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Changing Terminal Colors In Ubuntu Linux

Linux/Unix based system’s real power lies in their terminal. If you have to work in the Ubuntu’s terminal and you are not comfortable with it’s default color, you can change it easily. Both background color and text color can be changed.

To change the background color of your Ubuntu terminal, open it and click Edit > Profile.


Select Default and click Edit.


In the next displayed window, go to Colors tab.


Uncheck Use colors from system theme and select your desired background color and text color. You can also place an image in the background of your terminal by going to Background tab. To apply an image as terminal background, select Background Image option, and select the image file.


Once done with settings, click Close.


The selected colors will be applied to your terminal instantly. Enjoy!

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  • Ty

    Thank you, great easy to follow directions. 10/10

  • Drew

    Any idea how to colour the stderr output a different colour?

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  • rupul

    Thank you very much … It worked in Ubuntu 11.10. 🙂

  • thenx dude … 🙂

  • dev

    Is it possible to change the color of the current shell by typing something in the shell as opposed to the steps you described?
    Basically what I am trying to do is at the end of my build I want to put a line that changes the color of the terminal to red/ green depending on my build succeeding/ failing to grab my attention.

  • Priya

    thank you!

  • Possessor 3nside

    shankoo dude :-*

  • med

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  • cyberprey

    thank you and nice tut!

  • awfawe

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  • Dev Aggrwal

    It was easy peasy.. Thanks allot.

  • Virendra Rathore

    thank you sir