Root LG Nitro HD On Android 2.3.5 With One Click

LG Nitro HD RootWe have confirmation that the LG Nitro HD has been rooted! With it’s 1280x720p 4.5” screen, and a pixel density matching that of the iPhone, it is only fair that this wonderful piece of hardware now allows the user total root access. This comes in from XDA-Developers forum member cloudraker who went about a hit and trial method ad finally struck gold. For him, it was difficult, but for us, he made it a whole lot easier, especially since the root is achieved via SuperOneClick. If you’ve been using Android devices for a while and have been into rooting them, you would know how this tool makes your life so much easier.

According to cloudraker he encountered a couple of errors when forcing SuperOneClick to root the Nitro HD using zergrush. However, a few improvisations here and there led him to successfully and permanently root the Nitro HD. The method has so far worked for quite a few Nitro HD users, but unfortunately we cannot test this out for ourselves since we lack the device. As per cloudarker:

“I allowed super to force an install drivers for the device and then unplugged the phone and plugged it back in. The root started and errored out after trying a zerg rush. I didn’t unplug the phone or anything, i just immediately tried again. This time it said it was successful but when attempting to restart ADB, the software hung. I restarted, and also unplugged then re-plugged in the phone. Clicked root one more time, and it worked.”

Download SuperOneClick 2.3.1