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How to Track Someone’s Location with a Phone Number: The Ultimate Guide Intro

How to Track Someone’s Location with a Phone Number

Yes, you really can track someone’s location using just their phone number. If you’re getting phone calls from people you don’t know, you’re just curious about a device’s location (including your own), or you have a list of phone numbers you want to locate, these tips will help.

While there are special apps you could secretly download to the target device, the easiest method is to enter stealth mode by searching their cell phone number using well-established mobile phone monitoring services and phone tracking apps.

There are also GPS location tracking services that are fully legitimate and totally free, but to do that, you most likely need permission from the target device owner so you can install the app on their cell phone. Yet another option is to use the phone’s IMEI number.

Note: If all you have is the person’s phone number, you can not access their phone calls, call logs, real time location, detailed route history, location logs, etc. For most of that, physical access is needed, as well as GPS location data, which a phone number does not reveal in and of itself.

Method 1: TruePeopleSearch.com

Location tracking via a phone number is hard without physical access to the mobile device. However, this website is remarkably easy to use and provides some really great caller ID and other related information about the target phone. No matter what kind of target device you want to locate, you can use this phone location finder from an Android device, iOS device, or computer.

With the phone number ready to go, follow these steps to track a cell number so you can find the device owner, locate the caller’s location, and ultimately find their exact location (in some cases).

  1. Visit TruePeopleSearch.com.
  2. Select Reverse Phone to open the phone tracker service.
  3. Type the mobile phone number and then press Enter. (It actually works with both mobile phones and landlines.)
  4. Look through the list for any information you think could be accurate about that mobile device number, and select View Details to learn more about the person.

truepeoplesearch reverse phone number search results

Here are some things you can learn about someone with the TruePeopleSearch location tracker, without ever needing to install a phone monitoring app on their device:

  • The person’s location (assuming the location tracking information is current)
  • Past and present address information
  • House information about the owner
  • Possible relatives and associates
  • Potential email addresses

Method 2: SpyDialer.com

Just as the name suggests, SpyDialer.com is another stealth mode cell phone location finder. This free cell phone location tracker website lets you remotely track someone’s location using just their phone number. It’s especially helpful if you want to find the mobile network provider of the phone number, or trace someone’s location without having to install a spy app.

Here’s how to track someone location with phone number from an Android phone or any other device:

  1. Visit SpyDialer.com to get a location by phone number.
  2. Enter the target phone number in the space provided, and then select Search.
  3. Make sure Name Lookup is chosen on the next screen, then select Search again.
  4. The current location of the cell phone number owner will be displayed along with the owner of the targeted device.

spydialer reverse phone number search result

You can see just how simple it is to use SpyDialer to find a current location by phone number. But it’s also useful for other cell phone number details, like the user’s voicemail and service provider. To see those details, choose Phone Details or Hear Voicemail on the results page (Step 4)

Method 3: BeenVerified.com

Unlike the two cell phone location tracking services detailed above, BeenVerified is not free. However, it’s extremely useful for finding a location by phone number, showing far more information about someone’s location than most sites, especially the free cell phone trackers.

  1. Open the BeenVerified Reverse Phone Lookup page.
  2. To track a cell number, type the target’s phone number into the space provided, and then select Search.
  3. Wait while the ‘detecting location’ and other progress bars come and go. During this process, BeenVerified is detecting the carrier and number type and searching background information to help you find someone’s location.
  4. Enter your email address on the next page, and then select Submit.
  5. Immediately, you’ll see part of the target phone owner’s name, but you need to keep waiting while it looks up the phone number on social media and does an online photo search for the owner.
  6. Check the box next to I Agree on the results prompt, and then press Continue.
  7. Finally, choose a plan to continue. You can pay for BeenVerified for as little as $1 for a whole week of cell phone tracking.

beenverified results example

You’ll get an awesome report in the end that includes loads of details about the owner of the phone number you searched for. Here’s a sample BeenVerified report if you’re curious what you’ll get before you buy. Details include a list of previously used phone numbers, the person’s location history (home address details), and aliases.

Method 4: Look Up the IMEI Number

Both Android devices and iOS devices have their own IMEI number to pinpoint each device, like a fingerprint. This technique is the least likely to work to track someone’s location because a phone’s IMEI is usually only used in this way to track a stolen phone. If that’s your situation, give this method a try. It won’t let you set up real time location alerts, but it could help find someone’s location.

Dial *#06# to see your IMEI number. If you’re on Android, another way to see it is through Settings > About phone.

There isn’t much you can do with IMEI number on its own, but if you can convince the service provider of the target device (such as Verizon or T-Mobile) to run a search on it, they could help you find the owner and even the phone number location.

Another way to get some details about the phone from this number is through a service like IMEI CHECK, although the details are minimal. You’ll find the device’s model and brand.

Top Apps to Track Someone’s Location With Phone Number

You can also track cell phone location details with a mobile app that supports location sharing. Most phone location tracker apps with a location sharing feature work on both Android phones and iOS devices. These are ideal because they can actually use cell triangulation technology and GPS technology to find the device’s real time location.

Google Maps

You can’t go wrong using Google Maps to track someone’s location. This is your classic phone location tracking free app that boasts one of the best GPS tracking systems available. It’s ideal for finding the exact location of a cell phone, and it can track location on Android and iOS devices.

A phone number is less useful in a location tracking app like Google Maps, so you can actually track the GPS location of a Wi-Fi only iPad or other tablet, too, as long as they are sharing the location with you through the app.

Here’s how to share GPS location from an Android device:

  1. Tap the app icon for Google Maps. It’s already installed if you’re on Android, but if not, or if you’re on iOS, you can download the free app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. Tap your profile image at the top right of the app.
  3. Select Location sharing.
  4. Tap the button on the bottom that lets you share the device’s location.
  5. Pick a time frame for which you want location tracking to be valid, anywhere from 15 minutes up to 24 hours. Or, you can enable GPS tracking full time until you turn it off.
  6. Choose a contact to share the cell phone’s location with. If you picked the time-based option, you can instead select Copy to clipboard to send anyone, even a non-contact, your cell phone’s location.
  7. Tap Share to initiate the location tracker. Now anyone the phone’s location is shared with can track location information.

Google Maps location sharing on Android


You can also track a cell using Glympse, another awesome phone tracker app for finding someone’s location. Like Google’s location tracker, this one lets other people track cell phone location details using a link. This means the target phone just needs to enable sharing for a specified time limit, and then share the phone location link for anyone to view.

Here’s how to use this GPS location option to track a cell:

  1. Open the menu from the top-left and select Share Location.
  2. Choose how to share the device’s location (such as Copy to clipboard).
  3. Pick a duration for how long the location tracker should run. Your options are anywhere from 5 minutes to 12 hours.
  4. Tap the send button at the top to start sharing the device’s location.

Glympse location sharing on Android

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