Allow Other Users To Run Certain Programs With Admin Rights

A few days ago we showed you how to run the task manager as an administrator or a different user. The process  required that you would need the admin password to do so. In an almost polar opposite scenario, we're looking at what you should do if you want to give users the ability to run certain programs with Admin rights, but without giving them the administrator password. The simplest way comes in the form of a little utility called RunAsTool. It's free and you can use it to grant other users permission to run programs with elevated persmission. Here's how it works.Read More

Quickly Open Windows Command Prompt As Administrator In Current Path

You may have noticed that when executing the Command Prompt Utility – usually shortened to cmd – from Start Screen or Start Menu, it opens up in your user folder when run it as normal, and in the System32 folder when launched as Administrator. This can be fairly annoying if you simply want to open another CMD window in your current path, the reason being you then have to enter a few 'cd' commands to navigate to your desired directory. ELE from WinAero is a fantastic application that can save you from this hassle. This lightweight portable application lets you launch a new elevated Command Prompt window i.e. with Administrator privileges right in your current selected folder path. Lets find out how it works.Read More

Reset Lost Windows 7 User Account Password With Ubuntu Live Disk

Windows 7 has an in-built option to create password recovery disk to log into system in case a user forgets the Windows account password. You may know that Windows 7 keeps the administrator account concealed unless you activate it from Local Users and Groups or by using net user administrator /active:yes command in CMD. Using the admin account, you can easily log in to system and reset admin, standard and guest accounts’ passwords. However, in a worst case scenario, where you don’t have a password reset disk nor have access to administrator account, Ubuntu Live media disc may help. In this post, we will guide you through step-by-step procedure of resetting and changing Windows 7 administrator, standard and guest user account password.Read More

Disable Unsecure Windows Components, Hackers & Script-Kiddies

The first step to protect yourself against viruses, worms, and malicious code would be to disable unsecure and unused operating system components, hackers, and script-kiddies. Windows has hundreds of components that majority of users do not need but are enabled by default. Hackers can find any unsecure component and take control of the system, this won’t happen if the component itself is disabled.Read More

How To Assign Administrative Privileges To A User In Ubuntu Linux

In Linux based systems, root is the main user of the system and root can execute all commands. From system administration point of view, it is never recommended that you should work as a root user, as any wrong command executed can corrupt your whole configuration. In Ubuntu, the root user is disabled by default for the security reasons, this is where sudo comes in - it allows authorized users to run root commands without having to know the root password. But only those users can run sudo commands or can perform system administration tasks that has the  privileges to do so. Lets see how can add any administrator user in Ubuntu.

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How To Enable Add/Remove Programs When Disabled By A Virus

Are you facing trouble opening Add/Remove Programs from your Control Panel? Does it give you the error saying that it has been disabled by administrator? Some days back we covered a post on How to enable show hidden files and folders when disabled by a virus, the problem of Disabled Add/Remove program is also a registry tweak caused by some virus and is quite frustrating for those who wants to uninstall a software but this dialogue box won’t just open up. This problem has a pretty easy solution.

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How To Enable Windows Task Manager When Disabled By a Virus

Let’s face it. All of us have been infected by virus before. Even if you have anti-virus installed, you can still be infected by a new or custom virus that is not recognized by your anti-virus. Sometimes after removing the virus completely from our system, you’ll face new problems such as you can no longer bring up Windows Task Manager from CTRL+ALT+DEL. You get the error message saying “Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator”. This post will help you to re-enable the Windows Task Manager as long as it cannot open normally. Just follow these steps.Read More