HRS Hotel Search For WP7 Lets You Find And Book Hotels On The Go

You have bought the tickets for your vacation, done last minute shopping, taken care of all the urgent tasks at work, and are all set to board the fight when you realize you haven’t booked a hotel! HRS Hotel Search lets you search for and book rooms in over 250,000 registered hotels using your Windows Phone 7 device. You can customize the search in terms of days and nights you want to stay, whether you would be staying with a child, the star rating of a hotel, etc.

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You are required to get registered with the app to start using it.  Once that is done, you can start entering your criteria of search for hotel rooms – your Destination, your Arrival date, how many Nights you want to stay, the number of Single rooms and Double rooms you want to book, and whether you are travelling with a Child. You can also specify the Age  of your ward, and whether he/she would sleeping In parent’s bed or in a Separate room.

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HRS Hotel Search fetches you a detailed list of hotels available at your destination and displays a map view of the place highlighting the location of each hotel. If you select a hotel from the list, you can view the various offers/packages available there. You can tap filter to narrow down your search on the basis of hotel Star rating, your Price range and the kind of hotel you are looking for. You can choose from among eight hotel categories, namely Beach, Castle, Design, Golf, Luxury, Resort, Ski, and Wellness.

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You can view what your chosen hotel looks like in the media screen while the ranking tab displays the standing of Hotel facilities, Room facilities, Cleanliness, Bathroom facilities, Size of room etc on a scale of 10. Just tap book now  to book your chosen package at the given price.

The information screen displays a brief description of the hotel, its room facilities and In-house services as well as the various ways in which you can make your payment to the hotel. You can share information about your chosen hotel and package with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. There are around eleven languages and eight currencies in which you can view information about a hotel and pay for it respectively.

HRS Hotel Search is available for free on the Windows Phone Marketplace. The link provided below will take you to its Web Marketplace page.

Download HRS Hotel Search