How To Fix Photos Not Appearing In Camera Roll In iOS


A few days ago, my iPhone randomly stopped saving photos to the Photos app. The photos I took via the Camera app appeared as little thumbnails in the app but when I switched to the Photos app they weren’t there. Another error I kept encountering was that I was unable to send photos over iMessages. As soon as I would select the photo, the Messages app would freeze. A quick search showed this problem has been plaguing users since iOS 8.1 with no solution in sight and no acknowledgement from Apple that this was a genuine problem. The good news is that there’s a pretty easy solution that worked on my phone and here it is.

The phone in question is an iPhone 6 running iOS 9.2. The problem appeared randomly and not after an update or reset.

Step 1: Restart your iPhone

Step 2: Open the Camera app and take a photo

Step 3: From inside the camera app, tap the thumbnail of the photo you just took to view it

photos-bug-ios-0 photos-bug-ios

Step 4: Tap the Share button at the bottom and send the photo to a contact over iMessages

Step 5: Restart your iPhone one more time for good measure and your problem should be solved

It’s not clear what is causing this problem. It certainly dates back a few months according to many online forums. The more perplexing thing is that it suddenly appeared even though there was no recent firmware update made on the device. The phone had been running fine, and the photos were being saved without any problems until they suddenly just stopped. The good news is that your photos are indeed saving so once you fix the problem, all the photos that seemed to have not saved will be there in the Photos app.

  • Joe

    That totally worked for me : thanx ! 🙂

  • Jo windsor

    Brilliant! I did exactly as you said and all my photos have appeared! So thankful :))

  • Irene

    Oh man! THANKYOU! I was just about ready to rage quit. Haha!

  • rexliemainit♥

    What if the buttons are grayed and you can’t click them?

    • exjadety

      If you restart your device, you should see the photos in the roll even though they weren’t there before. Then try again the solution provided here even if it worked for me, the same bug reappeared a few weeks later.

  • exjadety

    This worked just fine for a few weeks until the same problem reappeared, unfortunately.

  • Tara

    Thank youuuuu

  • Fedfan

    It worked! Thank you!!

  • skronk61

    Thanks so much, that worked straight away. And it brought back the missing photos from before.

  • ekanost

    THANK YOU. I thought I was going crazy.

  • William Ruiz

    it did not work…

  • Dave Poortvliet

    This worked for me thank you. I also discovered my phone imported a few photos from icloud that were dated in the future. The digital camera had the wrong date set. Once I removed these photos my camera & photo roll was working normal again.

  • Leak

    Oh my gosh! Thank you so much!

  • Rafael Soares

    GTFO! Can’t believe it worked! Thank you so much, man!

  • Anna

    This works, thank you!

  • schniz

    Not only does my iPhone now save pictures, it shows all of the ones I thought I had lost when it wasn’t saving.

    • Ha Ba

      Mine worked but those picture that didn’t save are still in my icon but when clicked on it show a different picture that WAS saved

  • Sergey Dubovik

    Thanks a lot! This actually helped and no need in resetting/recovering anything.

  • Kashif Syed

    That just awesomely worked. 🙂

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    Woohoo! You are a legend, thank you!