Samsung Galaxy S Continuum Price And Specifications

It seems as if mobile Phone manufacturers are running out of names for their new cell phone production lines. We have seen Fascinate, Captivate, San Francisco etc, but Samsung has surpassed all nomenclature for mobiles limitations by naming a new Galaxy S line phone, Samsung Continuum (I literally had to consult a dictionary to confirm if something like continuum existed!). The name aside, the Continuum is Verizon's variant of the hugely popular Samsung Galaxy S series and seems pretty high-end based on the details that have surfaced so far. Read on for the spec sheet and price information.Read More

How To: Wireless Tether Sprint Samsung Epic 4G

With the advancements in mobile broadband technology, high speed 4G broadband connections are becoming more and more popular on smartphones. A huge benefit of subscribing to these connections is not only the ability to access high speed internet on the device itself on the go, but also to use this high speed internet connection of the phone on your other devices as well, using wired or wireless tethering. In what follows, we will take a look at how to enable this for the popular Samsung Epic 4G on Sprint.Read More

How To: Root Samsung Epic 4G [ADB Method]

Sprint’s version of Galaxy S, Samsung Epic 4G, is set to release on 31st August but the root is already out! Yes, you heard it right! Folks over at SDX-Developers have posted the rooting method two days prior to official launch. The method, for now, is the conventional adb rooting approach that is not recommended for novices.Read More

Samsung Galaxy U Specs And Price

Samsung has just introduced a new phone in its Galaxy Android smartphone series in Korea - the Galaxy U, that seems like a CDMA variant of the Galaxy K with some differences. The announcement has been made official today for the Korean market and has been priced at USD 682. We are not sure if the phone is headed to other markets or not, or when is it going to be available elsewhere but if you are in South Korea, you can get your hands on it right away. Read on for the spec sheet.Read More

Samsung Gem Specs And Price

As the battle of “who produces most Android phones in 2010” continues, Samsung is coming out with Samsung Gem specifically for the US market. This handset seems to be a low-tier Android geared Samsung phone targeted towards entry level Android fans.Read More

Samsung Nori SHW-A220 Specs And Price

Although one can see Samsung plunging right in the middle of the Android scene by launching the Galaxy S series, that doesn't mean it has stopped catering to the local markets, especially in Asia. Samsung is out with their all new Nori SHW-A220 phone especially designed for the South Korean market. According to our sources, this phone is priced at USD 551 in Korea. For the full spec sheet and more information, continue reading.Read More

Samsung Galaxy K Specs And Price

Finally there is some exciting news for Korean Samsung Galaxy S Fans because a Galaxy S variant : Glalaxy K will soon be available on SKT. The device has some key differences from Galaxy S, despite being similar in many ways. If you are interested in buying one of the two but are confused on which one to go for, we have the detailed specs of Galaxy K right here for you, along with the key differences there are between this phone and Galaxy S. For details, continue reading after the jump.Read More

Samsung Galaxy Q Specs And Price

After the massive success of the Galaxy S, Samsung has now released the specs for a newer device in the Galaxy series - the Samsung Galaxy Q. From the spec sheet, it seems a pretty high-end device, along the same lines as the Galaxy S, with some differences. For the full official spec sheet and more information, read on.Read More

How To: Root T Mobile Samsung Vibrant

Finally there is some great news for Samsung Vibrant owner looking to get root access on their handsets. The detailed rooting instruction for Vibrant are out with all credit going to Justadude on XDA Forums. According to the developer, this method is applicable on Samsung Vibrant and all generic version of Samsung Galaxy S i9000.Read More

How To: Install Android 2.2 Froyo On Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700

Finally there is some great news for Samsung i5700 Spica owners who were looking to install Android 2.2 Froyo on their already rooted handsets. In order to install Froyo on your Samsung i5700, you will need to root your handset; the detailed rooting instructions can be found here. According to Leshak, the author of this port at Samdroid Forums, there are certain features that will not work with this port. Read More

Samsung Epic 4G Specs And Price

Our Android loving friends on Sprint, we've got some great news for you! Sprint has finally unleashed another 4G device and the only difference is that this device is from Samsung rather than HTC. Going by the name of Samsung Epic 4G, this is a high-end Android device with a side-sliding full qwerty keyboard, and belongs to Samsung's Galaxy S series; you can consider it the Sprint variant of the international Galaxy S I9000, with an added side-sliding keyboard. For the detailed spec sheet of this latest 4G device as well as it's expected price information, continue reading.Read More

Samsung Galaxy S i9000 Root Achieved

So you got yourself a Samsung Galaxy S I9000 that everyone has been talking about, but have been wondering if you'll be able to enjoy root access on your phone?  We've got great news for you! Full root access has been achieved on Samsung's latest and greatest Android device, andRead More