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Quickly Access & Adjust Sound Settings With Floating Equalizer For Android

I must confess I’m a die-hard music fan and the avid music listener inside me only loves hearing the crisp sounds from top notch hardware equipment. Sometimes, however, poor optimization on the software side can lead to an abysmal listening experience; some of the sound quality may be lost and other times the distorted audio so badly that it’s not even worth listening to at all. Luckily, the Google Play Store has some really nice equalizers that improve sound quality and clarity of songs in a snap. Floating Equalizer is one such free app that lets you adjust different sound equalization settings.

The good bit about Floating Equalizer is that it works really well across a range of music apps. And even though the major Android music players ship with an equalizer out of the box, Floating Equalizer can prove useful with those that don’t such as the official YouTube application. Besides YouTube, the app works with Google Music, Tunein, MX Player and Spotify without any issues. In short, it lets you enhance quality of sound no matter which app it being played from.

Floating Equalizer_Main Floating Equalizer_Static

The most interesting thing about Floating Equalizer is its design. It can be used as a floating icon which you can move anywhere on your screen via simple drag and drop while a quick tap and hold over it allows you to access the app over any other currently running such as web browsers, games, instant messengers and whatnot. This gives you greater control over the app as a whole.

The other mode dubbed as the Static mode, enables you to activate the app via the notifications bar. Both modes work just as they should, though I found Static method to be much more intuitive as you don’t have to deal with any obtrusive floating icon.

After tweaking things a bit, you will find that the app offers excellent sound quality, and the accuracy you can have with the sliders is simply great. The app also comes packaged with base booster as well as usual presets like rock, dance, flat, hip hop, with an option to specify manual settings.

Floating Equalizer_Preset Floating Equalizer_Floating

Overall, Floating Equalizer is an exceptional tool that, although has a very basic layout, offers a vast improvement to the sound. It’s available for free at Google Play Store.

Install Floating Equalizer from Play Store

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