Chill: A Social Video Watching Platform [Web]

Want to be more social while watching your favorite shows, songs or other clips? Maybe just watching videos on YouTube is not enough anymore. Chill integrates different kinds of videos with social activities, and provides users with a more interactive experience. This web app lets you watch videos belonging to different categories, such as Live Events, TV Shows. Clips and several others. Users can choose a room and play the video while chatting with others. A single video is played in each room, so everyone can watch and talk about it at the same time. With Chill, you can also become a VJ. Just find the right songs, and queue them in your VJ list. Once users have added songs to their lists, each VJ gets a turn. Furthermore, there are many attractive avatars that you can choose from and enjoy talking to others.

Simply sign in using your Facebook account. Chill has five basic categories, including Featured, Live EventsTV shows, Music and Clips.

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Multiple options are displayed along with the music videos. Your VJ Queue and Find Videos options can be found to the right of the page, where you can become a VJ by queuing up music videos either by searching for them on YouTube, or directly pasting a link. You will also be able to play the avatar video which is found on the left side of the page. In addition to that, you can also share your thoughts with others.

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Each TV show comes with the broadcasting time/date, and a Remind Me option. Users can sign up to be reminded before a show starts. You can also watch live shows and chat with people watching the same show.

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This web app is an integrated social entertainment solution and is completely free. Chill is a great tool for anyone who enjoys watching TV shows, music videos and other clips on the internet, transforming your solo experience into a social and more interactive event. Visit the link below and give it a shot.

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  • I wonder if the tv shows will show even though i’m outside the US… :/ gonna bookmark

    • Matza

      Tried to watch some “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”, and it was hosted on Hulu. So, without a proxy, you probably wont be able to watch so many TV shows.