FanBus: Live Chat With Football Fans Across The World On Android

Ask true sports fanatics (like myself), and they'll tell you that the true essence of enjoying your favorite sport lies in following it as closely and as keenly as possible. When it comes to Soccer, things are no different at all. There are numerous apps available in the Google Play Store that let soccer-maniacs keep an eye on almost each and every facet of their favorite sport, however, when it comes to finding an app that connects you to soccer fans from all across the globe, quality options are few and far between, though the small genre now has another member, one that might very well lead the pack. Meant for soccer purists and ‘pundits’, FanBus is an Android app that serves as a medium to connect fans of virtually any national or club soccer team with each other, allowing them to share their thoughts through live chat. Whether you wish to pass on good wishes to your favorite club, discuss team strategies, or indulge in banters with the fans of a rival team, FanBus is the way to go. Read More

Trend Micro Backup and Restore: 1GB Free Cloud Storage For Contacts, Photos, Music & More [Android]

With the recent surge of so many quality online data backup/restore Android apps that have arrived in the Google Play Store, and with Google itself working on its very own cloud storage service, Google Drive, it has become evident that the technology world has begun to realize the significance of having valuable computer and mobile content backed up on a secondary storage. The latest to join the likes of Dropbox, Box, Comodo, Bitdefender, CX, YuuWaa and several other big names is Trend Micro, that has just announced its own cloud storage solution for Android users. Like all other aforementioned services, Backup and Restore by Trend Micro provides users with free online storage space (1GB, in this case), an attractive and user-friendly interface, and most importantly, a firm promise to maintain an uncompromised approach towards protecting the private data of users. The app is currently in beta, but already looks to be a valuable tool to have on your Android. Read More

Familiar: Real-Time Photo Sharing & Syncing Across PC, Mac, Android & iOS

Looking for an instant, easy and safe solution to sync or share photos with your friends and family members' computers or smartphones in real-time? Look no further than Familiar – a free app for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS that connects you to your close ones so that you can easily share photos with each other over the internet. Regardless of the devices or OS that your contacts are using, Familiar lets you share images with each other through slideshows. In essence, it’s a private social network comprising only your most important contacts, and lets you like, comment on and save all the photos that you’ve shared with each other. Apart from real-time syncing of shared photos, the app keeps you apprised of the addition of new photos to your contacts’ albums via push notifications. Read More

Popup Manager: Switch Between Or Kill Running/Recent Apps From Anywhere In Android

Multitasking one of the core aspects of modern-day smartphone operating systems, and one of the attributes that distinguishes these gadgets from dumb phones. With multitasking arises the need for efficient application management so that your device isn’t bogged down by the slew of apps that are consistently running in the background. The latest iteration of the Android (Ice Cream Sandwich) has a native task manager that is available all throughout the OS. Even in case of other versions of Android, there are numerous apps available in the Google Play Store that expedite the process of task management in various ways. Adding to the list of such apps is Popup Manager – a simple little tool that, when activated, sits silently in a corner of the screen in the form of a tiny toggle that is visible everywhere within the OS, and can be tapped to launch a task manager that can be used to open and kill recent or running apps. Read More

WordPress For Android v2.1 Auto-Saves Posts, Lets You Edit Comments

With the passage of time, app stores of both renowned mobile platforms, iOS and Android, have seen numerous blogging tools/ apps emerge to the fore, but when it comes to becoming a primary choice, not many users will bet against WordPress. That said, the official mobile of the much revered blogging tool has been a far cry as compared to the service itself. When it comes to discussing, the companion app of the service on Android, things unfortunately look a lot more bleak. There have been some drastic measures taken at frequent intervals to rectify the issue; a testament of which was seen in the form of a totally revamped WordPress for Android v2.0 that was rolled out in December last year with a host of new features and improvements that resolved some very important issues that users had with it up until then. The developers have just released a new public beta of v2.1, which adds a few more sought-after features to the mix, critical updates and performance improvements. The most noticeable improvement in the updated version is the auto-save feature that automatically saves your posts after every 60 seconds. In addition, users can now resize the width & height of the images added within posts, and edit post comments. The app’s native WordPress reader to add more efficiency in navigation through posts and the option to add your own comments. Read More

Wave Control Uses Proximity Sensor To Allow Touch-Free Music Playback [Android]

Music playback on Android can be controlled in various ways. The conventional way, of course, is to use the media controls present on your favorite music player’s interface. Then there are a few music apps that support controlling playback via your device’s volume keys. The button on your headset/Bluetooth device proves to be sufficient for most users as well. We also know of a few apps that allow controlling music playback through the accelerometer (by giving your device a shake). As you can see, all aforementioned solutions require you to touch (or tap buttons on) your device in one way or the other. Read More

CamSpeed: Test Focus & Shutter Speed Of Your Android Or WP7 Device’s Camera

Easily one of the best camera benchmarks for Android and WP7 out there today, CamSpeed is not your average benchmark app highlighting the time it takes from pressing the shutter button to capturing an image. The apps measures variables such as Focus Time, Shutter Time and JPEG available. With mobile phone cameras catching up fast with digital cameras, with the pixels per shot and quality of sensors increasing year by year, the competition between the phones is heating up as well, and it always helps to try and roughly figure out how fast the camera on a device is. Comparisons are always fun; benchmarks, even more. And where most users gauge cameras by their results alone, others might want to take comparisons a step further, which is where CamSpeed comes in handy. Read More

Official UEFA Euro 2012 Android App Released In Google Play Store

One of the soccer’s most prestigious and eagerly anticipated tournaments, UEFA Euro Football Championship, kicks off in Warsaw in June (2012), where some of the best teams from Europe will compete against each other to be labelled the best for the next four years. As Spain prepares to defend its title, and Slavik and Slavko (tournament’s official Mascots) get ready to welcome fans to this sporting gala in the wonderful stadiums of Poland and Ukraine, you can now catch up with all the latest UEFA news on the go via the Official UEFA Euro 2012 app for Android. Apart from a good-looking  interface, the app packs the latest news, schedules, match previews, reviews, complete lineups with detailed statistics, team formations, photo galleries, standings, social feeds and lots more. It also sports a dedicated video center that brings you the latest video highlights from various UEFA Tournaments, video interviews and news. Update: The app is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as well. A link to its App Store page has been added at the end of this review. Read More

Flash ClockworkMod Touch Or Stock Recovery With One Click On Optimus 3D

Custom recovery for a rooted Android device should not be an option, but at times, the procedure involved puts off most users who try and do without a recovery installed. The Optimus 3D is not exactly a new phone on the market, but certainly one of the most popular Android devices out there. For that said device, recovery installation never really came easy, or if it did, you never got the option of 3 recoveries in one package. Yup, thanks to the efforts of XDA-Developers forum member Paki0402 the device gets a recovery toolkit containing the option to flash ClockworkMod recovery, ClockworkdMod Touch recovery and if things get really out of control, the stock LG recovery. Read on for more on how you can use this app for your Optimus 3D. Read More

Moborobo: The Most Comprehensive Android & iOS Management Tool Yet [Review]

When it comes to official desktop management tools for smartphone platforms, iOS and Windows Phone 7 appear to have a clear edge over Android – they have official applications for that purpose. Irrespective of the fact that both these platforms have a rather crippling dependency on iTunes and Zune, respectively, you get a utility where you can manage pretty much all the aspects of your smartphone with ease, all from a unified interface. This, however, doesn’t imply that Android is lacking, as Google’s brainchild has several great and capable third-party smartphone management tools that efficiently let you manage almost all aspects of your device, across almost all major desktop platforms. We have even reviewed some of those over time, like Android Manager WiFi, AirDroid and Droid Explorer, all of which come with their own unique feature offerings. That said, we still have to come across something as comprehensive as Moborobo, arguably the best all-in-one Android manager that packs quite a punch when it comes to diversity of features. Read More Displays Tweets Being Posted From A Specified Location [Android, iOS]

Third-party Twitter clients are available in abundance across the app stores of all renowned mobile platforms, but not all support displaying the latest tweets from a specific location. In fact, this is a facility that, as of this writing, can neither be enjoyed via the official Twitter mobile client, nor the Twitter website itself. So, how does one learn about all the tweets flying around from, say, your neighborhood, from a particular street in Melbourne, or from any location of one’s interest for that matter? Through, that's how. The app utilizes Google Maps to display tweets posted from any user-specified location on map. Not only does the app let you manually search for required locations (with real-time search suggestion support), but also allows you to filter the content being displayed. In this regard, you have the choice of searching for tweets that contain specific keywords, or list only those tweets contain images. There more that this awesome little app has on offer. Read More

SomNote For Android & iPhone Is A Simple, Elegant Note-Taking App With Cloud Sync

Tired of trying and testing all sorts of inconvenient, unstable and overly cluttered note-taking tools? Try SomNote – an extremely user-friendly note-taking web app that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also supports a suite of features that make your task of notes management a breeze. You can create multiple notes, supplemented with important multimedia/document attachments, under various custom folders. For each account, the service offers a maximum of 100MB of free cloud storage space, which is more than enough to handle your vital attachments till you manage to safely transfer them to your computer. SomNote supports saving your notes automatically at frequent intervals, and lets you resort to a previously saved state of choice in case you mess up a note big time. If you’re a smartphone user, you can avail all these features on the go with the newly released Android and iOS SomNote clients. Read More

Anfish: Get Detailed Info & Worldwide Statistics For Your Android Device

Often, after you upgrade your Android device to its latest firmware or flash a custom ROM to it, you feel like testing pitting it against other similar devices or the same device with different firmware. How would you tell what proportion of overall Android users from all across the globe are already rocking the same firmware on their devices, or what particular version of the OS is currently running hot on a specific device? How do you tell which Android devices sport 8 Megapixel cameras, or a multiple-core processors? What is the crowd-favorite Android device in a country? No need to take out your device’s user manual, or resort to Google or Wikipedia, because Anfish can answer those questions for you. Sporting an ICS-like (Holo) interface, Anfish is a free Android app that provides you with comprehensive technical information pertaining to your own Android device, and its very own, up-to-date statistical and graphical comparisons of various aspects of Android devices being used all across the globe. Read More

Official Android Client Of P2P Media Streaming Service SopCast Now Available

SopCast is an online P2P audio and video streaming service that is renowned for hosting thousands of high quality TV and radio channels broadcasted by users from all across the globe. The service has had its official iOS client available in the iTunes App Store for quite some time whereas the Android variant has just recently been released. Using the mobile client of the service, you can gain free and instant access to various television channels that are being broadcasted over the SopCast servers from anywhere in the world. Besides online media streaming, you can also use the app to play local media content (supports almost every file type), and stream content from preferred URLs. Since the app is currently in beta, it is currently missing a few options that we get with the desktop client. For instance, there is no option to open SopCast URLs, manually add favorite TV channels, or edit the server list. However, the amount of options currently available should satisfy the TV streaming needs of most users. Most of the content is played in full-screen, buffering is fairly smooth, and you have the option to set the video’s aspect ratio. Read More

AppGenius: Security & Preference-Aware App Discovery Tool That Covers All Major Android Stores

When it comes to exploring and downloading Android apps, we all know that the Google Play Store is a primary source for a majority of users. However, it is not the only means to get your hands on the best and latest Android apps. Amazon Appstore, GetJar, 1Mobile and Brothersoft are among renowned app stores that provide you instant and easy access to the best and trending Android apps. How does one sift through the entire repository of all aforementioned app stores while making sure that the content they want to download is free of any unwanted security risks? Enter AppGenius – a comprehensive Android app discovery solution developed by TrustGo Labs. With AppGenius, not only can you easily explore the best free and paid Android apps across various worldwide app stores, but also get personalized app recommendations. It lets you search for and download apps from desired sources (including the Google Play Store), and displays relevant security risks/permissions associated with each individual app so that you know what facets of your device and personal information a specific app can access. Read More

Let’s Create! Pottery: Design Beautiful 3D Ceramic Models [Android & iOS]

Want to fulfill your crave for pottery without spoiling your hands? Then it’s time to test your creative skills with Let’s Create! Pottery – a comprehensive Android and iOS app that provides you with a virtual pottery stool, supplemented by a virtual kiln, multiple color shades and paint brushes/patterns that you can use to design elegant 3D ceramic models of your liking. You can either try your hand at creating freehand pottery designs to kill some spare time, or accept the app’s various challenges that are based around creating and embellishing the pot designs that match photos provided by the app itself. Products/designs made via the app can then be sold to earn virtual cash that you can use to unlock additional brush patterns, clay material, and color shades. That’s not all; you can also snap images of your favorite models to fill the app’s native image gallery with photos of your masterpieces. Read More

Mobo Launcher: A Unique Dual-Pane Home Screen Replacement App For Android

No matter how much you like your Android’s homescreen replacement app, or how conservative you are regarding modifying the looks of your device's UI, there comes a time when you feel like going for a change, and this is exactly where all the gorgeous and highly customizable launchers come into play. Adding to the long list of such apps is Mobo Launcher, which focuses mainly on presenting users with quick navigation to their favorite apps and widgets through a unique split-screen interface that is as simple to use as it is to customize. Read More

Bypass Locked Bootloader On Motorola Droid RAZR With Kexec

The Droid RAZR gets an unlocked bootloader! Well not exactly, but if I am to sum up the achievement of XDA-Developers forum members  kholk and embeem, I can tell you that the locked bootloader on the Droid RAZR is not going to stop you from flashing stuff like custom kernels anymore. The rumored project was named Kexec and had been in the works for a while now. What the developers have managed to do, is come up with a way to bypass the bootloader signature checks on the device, thereby totally ignoring the existence of an otherwise locked bootloader. Given the attempts to pressurize Motorola into providing unlocked bootloaders for their devices, like petitions and reaching out via social media, nothing has changed at all at Motorola’s end. So Kexec right now - for the Droid RAZR and its users - is a huge deal. We tell you more about it, and how you can get it up and running on your Droid RAZR, after the break. Read More

Official Android Client Of Video Chatting Service Camfrog Released

Back in the ‘good old days’ of dial-up connections, when the concept of modern-day social networks and micro-blogging sites barely existed, instant messaging was considered to be the prime medium of connecting to worldwide internet users. Those were times when the likes of AOL, Yahoo!, MSN, AIM, ICQ and several other similar services that hosted public/private chat rooms ruled the roost. As time progressed, and high speed internet became mainstream, numerous other big players stepped into the foray, providing the facility of video chat. Camfrog is one such service and is renowned for boasting an overwhelming number of registered users courtesy of its high quality audio and video chatting service, easy file sharing , and more importantly, its availability across almost all renowned desktop and mobile platforms. It has been available on Windows, Linux & iOS for quite some time, and now, a beta version of the app has finally been released for Android users as well. Read More

Fetchnotes: Note-Taking With Twitter-Like Inline Hashtags; Now On Android, iOS & Web

Despite not being an avid Twitter user, I love a few things about the micro-blogging service. For instance, the way in which Twitter utilizes the concept of inline hashtags is something quite commendable. While composing a tweet, all you need to do is put a hash symbol (#) before the desired subject, place, person or topic in order to get your tweet organized, and easily discoverable within the extensive pool of hashtags that exist on the network. Wouldn't it be great if you could employ the same concept to routine note taking? Say hello to Fetchnotes – a cross-platform note-taking app for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS-powered devices that lets you add inline hashtags to your notes for easier organizing and searching purposes. Sporting a neatly designed UI, Fetchnotes makes your task of creating notes extremely convenient via simple swipe gestures. Each user-defined hashtag represents a specific category/topic under which you can assign all your relevant notes. This simplifies searching for all notes falling under a specific hashtag, as all you need to do is tap a tag to view all the posts under it. Read More