Reinstaller: Backup & Recover Deleted Apps To Your WP7 Account

It might not be a very common occurrence for Windows Phone 7 users, but there are times you are forced to wipe out all data from your device (by performing a factory reset). With the release of custom ROMs for WP7, it has become more likely that many people will opt to lose all their data in order to get a taste of the customized versions of Mango. Fortunately, you don’t have to lose your apps at least, because there is the amazingly useful app named Reinstaller out now. Even if you weren’t using the app before you wiped your phone, you can still recover all your apps via Reinstaller later. Sounds unbelievable? Read on to learn more. Read More

Cashculator: Income/Expense Manager For Planning Monthly Finances [Mac]

Money management is one of those things that everyone should do, but it’s also what makes a person bury their head in the ground in hopes that things will just work themselves out and nothing bad will happen. While optimism will probably help you lead a healthier and longer life, when it comes to money, you should put your ‘realist’ hat on and start crunching a few numbers. Cashculator Free, as the name signifies is a free Mac app that helps you record your source of income and your expenses on a monthly basis. It isn’t exactly what you’d use to map out your life’s financial path, but if you you have no idea where your expenses are going, and not sure just  how much money you are making, this is a great way to reconcile your finances. Read More

Itsy: Simple Twitter Client That Supports Growl Notifications [Mac]

TweetDeck is an extremely popular Adobe Air based Twitter client, with both a Mac and Windows PC version. TweetDeck is feature rich, and perhaps, an avid Twitter user’s dream; however, if you’re looking for something simpler, Itsy might be the answer. Itsy is a free Mac app that is perfect for the passive Twitter user. It supports Growl notifications, lets you view images, retweet tweets, favorite them, reply to them, view direct messages, mentions and search Twitter. The app regularly refreshes and checks for new tweets. It sits quietly in the menu bar, and while the window can be hidden by closing it, Itsy will continue to run and can be reopened from either the Dock or Menu Bar icon. Read More

Cobook: Mac Address Book That Imports Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter Contacts

The Mac Address Book isn’t nearly as popular as some of its other default apps, like iCal and the mail client. This is one of those apps that doesn’t universally wow Mac users, and many have one or two general beefs with it. Cobook is a free Mac App that is a viable alternative to the default app, the app lets you import contacts from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The app can not only work as your default address book, but also integrate with the Mac Address Book if you’d still rather use it and sync contacts via iCloud. The app is easily accessible from the Menu Bar, and allows you to view all the information added for a contact. Since information is coming in from different sources, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, it combines the contacts into one. Read More

You Control: Feature Rich iTunes Controller For Mac Menu Bar

iTunes controllers that sit in your system menu bar aren’t hard to find; you can find both paid and free utilities that will do nothing more than adding media controls and perhaps the song name to the menu bar. The point of these apps is to provide easy access without having to switch back to the iTunes app window, since it can be slow. You Control is a similar Mac app with two great qualities; it is feature rich, and is free. It gives you the usual media controls and song name displayed in the system menu bar, but the menu bar controls give you access to pretty much your entire media collection in iTunes. From the menu bar, you can access favorites, albums, artists, recent tracks and playlists. Controls like play/pause, stop, Next Track, Previous Track, Volume and shuffle can also be used. Read More

Gemini: Scan For Duplicate Files & Folders On Your Mac [Paid]

Do you often keep duplicate files on your system on purpose? Some people might do so to ensure they always have a copy of a file in its original format while they play around with the duplicate. Others might just accidently end up downloading the same file again and again and saving them to a different folder each time. Clutter creating habits aside, even the best of us end up with duplicate versions of the same files, and it is hard to track them down. Gemini is a Mac app worth $4.99 in the Mac App Store that is a superb duplicate finder. It doesn’t automatically remove files; rather, it allows you to decide which ones to remove. The app can detect duplicates based on the name, and even if a file name is appended with (1) to avoid overwriting an old version, the app treats it as a duplicate as such. Read More

KeyboardClean: Disable The Keyboard To Easily Clean Between Keys [Mac]

We’ve all eaten with our laptops and netbooks resting on our laps; some of us prefer to lean back in bed and get comfy with a bag of chips while we browse online for a few lulz, while others just plainly use any space that the keyboard and touchpad leave free to set a drink or bowl of nachos on. This means you might have enough crumbs between your keys to satiate an ant farm, and possibly, enough grease on your screen to make a few curly fries. While you can wipe the screen down any time, spills on the keyboard are best cleaned promptly (I once waited too long to clean a ketchup spill at my home system, and it haunts me to this day). KeyboardClean is a simple Mac app that locks your keyboard and allows you to clean it without worrying about doing/executing something. Read More

SearchInFiles: Search Text Within Files By Line Number & Context On Mac [Paid]

Spotlight search in Mac is plain amazing. Even if you advocate actively for Windows PCs and insist that the Start Search is possibly one of the best features to have come to Windows, you will still be blown with the search results from Spotlight. While it is amazing and all, it does have a few limitations, or, as some might say, slight complications. The file type search isn't as conspicuous as it should be, and the iFileX utility reviewed earlier was one way to make it easier. SearchInFiles is a Mac app that is free for a very limited time (just a few hours), which lets you search text within files and display the results by line number. The app works with TXT, RTF, HTM, CSS, XML, C, M and Java files. PDF files are not supported. Read More

NotesTab: Elegant Note Taking App That Sits In The Mac Menu Bar

A note taking app is never hard to find, but finding one that you love and can start using instantly is a little tough. Many people might just forgo using a note taking app because they don’t like it and go with a simple feature deprived text editor. For those that have yet to find a note taking app with an appealing interface, NotesTab is Mac app with an elegant interface and is free for a limited time. The app sits in the menu bar and doesn’t have to be launched each time you want to create a note. It supports keyboard shortcut (Control + N) to open its dashboard, and quickly lets you add a new note. You can edit the shortcut key to suit your preference  and keep the app visible at all times hide it when another window is active. Read More

LaunchBoard: iOS-Inspired Chrome App Launcher [Browser Extension]

The Chrome web store doesn’t just have extensions, it’s also home to a large number of Chrome apps. Although some of these apps are truly apps that work in the browser alone, the majority of them are in fact links to their respective websites and services. This means the a lot of the apps are little more than shortcuts to the web interface of a particular service. It makes you wonder why not just access a website from bookmarks instead of going to a new tab, then a couple of pages to find the right app and then launch it. The problem is that there is a lack of ease in accessibility. LaunchBoard is a Chrome extension that is inspired by iPhone’s app launcher that aims to solve this very problem. This simple tool scans Chrome for all your installed Apps, and displays the icons and titles of enabled apps in a slick pop-up. Read More

clip.share: Send And Receive Clipboard Text From Mac To Any Device

Do you rely on a Wi-Fi network to send text from your Mac to your iPhone? Or perhaps on a Bluetooth connection? What’s wrong with this picture? Nothing, if you’ve got an iPhone which is a cinch to connect to your Mac, or you know you will always have access to secure Wi-Fi for sending clipboard text over. Should either of these options ever fail and you need a simple free solution, you have clip.share, a Mac app with clients for Windows PC, Android phones and the iPhone that uses your Google email and the good ole internet to send and receive clipboard text across devices. The app is simple; you sign in and choose which links you want to send. It gives you desktop notifications when a new link is received on your Mac, and gives you Push notifications on your iPhone. Read More

Lona Converters: Convert Audio/ Video Files One By One Between Several Formats [Mac]

In the Mac world, you will find gorgeous displays and beautiful buttons, making up the pretty side of a Mac. The slightly ugly side is that you will have to pay up some serious cash whenever you need to download even a mildly useful app. The Mac app world is rich in choice, but it costs to buy those apps. This isn’t to say that you can’t find free apps, but they are just a little hard to find. Lonasoft is a developing company that you can thank if you need to convert either audio or video files but would rather do it for free instead of buying an app for it. Lona Music Converter is an audio converter that allows you to convert audio files between 11 different formats. Lona Converter, however, is a video converter that lets you convert videos into 39 different formats. Both apps are free, and convert files one by one. They both have a pro version available as well, which lets you convert files in batches. Read More

iRamDisk: Create Virtual RAM Disks In Mac & Mount As Drives [Paid]

You may, or may not, have heard of creating  vRAM disks and making your system faster. A Virtual RAM disk can be created using the internal hard disk memory, or you can just buy one. For those of you that know what RAM is meant to do, understand that a vRAM disk is a virtual disk that can can read and write to files faster than to your hard disk. The simplest reason (and there are many other complex ones) to the added speed is that a virtual drive isn't a separate machine component that requires actual moving parts to read and write information. For the truly tech savvy who know the ins and outs of creating RAM disks, there is an entirely different world of information out there. For simpler users, more specifically, Mac users, there is iRamDisk, an app worth $1.99 in the Mac App Store which allows you to create virtual RAM disks and mount them as regular drives. Read More

Timing lite: Track Usage Of Multiple Apps & Check Productivity [Mac]

You’ve probably come across a million apps that force you to be productive, by either locking down all entertainment on your system, or forbidding you from opening sites like Facebook and Reddit, Facebook and Youtube, Facebook and and, of course, just Facebook itself. The point is, most apps focus primarily on blocking Facebook, and some will occasionally block one or two other sites. If you’re already thinking of ways to get around such apps when you install them, then you are probably better off without one. As opposed to these negative reinforcement apps, you can go for Timing lite, a positive reinforcement app that presents you with a true picture of how you are spending your time on your Mac. The app details and classifies how you’ve spent your time, and even allows you to classify the use of certain apps as productive or unproductive. Read More

TaskBadges: Use A Simple Text Editor As A To-Do List Manager [Mac]

If you’re the somewhat traditional type of person when it comes to creating to-do lists, i.e., you will sooner jot something down on paper than take the time to type it out and set a date and pick a sound alert for it, then to-do apps might not be doing you justice. For those that have transitioned one step beyond scribbling on paper, but will nevertheless just open a text editor, save it with a random file name (perhaps the default one) and type in a list of tasks, you need TaskBadges. It is a free Mac app that uses a very simple syntax to record tasks. Tasks are recorded in a text editor and the file is then added to this app. Using the syntax, the app detects how many tasks you’ve added and lists them as a notification on the file itself. Read More

GeoGebra: Plot Algebraic Expressions, Find Geometric Coordinates [Mac]

If you hated Math and disliked your Algebra teacher with the force of a thousand Reddit downvotes, then you will envy GeoGebra. In all fairness, no one in their right mind would try and plot algebraic equations unless it were required. You seldom hear people say, "I’m going to chill out with this geometric theorem", but for those that are still doing sums and plotting lines, this app is heaven sent. GeoGebra is a Mac app that plots algebraic equations for you. It also lets you place any two points on a graph and find out the resulting equation, plot angles & geometric shapes, and find their coordinates. Life would indeed have been easier if this app were allowed in school. Read More

Turbodo: Create Universal Mac Shortcuts To Open Files & Apps [Paid]

Keyboard shortcuts are dead useful. The universal application of Command + C, Command + V etc., across different OS, is a proof of just how convenient they are. Turbodo is a Mac app worth $4.99 that takes universal shortcuts to a new level. It allows you to create shortcuts for just about any file, folder and app on your Mac. The app runs unobtrusively in the System Menu Bar, and no matter which app you are working in, or which desktop space you’re on, the app enforces the shortcuts you create. You can open and execute several files and apps from just one shortcut. The app has a drag & drop interface for adding executable items. Read More

Type2Phone: Type To A Paired iOS Device From Your Mac Keyboard [Paid]

When it comes to mobile devices, or more specifically, smart phones, on-screen keyboards are now the norm. Although Samsung did recently debut the Samsung Galaxy Note featuring a stylus in an Apple mocking super bowl ad, the fact is, people are now accustomed to using their fingers to operate on-screen keyboards. As such, these on-screen keyboards are easy to use; few of us will ever lose our finger and turn to a stylus (in the event that you do lose your finger, a stylus is the last thing you need to worry about). While the iPhone keyboard is super responsive and easy to use, it might, at one point, become an annoyance to type from your device. Type2Phone is a Mac app available for $4.99 that allows you to use the keyboard attached to your Mac to type on the iPhone. This app requires no iOS client whatsoever, and simply pairs and connects with the device over Bluetooth. Read More

MultiFirefox: Run Multiple Versions Of Firefox At Once [Mac]

Around the mid of 2010, we reviewed Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection, a windows application that allowed you to run multiple versions of Firefox at the same time. Normally, it isn’t possible to install and use more than one version unless you are on the Nightly or Beta channel. MultiFirefox is a Mac app that functions similarly on Mac; it allows you to create profiles and run any number of different Firefox versions at the same time. The app has both a Dutch and an English version, and occasionally, the Dutch bits leak over and show up on the English version, but other than that, the app works without a glitch. Read More

ClipX: Clipboard Manager That Saves Up T0 500 Clips In A Session [Mac]

We’ve covered many clipboard managers recently, and they all have a single purpose; to extend the functionality of the default clipboard. ClipX is a Mac app that is somewhat similar, in that it is like a safety net for anything you copy to your clipboard. The app sits unobtrusively in the System Menu Bar and records any and all text that you copy to your Mac’s clipboard. You can copy and paste the text normally, and in the event you need to reuse a previously copied snippet, you can visit the app and browse for it. The app saves up to 500 clips in the order they were copied in. Read More