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CCleaner For Android Monitors RAM & CPU Usage, Uninstalls Apps En Masse

CCleaner is like WD-40 for Windows and Mac; besides doing a ton of different things it keeps the junk out of your fading machine. It’s been a while since we’ve been hearing about the popular app coming to Androidand it has finally landed in its beta form. Offering a substantial list of features, CCleaner for Android offers a way to monitor its RAM, CPU and battery usage. According to the official announcement by Piriform, the app developers, CCleaner can thoroughly clean your browser history, application cache, call logs, clipboard items as well as uninstall unwanted apps in a few screen taps.

The company has introduced the app in an early beta for now; to get a taste of it you will need to become a beta tester by joining its Google Group. The process is fairly simple though, just head over to the Google Group page, and click ‘Join Community’.

CCleaner For Android_Google Group

Afterwards, you can navigate to CCleaner’s Google Play Store page, click ‘Become A Tester’ – as demonstrated in the screenshot below – and you will be able to install the app on your device.

CCleaner For Android_Become Tester

As of this writing, the app houses three major features (or modules) in its arsenal; the Cleaner, the App Manager and the System Info screen. You can navigate between these modules via the left navigation drawer.

The Cleaner shows the total amount of disk space at your disposal and carries two buttons at the bottom labeled Analyze and Clean. ‘Clean’ won’t be available until you hit Analyze first, which lets the app scan your device’s internal storage in order to find removable junk and unwanted files.

CCleaner_Side menu CCleaner_Analyze

Disk analysis generally takes a few seconds to complete. Once done, you’re shown a list of items that can be instantly removed by marking them, followed by tapping Clean.

The second module CCleaner offers is a System Info screen, which lets you monitor your device’s system properties in real time. For instance, it displays the CPU resources that are being devoured by your device, as well as total RAM, internal storage and battery usage.

CCleaner_Clean CCleaner_System

The third module, dubbed App Manager, is actually an app uninstaller which makes it easier to remove multiple applications in one go. Each item in the list is shown with its name and app icon, and to uninstall one or multiple app(s), you can make your selection and hit Uninstall. Besides that, you can also tap on an app to view more information about it such as its memory usage.

CCleaner_Uinstaller CCleaner_Uninstaller 2

Piriform also state they’re already working on additional features, including process management and RAM cleaning, custom folder cleaning, and more, which will be coming in a few weeks. But even in its current form, the app is fairly awesome to perform a quick clean up of your Android.

[via: Piriform Blog]


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