Checklist: Create Checklists From Grouped Tasks & Set Reminders [Web]

Checklist is a web service that conveniently allows you to create and manage lists. It is completely free and only requires a simple sign up. With checklist, you can access your lists online or on your mobile & your work is automatically synchronized. The checklists come with due dates, reminders and notes. Furthermore, there is no limit to the number of lists you can create. Checklist is easy-to-use and doesn’t complicate the way we manage our tasks. The service specially comes in handy when you need to organize multiple tasks.

Checklist allows you to manage tasks and get things done quicker. From Checklist’s homepage you can easily search for any type of checklist. It consists of an extensive collection from different categories, ranging from, moving checklists, property checklists, personal checklists and more.


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To start off, you can explore the existing checklists. You will find two categories, Hot Checklists and Latest Checklists.  In addition to that, you can create your very own checklists by clicking the Create a Checklist button.

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Each checklist has a number of tasks that you can view. When you mouse over these tasks a Use this list! tag appears over them. Click the task and a Customize This Checklist box will appear, which will allow you to change the name of the checklist. Once done, click Create and the checklist will be added to your dashboard.

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The Dashboard is where all your lists are saved. You can find all your lists to the left hand-side of the page. Click any of these to edit, delete or add more tasks. You will also be able to view the upcoming tasks in the Dashboard.


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While creating Checklists you can add multiple or single tasks, add groups, due dates, set reminders and add a description for each task.

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This is a handy web service that only requires a simple sign-up, after which you can create and save lists while working online. Visit Checklist from the link given below and drop a comment.

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