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Change Language In Facebook To English(Pirate) Mode

Since facebook relies on it’s users for translation, a bunch of Pirate fans have created a language dubbed English(Pirate). It adds an overall fun to the facebook profile by changing the words such as Home to Home Port, Friends to Mates Y’might Know, etc. Below is the screenshot showing the new language in action.

facebook english pirate-small

Click the image above to enlarge.

To change the language scroll to the bottom of the facebook page and click English(US). Finally from the list of languages, select English(Pirate) and you are done.

selecting English pirate language

Even through this language is in Beta and was added in late 2008, the community make changes to the translation ever now and then. So, if you are a pirate or would love to be one, give this language a try. Enjoy!

UPDATE: For those looking to change their default language back to English if it has been changed to some other language, please go here.

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