.

To change the language scroll to the bottom of the facebook page and click English(US). Finally from the list of languages, select English(Pirate) and you are done.

selecting English pirate language

Even through this language is in Beta and was added in late 2008, the community make changes to the translation ever now and then. So, if you are a pirate or would love to be one, give this language a try. Enjoy!

UPDATE: For those looking to change their default language back to English if it has been changed to some other language, please go here.

  • nermin daniel mena

    english is good

    • damionfisher


  • raph khioko maddy

    please change facebook to english

    • raph khioko maddy

      what do you mean i cant acess it in english its all in arabic please help

      • sayed

        plase help face book is in arabic lang please make it in english

      • Canon2

        I’m hoping this will help, since I just did it. Go to where you think is your friends page. At the bottom left next to Facebook 2009, you will see a word click on it. Then select English UK. Try it, it works. Good luck

        • http://thanks Jayaganesh

          many thanks …. now facebook changed to english as you advised. many thanks in advance.,

      • madhu gopal

        please transfer my facebook in english permanently coz i dont understand arabic

    • semsema

      plz change it english befor i close my account

      • boe

        please learn to spell.

    • http://facebook meenu

      plz change language in english bcas i m facing a lot of problems

  • http://Facebook Ambi

    Same problem with mw….how do i change my language to english,everything is in arabic

    • Nakodari

      Read the post and you will find out. There will be Change Language option below every page, just choose English from there and click OK. That’s all.

      • http://facebook shayla

        You don’t know what you are talking about.

  • jainal

    i need facebook in english

    • andre tasse

      i hate spanish i cant get the english can you help me

  • jedr.delfino

    could you change english face book instead of arabic.

  • Noura

    Same problem – and there is no change language option on pages of facebook into English

    • Nakodari

      If your Facebook language is Arabic, you can change it to English by clicking the ‘Arabic’ link on the bottom-right side of the page. Just before the ‘Facebook (c) 2009′ in the footer.

  • http://facebook ruel

    eventhough i click english on the text ,arabic language came after… thanks for the info.

  • zena

    plz the same proble and i cant find any thing for wht u say help me again i need facebook in english plz

    • jacqueline

      pls help me change my facebook back to english,cos i cant read french,pls its urgent.HELP ME!!!!

  • zita

    please change it to english…i hardly can’t read arabic…

  • nazia khan

    please change my facebook webpage into english

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  • Ashok

    scroll down bottom of facebook page ,down you can see Facebook © 2009English (UK) ,select english

    • jhana

      what about this they have Facebook 2010 and u cant click the part next to it to change the language from arabic to english?coz i dont know i always try to figure out how to put it back to english language but i cant figure out?

  • http://Facebook Lawrence

    Best place to make new friends

  • ramesh Lee

    please change it to english…i hardly can’t read arabic…
    I facing to much problem in arabic.i cannot do anything

  • shosho hanem

    i want to change my facebook language to english.. please tell me how to do this but now

  • Heini Ovasonur

    Hey gays

    If youre in an arabic-spoken country this wont help you, cause facebook switches auto to the language spoken in the current country.
    Im located in The Faroe Islands. I switched to arabic just for fun, and I wasnt able to change back to faroese. There was NO english stuff to press on.

    I was able to change back by deleting all browsing history; located in “tools”.

    • jhana

      what about if u are in the philippines how can u put it back to the normal?
      as u said u delete it and how without changing a account?

  • Natalie Trujillo

    I don't see the Pirate option..aww :(

  • Natalie Trujillo

    I don't see the Pirate option..aww :(

  • jhana

    how can i change the language of my facebook from arabic to english i accedent click the language to arabic and now i cant figure out how to put it back to english again?

    • Dione Shannon

      change the language of my facebook from arabic to english
      i accidently click the language to arabic and nowi cant figure out how to put it back to english again

  • jhana

    please help me how can i put it back my facebook to english language..its anybody know how to put it back?

  • Thomas Aggark

    plz. get my facebook back to engish. thanks.

  • eiman

    plssssssssssss dont change to arabic

    • karim

      plz get my facbook into english

  • doosh bag

    youn people are all shit heads hahahaahhahaahahaaahahaahah

  • ria

    plzzz change facebook into english i donno how 2 change it

  • http://google waheed urrahman

    i cant read arabic so chage language english always in my facebook account

  • http://google waheed urrahman

    hw can i change my language

  • Nunya Business

    I cant make mine pirate .all its says is english uk us and upside down

  • http://Facebook Asamoah

    Please change my Facebook into english i dont know how to do it

  • Tjoekie

    I am battling to get my Language back to English on my face book. For some unknown reason it is now in French

  • cherryl

    Hi… Thank you so much for the info— It does really help :-)
    It’s really easy to figure it out…

  • husein adams

    pls, why i want to change the language to english, becuase i need to me english easy to me for every thing to do with.

  • hayoona

    who knows justi bieber l love him

  • Wynona

    Bhahah that made my f******g day :) shot guys

  • rehab

    very good

  • erfan

    How I can change my text language….I receive my sms from Facebook in chienes language. give me sloution plz..

  • Pdharm28

    How do I change my facebook language in English

  • Singingmo11

    I have timline, so i dont know how :(

    • Lenin D

      It still works perfectly!

  • Mary Mcgee

    please change my facebook back to english as i cannot read aribic.

  • naman

    please change language to English i’m stuck

  • Yum Pineda

    How do i change it back ? I cant now :(

  • Ruby Schurg Hemple

    Please change my Facebook from Latvian ti English US

  • you name

    i know i can tell what languages facebook, should not translate.. like this article is about! but how to remove languages not to translate. i have 3 languages, facebook does not translate. danish, english and spanish. but i wish facebook to translate spanish. but can not remove the setting like in this artikle. my facebook is on danish, and that is what i set it to. i one some years ago told i could english and spanish, but i can not enough spanish, so i would like it to translate spanish. 3 languages are right now picked: danish, english and spanish. i would like to remove the spanish! this article does not mention this problem. maybe it is because i right now is in spain?? dont know..