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Reme.IO Is A Simple Reminder Service That Works With Your Email

For a lot of people, email is work. Many of use spend hours answering emails, reading emails, and writing emails. Our email app is one of the most frequently used ones on our phone, I can safely bet you have your email open in your browser at the moment, and that your email client, understandably, runs on your desktop all day long. Most email services and desktop clients have some sort of task scheduling feature but if you want things to be super simple, and completely independent of both email service and client, you can give RemeIO a try. It’s a reminder service that lets you create a reminder which is delivered to your inbox. Regardless of what email service you use, or which client you use, you can set up a reminder using RemeIO. Reminders can be rescheduled as easily as they are created.

The service requires no sign-up whatsoever and where this is convenient to quickly add a new reminder, it’s slightly problematic if you want to edit a reminder and you have lost the link to it. More on that later.

Visit RemeIO and add a reminder in the ‘Remind me to:’ field. Select a date and time for when you want to be reminded and enter the email address that you want to receive the reminder on. Click ‘Create Reminder’ and you’re done. Each reminder has its own unique link and as long as you have it, you can edit the reminder.


When the reminder is due, you will get an email from the service, You can click ‘Reschedule’ to go to the reminder and change the date or time. You can create a new reminder as well.


Why use this?

This service creates reminders that do not depend on a particular service or app. This is useful because your Outlook reminders or your Google Calendar reminders (or whatever else you use) must first be set up to work with each other. Additionally, if for any reason you opt for an app that doesn’t support reminders, or you switch to a different app that again requires set up before it can give you all your reminders, this is one way to ensure that no matter what, reminders are always delivered. The service has a neat interface and clean interface.

Since it is so basic, there are plenty of features left wanting. Sticking to the idea of a service and client independent reminder service, there should be an option to import reminders from different services. Additionally, there should be a way to keep track of the reminders that you’ve created that doesn’t rely on your browser history or bookmarks.

Visit RemeIO

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