HealthTap: Where Physicians Answer Your Medical Questions [iPhone, Android]

App stores of almost all the popular smartphone platforms (especially those of Android and iOS) are filled with numerous health and fitness apps, most of which offer medical assistance for free. Providing you access to over 5,000 real doctors and physicians, HealthTap Express too, is a free app for Android & iOS users that lets you post questions pertaining to your health issues, find instant answers and get useful tips from the experts in the field.

As patient, you can browse the best answers relevant to your particular problems, recommend the best doctors and appreciate any help that you’re able to get by expressing gratitude towards them. All answers received via HealthTap Express can be deemed as highly reliable as they are double verified by other physicians as well as patients from across the globe.

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As useful an app as HealthTap Express is for patients, it is equally advantageous for physicians too, as it helps them find patients who’re seeking medical assistance. Physicians can take questions from the patients and help them with their medical expertise, build a strong rapport for themselves by getting more and more acknowledgement for all their answers and help clients quickly find solutions to the most commonly asked questions by developing their own FAQs.

New users can easily set up a free account from within the app. On the signup page, you can opt to register yourself as a patient/member or as an expert physician. From this screen you can also go through a quick check-list of the features that you’d get once you register with the app. Provide all the required data on the registration screen and tap Signup.

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In case you log in as a patient (like I did), the app’s homescreen provides you with options to Ask Doctors, Browse Topics (trending, by keywords or by categories) and see all Your Questions along with their answers (if any). You would also notice app’s own little notification bar (just above the buttons) that carries information such as HealthTap points, number of questions you’ve posted and all answers that have been given thanks by you. Tap on the little arrow at the bottom-right of the bar to expand the notification panel.

Tapping on the Ask Doctors button lets you access all the trending questions as well as a search bar where you can post new ones. Just navigate up/down on the screen to find a question of interest or feed in a question of your own and hit the Ask button.

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For each question asked on HealthTap Express, you can find multiple answers coming in from different experts. If you find an answer helpful, you can say Thanks to the expert. Best answers can also be posted on Facebook, Twitter or sent to a friend via Email.

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You can access app settings, the official HealthTap website or log out from the app from within Menu > Settings.

The solution to your good health could literally be a tap away with HealthTap.

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