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How To Run Apps In Admin Mode From The Run Box On Windows 10

There’s more than one way to open an app on Windows 10. You can run an EXE file, run a shortcut to the EXE file, open it from a pinned tile on the Start menu, open it from the apps list, or you can use the Run box. If you want to run an app with administrative rights, the easiest way to do it is via the EXE or a shortcut to the EXE. You can right-click it and select the ‘run as administrator’ option. The same works for apps that you can find via Windows search. That said, if these options aren’t viable for some reason i.e. you have a feature that isn’t working/responding, the run box is always a safe bet. By default, when you open an app via the run box, it opens with normal rights. To open apps in admin mode from the run box, you need to modify the keyboard key you use to open it.

This works on all apps whether it’s the Windows Registry or a browser. You must know what EXE to run in order to open an app.

Admin Mode From The Run Box

Open the run box with the Win + R keyboard shortcut. Enter the name of the app you want to open in admin mode. Instead of tapping the Enter key, tap Ctrl+ Shift + Enter to run the app in admin mode.

You will get an on-screen prompt asking if you want to allow it to modify your system but that prompt appears because you’re opening the app win admin mode, not because you’re using the run box to open it. You will get it regardless of the nature of the app i.e. you will see the prompt if you’re trying to open the Windows registry, or if you’re opening your browser.

The admin mode isn’t required unless whatever it is you’re doing explicitly states that you need to run an app in admin mode. For example, if you want to open Chrome to browse the internet, check email, watch a few cat videos on YouTube, or watch Netflix, you don’t necessarily need to run the app in admin mode. Normal mode with normal user privileges will do.

We should mention that unless you’re running Windows with the admin account simply accepting the on-screen prompt isn’t all you will have to do. If you’re running a normal user account, you will need to enter the administrator’s user name and password in order to actually run the app in admin mode.

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