Appy Gamer: A Sleek & Customizable News App For Gamers [Android, iOS]

Being a regular smartphone apps reviewer, I feel absolutely blessed to come across offerings from some of the giants and recognized names in business. Looking at the events of the past three days, first it was team Root Uninstaller that came up with Smart Settings – a nifty solution to personalize and automatically switch between Android sound and system profiles. Then yesterday, OneLouder Apps introduced us to arguably the most innovative and feature-rich Twitter client for Android and iOS-powered devices in the form of Slices for Twitter. Today is the turn of MobilesRepulic – the creators of several intuitive news aggregating smartphone apps, such as Appy Geek, Glam Life, News Republic and Sports Republic – to unleash yet another gorgeous-looking, free news app. While Appy Geek was aimed at geeks and tech lovers, Glam Life had you covered with all the latest happenings from the fashion world, Sports Republic tried to attract avid sports followers, and News Republic covered news stories from almost all wakes of life, the team’s latest release, Appy Gamer, aims to be the hardcore gamers’ one-stop shop for getting daily doze of gaming news from virtually every known platform, including PC, mobile, Xbox, PS3, Nintendo and almost every reliable news source out there.Read More

How To Install Any App As A System App On Android [Guide]

While installing an app on your Android device is as simple as searching for it in the Google Play Store and hitting install, or sideloading its APK on your phone, that always installs them as user apps (also referred to as data apps). At times certain apps need to be installed as system apps rather than user apps in order to utilize their full potential, and that’s where things get a little complicated. In this guide, we will show you how you can install any Android app as a system app on your Android device.Read More

AROMA File Manager: Touch-Enabled Android File Explorer That Runs Within Recovery

We at AddictiveTips always love to bring to you apps that provide the users with instant and convenient solutions to their routine technology-related issues. When it comes to Android, things are no different at all. As can be seen in our compilation of 10 best Android file browsers, we have already come across quite a few feature-packed file management apps for the Android platform. Managing your Android’s internal and external storage content from within the OS through a nifty file explorer is one thing, but what if you wanted to avail these tools right from within your device’s recovery? If you often flash custom ROMs or mod ZIP files onto your device, you might have, at least once or twice, forgotten to move the flashable ZIP file to local storage before rebooting into recovery. You can always use your custom recovery's mount USB storage option to remedy such situations, but now, there's a better way to go about it.  Fresh to the arena, AROMA File Manager by XDA member, amarullz, is among one of the very first successful attempts at providing Android users with a fully-functional root-level file explorer that can be operated from within system recovery; a custom recovery such as ClockworkMod Recovery.Read More

SoShare For Android & iPhone: Share Photos & Videos Of Any Size With Your Private Network

SoShare is a relatively fresh private file-sharing web service that lets users instantly share photos, videos and other relatively larger files with each other without placing any restrictions on the storage capacity or the file type whatsoever. It is a social network of sorts that allows you to interact with your contacts and custom-created contact groups by sharing files and commenting on each others’ activities. The service has just launched mobile clients for Android and iOS, which lets you remotely access and manage your file-sharing activities on the network while on the move. Whether it’s sharing files with your SoShare contacts, downloading content shared by other users, commenting on each others’ activities, or creating custom groups with select contacts, the official SoShare client for Android has you covered.Read More

Dashboard X: Add Notification Center Widgets To iOS Springboard & Lock Screen [Cydia]

Widgets are something that have been exclusive to Android so far, and although iOS now offers a couple of native Notification Center widgets, they are not the same as Android’s ever-present and feature-rich ones. Fortunately, things have finally taken a turn for the better for jailbroken iOS users. Now, it is possible to have home screen widgets on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, thanks to the recently released Dashboard X Cydia tweak. The tweak can be considered a whole new platform for widgets that allows users to add several Notification Center widgets to the home screen. Not only that, you can make the lockscreen area of your iPhone more functional and productive as well, using the tweak’s Dock Mode, which lets users summon widgets at will, so that they don’t clutter the screen all the time. Sound interesting? Read on for details.Read More

ESPNcricinfo For WP7: Cricket Scores, Match Details, Articles & More

Almost all Cricket fans know what Cricinfo is, as it is the best source for getting live updates related to the gentlemen’s game. The popular website from ESPN is not limited to just scores and fixture details, and has got practically everything related to Cricket, including articles, photos, videos and rankings. Although you can utilize the mobile version of the site on your Windows Phone 7 device, it is nowhere near as comprehensive as the full version of the famous website. So, it must come as a pleasant surprise for Cricket fans that a new app, named ESPNcricinfo, has just been released in the Marketplace, and it is Cricinfo’s official Mango client! The app has a few pretty good features that are enough to put even the web version of Cricinfo to shame. Read on to learn all about this awesome WP7 app.Read More

ididit! For Android & iPhone Gives You The Motivation You Need To Achieve Your Goals

There is no better way of keeping yourself motivated to achieve your goals, and sharing them with the world. In this way, not only can you prevent yourself from going astray in pursuit of your dreams, but also serve as an invaluable source of inspiration for others. Based on said concept, ididit! is an online service that provides you with a unified platform for sharing your ambitions with the world. You can update your progress or distance from your goals, share success stories, and in return, extract motivation from the experiences of others. The service lets you announce your goals to the entire community, specify the deadlines by which you wish to intend to complete the goals, get timely notifications for each individual goal via a reminder, and share your entire progress on Facebook, Twitter or through email. The service released its official iOS client in the iTunes App Store last month, and now the Android variant has been released to the Google Play Store. Details to follow.Read More

Official TIME App Released For Windows Phone 7

Time is among the most popular and well-respected publications on the face of the globe, and with the advent of technology, the weekly magazine has moved into the cyber world with a pretty good website, and online versions of its issues across all major platforms. As can be expected, Windows Phone 7 didn’t have an official Time app till now, but that has finally changed, and now, you can browse through the service’s latest articles via TIME Mobile, the newly released official Time client for Mango phones. The app isn’t too cluttered, like most other news-related apps, but you can still control almost every aspect of its usage. There are separate sections for articles, videos and photos, and the best thing about TIME Mobile is the fact that you can save any item for offline viewing.Read More

HomeSpringPage For iOS Adds An Empty Homescreen For Dashboard X Widgets [Cydia]

The Cydia store is certainly an active place, and every few days, a new tweak is bound to create a lot of hype among the iOS jailbreak community. These days, this tweak happens to be Dashboard X (recently reviewed here). After all, who wouldn’t want to have some truly gorgeous and useful widgets on the Springboard of their iPhone? Dashboard X is a rather new addition to the Cydia store, and hence, far from perfect. For example, many people have complained that the widgets obscure app icons, as there are only a few empty spaces available on the Springboard. Also, what if you want the first screen of your iDevice to consist of nothing but widgets? All these problems can be solved using a simple Cydia tweak named HomeSpringPage. The tweak performs the sole task of adding a blank screen on the first slot of your Springboard, and you can use that screen for placing all the Dashboard X widgets you want.Read More

Official LinkedIn Client For WP7 Arrives In The Marketplace, Speaks Metro All Over

Windows Phone 7 offers deep integration with quite a few services and social networks, and provides a good way of managing and viewing all your accounts in one place. One of the services integrated with Mango is LinkedIn, and many of the features of that social network can be accessed from the Me tile. However, that cannot be considered a replacement for a dedicated LinkedIn client for WP7, as there are many things that can’t be done via the People hub. So, it is good news for Windows Phone users that the official LinkedIn client for Mango phones has finally been released. The app contains everything you may expect from an official client for such a popular service, and has “Metro” stamped all over its gorgeous interface.Read More

Stream & Download Free MP3 Songs On WP7 With Fildo

YouTube is probably the best source of online music if you don’t want to browse through a lot of websites, looking for a working link. That is why there are many YouTube clients on Windows Phone 7, and some of them even let users download songs as MP3 audio files. However, surfing through YouTube or similar services still requires some time and effort, and the conversion of video to audio is often not smooth enough. Fildo is a new WP7 app that promises to be every music-lover’s dream come true. The app comes with an impressive collection of MP3 songs that you can stream or download to your device. That's not all; Fildo can be used as an alterative to the Music + Videos hub of WP7, as you can create playlists, listen to songs in the background or under lockscreen, and view lyrics for each. Read More

Alarm Clock Ultra Is Arguably The Best, Most Comprehensive Android Alarm App Out There

Just recently, we’ve been treated to quite a few feature-rich Android alarm apps, such as iHome Sleep, PipeUp! Voice Alarm and Morning Routine. However, when it comes to the amount of features and extent of customization, none of the above come even close to the fresh entrant, Alarm Clock Ultra. It’s not your run-of-the-mill alarm app. Alarm Clock Ultra is laced with goodies, including fully customizable alarms, eye-catching themes, multiple homescreen widgets (depicting current time & upcoming alarms), various time presets to enjoy a Quick Sleep (nap), slick stopwatch and timer, built-in egg timer to help your mom prepare you a boiled egg of preferred hardness, option to dismiss/snooze the alarm by solving mathematical problems, playing games or by just shaking your device, and lots more.Read More

Newser For WP7: News App With Concise Stories, Readers’ Reactions & A Great UI

In today’s world, getting information regarding any subject is fairly easy. These days, the question is not “How to get information?”, but “Where to get it?”. Technology has endowed us with a lot of sources for latest news and other up-to-date information. Even the age of television is passing, and now many people depend on their smartphones for staying in touch with all the important happenings. Even Windows Phone 7, a platform that is not known for the choice of apps in its Marketplace, has got a decent number of news apps. Newser is a new app for WP7 Mango devices that shows the world how news apps should be made. Not only has it got an absolutely gorgeous interface, the way it presents news to its readers is quite unique as well. The sole aim of Newser is to keep users interested in what they are reading. The news items are concise, and the app provides a unique voting system for them, which involves user reactions instead of the regular thumbs up/down or numerical rating.  The app offers way more than that, so read on to find out everything about Newser.Read More

AutoProtect Bypasses iPhone Lock Screen Passcode When On A Specific WiFi Network [Cydia]

If you are even remotely concerned about your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad's privacy, lock screen passcode is the most rudimentary measure that can (and should) be taken, and previously reviewed Cydia tweak, CleverPin, makes that passcode intelligent enough to automatically disable itself whenever the device is connected to a trusted WiFi network, for instance, the network at your home or any other location where the chances of your privacy getting violated are minimum. The tweak also offers some other useful options (like defining a time period during which the passcode will be disabled), but you have to pay $1.99 to get it. Meet AutoProtect, a new Cydia tweak that provides the same functionality for free! The tweak will take into account your current Wi-Fi network, and if it is one that you have already specified, the lock screen passcode will get bypassed automatically.Read More

Stashpix For iPhone: Create Virtual Photo Stashes At A Location, View Those Left By Others

The thrill of discovering something that has been hidden from general view has always held a certain charm for people of all ages. Be it a treasure hunt, or just some small scavenging game, coming across a hidden stash is sure to make your day. This is the principle the new iOS app, Stashpix, is based upon. The app lets you view photos or albums shared by other users, but the distinguishing feature of Stashpix is that you have to be in the area where the image was originally shared in order to view it. Stashpix displays all the stashes of photos in your vicinity, and lets you add to them as well. In a similar manner, you can leave your mark on any area by creating a virtual stash there, so that future visitors of the location are able to appreciate your shares. It's like geocaching, but for photos.Read More

[Giveaway] ESET Mobile Security For Android Out Of Beta, Now Supports ICS & Honeycomb

The reliable computer and network security solutions provided by ESET are highly regarded among domestic and professional computer users all across the globe. When the company launched the public beta of ESET Mobile Security for the Android platform in June last year (2011), Android users were introduced to arguably one of the most comprehensive protection tools for their devices. This multi-lingual app encompasses several sought-after security features to secure your device and all the underlying data from any sort of unauthorized access. The app's feature set includes real-time device protection from viruses and malware through on-demand (user-requested) and on-access (event-triggered) scanning, specifying blacklists for all incoming calls, SMS, and/or MMS from specific users, integrated security audit to identify the most vulnerable aspects of your Android device, multiple anti-theft tools (SIM matching, specifying a trusted SIM card via its IMSI number), and a built-in task manager. The app just recently shed its beta tag and is now available as a 30-day free trial, after which it requires you to purchase a 1-year license to continue availing all the security features. Read More

Listen & Speak: Virtual Foreign Language Teacher That Tests & Rates Your Pronunciation [Android]

Developed by, Listen & Speak for Android is a free app that helps you improve your listening and speaking skills in various global languages by practising them through oral dictation. Listen & Speak sports an extensive online library, complete with various basic and advanced exercises in different foreign languages. The app uses your Android’s Text-To-Speech (TTS) engine to read aloud sentences or phrases from a selected exercise set. You can listen to a sentence as many times as you like, and then repeat it after the app to have your speaking skills analyzed. Based on the extent of your precision with the spoken sentence, the app ranks your speaking skills on a scale of 0-1, with intermediate scores represented in decimal figures. Apart from practicing with a specific exercise set, you can also set the app to translate all the sentences or phrases into a global language of choice.Read More

meshtiles: Interest-Aware Photo Styling & Sharing App For Android & iPhone

There’s no shortage of entertainment-filled apps across various mobile platforms, and it also comes as no surprise that most of these apps are based on the concept of photo-capturing, decorating and sharing. Even before the photo-editing and sharing sensation Instagram hit the Google Play Store, Android users had plenty of quality alternative options to pick from, and the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down. A new app, called meshtiles, has just stepped into the foray to provide Android and iOS users with an Instagram-like photo styling and sharing experience, but with a nice little twist of its own. Fusing the concept of content-aware photo exploration and photo sharing, meshtiles provides you with an unending stream of photos fetched according to your areas of interest. The app also keeps a detailed log of all the photos that you’ve shared on the network, and presents you with a visually appealing timeline of your activities. As a reward for the extent of your activities on the network, the app also awards you with specific titles and points that keep accumulating with time.Read More

CacheClearer For WP7: Clear App Cache Files To Speed Up Performance [Homebrew]

Anyone who has been using a Windows Phone 7 device for a considerably long time, must surely have noticed that their phone becomes a bit laggy with the passage of time. This issue is not exclusive to the Mango platform; the same thing happens on Android, iOS and even desktop platforms. This is owing to the fact that the system’s cache starts building up as the app count on your device increases. By default, or even through third-party apps, there is no way of clearing your WP7’s app cache. That’s where the new Homebrew "CacheClearer" comes into the picture. Using this app, you can free up a lot of internal space (in the order of several Megabytes) on your device. Not only does it let you analyze the cache usage of each app individually, you can use it to get rid of the device’s lag by cleaning up everything in a safe and convenient way.Read More

Gallery+ for Pinterest Displays The Photo-Sharing Social Network As A 3D Slideshow [Android, iOS]

The popular pinboard-themed social photo-sharing service, Pinterest, has a mobile client available for iOS users whereas Android users are currently out of luck. That said, the official iOS client of the service isn’t exactly an app entirely worth dying for. There are plenty of third-party alternatives present across app stores of all renowned mobile platforms that not only let you gain complete control over your Pinterest activities, but add plenty of eye-candy as well. One such unofficial Pinterest client that has been around in the iTunes App Store for quite some time is Galley+ for Pinterest that presents you with a neatly-built photo gallery, complete with all the photo and video collections shared on Pinterest in the form of various pinboards. Apart from managing your own Pinterest account and indulging in various customary activities associated with the service, you can also dive into the world of photo-packed pinboards to explore all the underlying images via high quality, animated slideshows. To the delight of Android users, the app is no longer exclusive to the iTunes App Store, as an Android variant has just made its way into the Google Play Store.Read More