How To Manually Add Album Art In iTunes

iTunes is very good at organizing your music. The only catch is you have to have bought your music from iTunes. If you buy music from anywhere other than iTunes, it might not be organized as well. Album art might be missing, meta data might not be there, and your albums could be messed up. Normally, iTunes finds and adds album art when it's missing. Provided you bought music legally, iTunes will keep it organized. Despite that, there are still misses. iTunes can still fail to find album art or add it to a track. These cases will of course be few but you can work around it. You can manually add album art in iTunes. If you don't like the album art iTunes has added to a track, you can even change it. Here's how. Read More

How To Add Album Art & Update ID3 Tags For Music In Windows

Managing a music library takes time and effort. Unless you start out with the mindset to keep things organized, you will eventually end up with some cleaning up to do later on. The clean-up might be time-consuming if you need to update the ID3 tags or it might be simple like finding album art and adding it to your music files. If you use Windows Media Player or the Music app (Windows 8 & 10), here's how you can add album art to a music file and update its ID3 information without needing any extra apps. Read More

MP3 Cover Finder Is A Complete Music Album Art Search Tool For Windows

Having album cover art for your music library has many advantages. Besides the obvious aesthetic appeal, album covers that show up as thumbnail icons make is easier to find the right songs at the right time. If you are looking for a desktop application that lets you find free album covers of your favorite songs online, try Ashampoo MP3 Cover Finder. The application can instantly search and add covers to your songs from sources like Amazon, Google and iTunes. Speaking of iTunes, it also allows you to browse your iTunes library and insert missing covers with just a single click. The application sports a really gorgeous, minimal interface. Details to follow. Read More

Groove 2: Rediscover Your iPhone Music Library, Get Missing Album Art & New Mixes Of Favorite Songs

Unless you pay particular attention to it, the Music app in iPhone and iPad can be a real mess. A lot of songs have their album art and artist info missing, while the alphabetical arrangement of tracks might lead the user to completely forget about some decent songs. Groove 2 is an app that addresses all such pesky music-related issues. The app is just another iOS music player on the surface, but once you start using it, Groove will take care of just about everything that has got anything to do with your iPhone or iPad’s music library. The album art and other song information will be fixed, you will be able to learn more about your own music collection, and on top of all that, the app can create smart mixes of songs and artists that you like! Read More

AlbumFlow For WP7: Beautiful Music Player With A Cover Flow View

When it comes to looks and user interface, Windows Phone 7 can surely hold its own against Android and iOS, and this is evident from the beautiful Zune music player on WP7. The Music & Videos hub, as it is properly known as, got even better with the Mango update, due to the lockscreen album art support which was added to it. However, as they say, there is always room for improvement, and apparently that’s what the developer of AlbumFlow thought. The app features your music library in a fluid and interactive way, and you can literally float through your music in this simplistic music player. Read More

Clementine, Now Available With Spotify & Grooveshark Support

Clementine is a cross-platform music player based on Amarok, which provides a quick interface for searching and playing music from a number of websites. Last year we reviewed the Windows version of Clementine. Recently, it has been upgraded with added support for Spotify, Grooveshark, digitally imported and radio stations, a new global search feature, which enables searching for music and radio, audio CD support, addition of Amazon as an alternative album art cover provider, and more. Read More

Album Art & Song Info For Current Track In App Switcher Tray [Cydia]

Now Playing Detail Info is a Cydia tweak that has recently been released in the Big Boss repo of the infamous jailbreak store for iOS. The tweak makes listening to music on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch a relatively more enjoyable and convenient experience. It is common for desktop music players to display music information while a track is being played, and this handy tweak brings that same functionality to the app switcher tray of your iDevice. A lot of people use the App Switcher tray regularly in order to control their music, specially when they are using some other app or playing a game. Of course, lock screen controls are pretty useful, but if you are multitasking and not just listening to music the App Switcher is a pretty good place to have the controls, and what good are those controls if you can't see any details regarding the song? The Now Playing Detail Info tweak is not just about adding the song and artist name to the task manager tray, and it is also a pretty good tweak to have cosmetically, since it adds the album art to the mix. Read More

Shoozla: Download & Embed Album Art Covers Into Songs With A Click

Gone are the days when you'd go to your local music store and buy a couple new CDs containing your favorite songs. Time has changed now as you can grab en entire album off the internet. Just like the cover arts of a physical album, its good to have an album art on your computer as well, both for aesthetics and ergonomics factors. If you are quite fond of album covers then you must know that there are a lot of application out there like Creevity and Cover Retriever that download album art for songs, but the problem is that they don’t embed the album art into the ID3v2 metadata container of music files. A an extremely handsome solution for this matter i came across is Shoozla, which is an open source music tag editing application that facilitates you to embed album covers in your music’s metadata. The application can download album art from and, and embed it to your music files in one single process. You can view the music files with or without album art, in separate tabs. Keep reading for more details on Shoozla. Read More

CovArt Ops: View, Copy & Extract Album Art From Music Library

If you’re fond of album cover arts and want to include them in music album folders of your music collection, CovArt Ops is probably just what you need. CovArt Ops is a unique application that lets you check which album folders in your music library have album arts. This prevents you from the hassle of checking each music album folder for album arts manually. If some folders in music library are deprived of album cover art, CovArt Ops lets you copy or move the cover art to parent folder or currently selected album folder. The application is capable of searching all the album arts from both folders and music tracks in your collection. For instance, if a music album folder contains audio tracks with embedded album art, you can extract the album art from the music file and then add it to album folder as image (cover.jpg or folder.jpg). Read More

Create Audio Books For iTunes In AAC Format With Chapter And Verse

Chapter and Verse is a Windows application for creating chapter based audiobooks for iTunes and QuickTime Player. You can join multiple files for creating a chapterized audio books and convert them to iTunes compatible AAC format. These chapterized audio books can then be played using iTunes or QuickTime Player. You can also copy them to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod using iTunes. The application saves the audio book projects in its proprietary CVP format. Read More

Cover Retriever: Add Album Art To A Whole Album Or Selected Songs

If you’re fond of album cover arts and want to see it with every music track that you play, Cover Retriever can help. It a simple tool that easily sets album cover arts for your music collection. Unlike music tagging apps that also support adding album cover art, it works in two modes; you have the option to apply single cover art to whole folder (album folder) or manually pick an album cover art for individual songs. Suppose you have songs from multiple albums of an artist, it will enable you to select a generic cover art for all the specified tracks. Likewise, you can import an album, choose one amongst suggested cover arts and apply it to the whole album without having to manually select the track to embed album art. Read More

How To Make Any Photo / Image The Cover Of An Album In Windows Phone 7

A good operating system is one which, while maintaining an appropriate level of security and privacy, still manages to endow the users with a sense of freedom. A user must be able to customize anything on his or her device, the user has paid for it after all. Windows Phone 7 is sometimes dubbed as too strict on security and that can turn a few users away. Although it does strive to achieve a certain level of customizability. For instance, in the Pictures hub, you can create as many albums as you like, but one thing you miss out on is the choice of an album cover. There is no one-click way of choosing which pic you would like to display as the cover of any photo album. However, there is a simple enough workaround for that. Read More

BeatBox – Ubuntu Music Player With Smart Playlist Editor & Album Art Support

BeatBox is a fast, simple, and elegant music player for Ubuntu Linux, with album art and playlist support. It allows creating playlists with detailed information regarding the track including the artists and album’s name, date, genre, comments, play count, year, rating, length and other related information. BeatBox volume options can be easily configured from the system tray. Album art and music files can be added by simple drag and drop. Read More

Embed Album Art Into Music Tracks With Creevity Mp3 Cover Downloader

Many portable audio players show only embedded album art covers rather than separately downloaded album arts for music collection. This begets the need of having an application which can seamlessly embed specified album arts into tracks. But when you’re dealing with one huge music collection, it is next to impossible to download album art for each track and then embed each album cover into tracks. Creevity MP3 Cover Downloader is a dedicated album art downloader which automates the process of adding album cover arts to all the tracks in your music archive. What it requires from user is to specify the music collection followed by track in which album art is to be added. You can skip tracks which already have album cover embedded while for the rest of your collection, it fetches multiple album art covers from online resources, allowing you to pick up your favorite album art and embed into the track in question. Read More

Download Album Covers For Your Mp3 Files With Creevity MP3 Cover Downloader

Many users like to organize their music collection with a custom and pleasing look that it helps them sort their content out later. Creevity Mp3 Cover Downloader does not directly organize your music collections but makes it easier by downloading cover arts of the album each music file belongs to. It has options to add, remove and search the internet for music album covers. Read More

Download Missing Album Art For Your Music Collection

If you’re a music fanboy like me who is very conscious about organization of their music library, and particularly fond of Album Art (you have to admit, the wonderful iTunes and iPod cover flow looks bland without it), this tool will certainly appeal to you. Album Art Downloader is a free, open source software that does just what its name suggests: downloads album art. Read More

Fix iTunes MP3 Album Art Problem

iTunes is a great music player but one of the main problems associated with it is the inability to read album art embedded in MP3 files. This is because iTunes does not follow the ID3 Tag standards as defined at, and hence could not read the tag information in most MP3 files. To get around this, ID3 Album Art Fixer offers embedding the images right into the file itself. Read More

Cover Fetcher Downloads Album Art From is a popular internet radio site for music and what better way than to download the album art from there for free? This is exactly what Cover Fetcher does. It is an opensource tool that grabs any album cover art provided you know the artist and album name.

Read More