AppGarden: Compendium Of Several Must-Have Tools/ Utilities [Android]

Developed by XDA member, plbelanger, AppGarden is a comprehensive collection of some of the most sought-after (and some rather trivial) tools and utilities that you might require on your Android device on frequent basis, and for various purposes. Be it the dictionary/thesaurus tool, general device info, unit converter, weather updater, URL shortened, random number generator, spell check tool, global public holiday list provider, location-based postal code finder, Wikipedia info, sound recorder, movie synopsis, nearby populated places, rhyming words finder, artist image and lyrics finder, stock quote tracker, general questions and answers, and lots more, the app has you covered. Sporting a simple design, and even simpler purpose, AppGarden ensures that you do not have to install and/or resort to multiple tiny apps in order to find information regarding any of the aforementioned aspects of life. All the options/tools are available on the app’s vertically scrollable homescreen interface in the form of individual entries. All you need to do is navigate to the required tool, feed in any required information upon prompt, wait for the app to fetch the results from its servers, and there you have it! It’s simple yet quite effective.

The app’s concept seem to have been inspired from the previously reviewed AppZilla, however, in terms of the number of supported features, AppGarden certainly has an edge over any of its competitors. The screenshots provided below would give you a fair idea about the astounding number of tools that AppGarden features.

AppGarden Android Home1 AppGarden: Compendium Of Several Must Have Tools/ Utilities [Android]View in gallery AppGarden Android Home2 AppGarden: Compendium Of Several Must Have Tools/ Utilities [Android]View in gallery

AppGarden-Android-Home3View in gallery AppGarden-Android-Home4View in gallery

Mentioning (or worse yet, reviewing) every single tool from the such humongous list would’ve spanned several pages therefore, it is only appropriate to give you a glance at some of the tools that we managed to test out on our Samsung Galaxy S (running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich). Below are the screenshots of various tools that were put to test.

AppGarden-Android-Tool1View in gallery AppGarden-Android-Tool4View in gallery AppGarden-Android-Tool2View in gallery

AppGarden-Android-Tool3View in gallery AppGarden-Android-Tool8View in gallery AppGarden-Android-Tool6View in gallery

AppGarden-Android-Tool5View in gallery AppGarden-Android-Tool9View in gallery AppGarden-Android-Tool7View in gallery

As evident from all the screenshots, each tool’s screen sports a share button that can be tapped to share the informative content with your buddies via compatible apps.

Tapping the settings button at the top-right side of the app’s homescreen takes you to the settings screen from where you can specify your required Currency Preferences, Unit of measurement, and weather settings.

AppGarden-Android-Sys-InfoView in gallery AppGarden-Android-SettingsView in gallery

AppGarden is available as a free (ad-supported) as well as a $1.99 paid (ads-free) variant in the Android Market.

Download AppGarden Lite (Free)

Download AppGarden (Paid)

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