Sync iPod Touch With iTunes Over WiFi

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You don’t really need a connecting cable to sync your favorite iPod Touch apps and songs to iTunes. Now you can even do this by syncing your iPod Touch with iTunes over Wi-Fi.

Here is a stepwise guide on how to achieve this:

  1. As this is not how Apple wants you to Connect with iTunes; You must have a jailbroken iPod Touch
  2. Now initiate Cydia  and scroll down to sections tab
  3. Once in sections tab, press “Networking” tab
  4. Press and select the “Wi-Fi sync From Bigboss” from the list
  5. This is a paid app and is cheap but highly useful; press the purchase tab on the top right corner of the screen
  6. Once the purchase transaction is done, press the install button
  7. Complete the installation and navigate back to the springboard main screen
  8. Now you will need your system ( windows, Mac) to logon to
  9. after you have navigated to above mentioned website, download the package according to your computer’s OS type and install it
  10. After installation, connect your iPod Touch and Computer over the same Wi-Fi sync.
  11. Now launch Wi-Fi Sync from your iPod Touch which will start searching for computer over the same Wi-Fi connection.
  12. After the app finds the device (which will be your computer pre-installed with Wi-fi Sync helper soft), you will get simultaneously pop-us on computer and iPod touch to confirm the sync. Press Yes on both.
  13. Now if you followed every step, your iPod Touch will appear on iTunes which will be of course over the Wi-Fi  without any connection cables.

If you own an iPhone or iPad, repeat exactly the same procedure to Wi-Fi Sync your device with iTunes but make sure that they are jailbroken too.