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Get Facebook In English If Your Language Has Been Changed

I have seen various cases where the default language of Facebook gets changed automatically. Most users are reporting that their language has been changed to Arabic, Polish, French, Vietnamese, etc without any reason. Go here and read all the comments to get an idea what I am talking about.

The most popular way to change the language is to go at the bottom of the page and then change it by clicking the Language link. But this method is reportedly not working for most users, when they change the language using this method, it gets changed back to some other language.

So here is how you can fix it, go to this link:


and simply change the language to English, after about 2 seconds the page will reload automatically and the default language from now on will be English. 🙂

I believe this language change took place according to people’s geographic location after Facebook announced new translations. Anyways, the above mentioned link will definitely solve your problem. Enjoy!


  1. I live in the Appalachian Mountains and my Facebook language selection just changed while I was logged in to Facebook and actively posting. It changed to something like Catalan, because it looks like a mix of French and Spanish. This is just odd.

  2. That doesn’t answer the question i have, how can your facebook page change from english to french all the time without me doing it..

  3. THANK YOU!!! This is the only thing that worked for me! They had changed my language to Italian and I couldn’t get it to go back to English. It was funny for awhile (thought I’d get a crash course in Italian), but it got old real fast!

  4. Mine just went haywire and changed on its own to some squiggly wiggly stuff. It wouldn’t let me change back but your link helped. Thank you!!!

  5. Problem is if you go to FB it is in that language. So linking to FB to help someone whose language has been changed to a language they cant read is pretty ARGHHH

  6. my facebook language was changed from English to other language i don’t understand I will appreciate if you can help me thanks.

  7. Please change my Facebook page language to English for me. It’s very important OK?
    I cannot read Arabic and write from right side to left. Counting for usual co-operation.

  8. There is a lack of English (Australia) country Preference in Facebook preferred language. Why is that?

  9. Further my account please change from Arabi to English because of i cant understand the language of the Arabic kindly please help as soon as possible

  10. Please change my Facebook to ENGLISH…. Does anyone there understand good ole US English ?????? Thanks

  11. Hi,
    I feel upset everytime i open my facebook account because i can’t understand what is written in there…. it seems like a Thai language….. why it so happened most of the time?

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