Google Search Now Available In iOS 5 Dictionary [Cydia Tweak]

The built in dictionary that comes bundled with iOS 5 is, without a doubt, one of the most useful and frequently-used features for most users out there. Often, there are terms, or words, that you may not need defined, but, in fact, want to search for related queries on the internet. How would you do that? Simply copy the term and paste it into the Google Search in the Safari browser, or just type it in. DictGoogle is a very simple Cydia tweak that integrates with the the built in dictionary, placing an action button on the top left corner of the dictionary page. Hit that button and it will take you to Google search results for the searched term.

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Using this tweak is nothing new, as it functions from the dictionary itself. Simply select a word, hit define, and when in the dictionary, you will notice a new action button on the top. Tapping that will launch the Safari browser, taking you to Google search results.

In essence, the tweak does not add a new feature or give you any new settings, but simply provides what can be termed as a very welcome shortcut for Google search. You can catch a video of how this tweak works, courtesy of iDownloadBlog.



To install this tweak on your device, find DictGoogle in the BigBoss repository in Cydia, or alternatively, you may search for it using the Search section. Once installed, you will be asked to restart the Springboard, so do that.

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    Not working on ipad 🙁