AlbumSnapper: Create Albums From The Camera App & Save Photos To It [Jailbreak]

iOS 7 and the Photos app that comes with it does a fairly good job at organizing photos but it can't really organize the way a human mind can. It's smart organization based on location and time when a photo but it isn't going to create a photo album called 'Graduation Party' and know which photos to put in it. AlbumSnapper is a Cydia tweak available in the BigBoss repo for $0.99 that lets you create albums directly from the Camera app. Whenever you launch the app, you can create a new album and the tweak will save all photos you capture to that album. It can also remember the album you created and save photos to it the next time you take them. Read More

Stylish Social Photo Album App Whip Comes To Android

ArcSoft – one of the leading multimedia software developers of the modern age – is famous among Windows 8 and iOS users mainly because of the much-revered photo editing app, Perfect365. Another Windows 8/RT and iOS app that has managed to gain a lot of traction in a relatively short time is Whip – a visually-rich and customizable social photo album editor and slideshow generator by ArcSoft that offers plenty of stylish templates and background music tracks. An album created with the app is referred to as a ‘Whip’ that can be viewed as a slideshow in a magazine-style interface, complete with flip-page animations and user-selected background sounds. You can create & share your own personalized albums, or enjoy Whips shared by other users of the app. After a considerably long delay, the official Android app of Whip has finally made its way to the Play Store. Let’s take a look at the features that Whip for Android has to offer. Read More

View iPhone Photos In A Map & Personalized Timeline With Handy Album

Since iOS does not display EXIF metadata of photos by default, a lot of users feel a bit lost when browsing through the camera roll of their iPhone; even basic information like an image’s name and time of capture is not visible unless you transfer it to your computer. There are some apps out there that solve this issue, but none of them are likely to be as user-friendly and good-looking as Handy Album. This app shows all the albums stored in your device in the form of a personalized timeline. You can see the images you shot or saved on a particular date, or even a certain time of the day. Another mode offered by Handy Album is the map view for your geotagged images. Although you can view the detailed EXIF data of each photo, seeing your collection overlaid on a map is far more interesting. You can also shares your photos in batches very easily from the app. Read More

million moments For Android: Elegant Photo Gallery App With Smart Labeling & Flip-Style Transitions

Developed by Sony Digital Network Applications, million moments for Android is a beautiful and customizable digital photo album that employs an elegant bookshelf layout and flipping page animations to showcase the most memorable moments of your life through various personalized albums (referred to as books within the app). It features a smart photo-labeling system to automatically create new albums and fill relevant images that might be residing on your device. Moreover, the app also supports native photo-capturing, tagging and captioning feature to let you instantly grab images of required events, places, moments et al, and place them under relevant albums. The option to sift through entire photo albums with flipping pages effect, combined with easy photo maneuvering, labeling, sharing and captioning options, make million moments one of the simplest yet highly intuitive photo browsing app to have hit the Google Play Store to date. Read More

MoveThemAll – Move Photos From One Facebook Album To Another [Chrome]

If you frequently take pictures on the go and share them on Facebook, it’s likely that you’ve got a huge collection of pictures in either the Mobile uploads or Wall Photos. While Facebook conveniently allows you to move images from one album to another, you have to select the destination album for all image individually. MoveThemAll is Chrome extension that automatically selects the same destination album for all photos and make it easier to migrate all images from one album to another. Read More

fbDownloader Provides Easy Way To Download Facebook Photo Albums

Downloading entire albums from Facebook can be a bit laborious and time consuming. fbDownloader is a desktop application which allows you to easily download Facebook photos from your albums, tagged images and your friend albums. You can check for albums from your profile or a friend’s profile(s) and download it with a single click. Just login to your Facebook account and select the images/albums to download. Read More

Drag & Drop To Share Your Pictures Across Different Social Websites

Dropico is a web application for sharing pictures across multiple social networking websites, such as Facebook, My Space, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, etc with a simple drag & drop. The functionality is even more interactive and vibrant than that of CoMemories, which we reviewed a while back. With Dropico, you can not only share but also edit your pictures on the fly, across multiple supported websites. Read More

Comemories – Let Your Friends Add Photos To Create Group Album

We come across so many instances when we are simply unable to catch enough of the cherished moments in our cameras at a party, picnic, wedding, etc. Some very nice pictures are taken by our friends while we have some good ones that they wish to acquire. Making a unified album with different pictures from the same event isn't easy when several people have different good snaps stored separately. Comemories is a web application that allows users to save their pictures to the Comemories website and allows anyone with the link to add more pictures to the photo album. This makes it easier for everyone in the group to add the best parts of a cherished memory together. Like weaving a net of the best moments of life with the help of your friends and family. Read More

Download Photo Albums From Facebook Using A Firefox Plugin

There are times when you need to download your friend’s photo albums on facebook. Some might argue that it is a breach on one’s privacy, but i disagree. Suppose you and your friend go out for a trip, he brings the camera and take photos all the way, finally he uploads them to facebook and tags you. Now you want to download these photos, instead of downloading them one by one you can save plenty of time by downloading the full album with a single click. FacePAD is a free Firefox extension that lets you download any photo album from facebook instantly. It is dead simple to use, once you have installed this add-on, right-click the Album name and select Download Album with FacePAD as shown in the screenshot below.
Note: FacePAD for FireFox has been discontinued.
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Analyze, Fix And Clean Up Your iTunes Music Collection With TuneUp

My iTunes music collection is pretty much messed up, and so is everybody else’s. I have been looking around for a solution to fix my music collection, most of my albums have missing cover art and half my songs don’t have proper details. I tested different tools and software, but all pretty much failed to clean up my music collection. Finally I came across TuneUp and planned to give a try. It is an add-on for iTunes developed specifically to clean up your music collection and find missing cover art. Read More

Top 50 Music Search Engines – Start Listening Now !

Music Technology is growing too fast keeping in mind the modern trend, complied below are the list of top 50 music search engines. If you think some of the sites are missing from the list, let me know in the comments and I will gradually add them too. Enjoy!
Note: The following services have been discontinued; iJigg, SongBeat, PluggedIn, Radio.Blog.Club, Muvibee, SoundPedia, Qloud, PureVolume, Fairtilizer,, Seekmp3, OurStage, SweeTunes and Guruji.

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