Naturpic Offers A Professional-Grade Windows Audio Editor For A Price Tag Of Free

Audio editing has always been an expensive hobby. People who do it on professional scale often have access to high-end equipment and software tools. The advent of powerful PCs has helped change that dramatically, but most professional audio editing packages can cost quite significantly. Though if you don't want to shell out your money, there are a number of free programs available for the purpose as well. If you've got a few audio files in MP3, ACC, WMA or WAV formats that you want to edit while still having access to advanced options for when you require, what you need is a good audio editor sporting a user-friendly interface and basic editing options like copy, paste, cut, trim, fade in and out etc. Naturpic Audio Editor is one such program for Windows that may look very plain on surface but deep down, you will find many editing features otherwise found in professional audio editing packages.Read More

AV Audio Editor Is A Powerful, Mid-Level Sound Editing Tool For PC

What makes an audio editor special? Some of us like just need tools that can convert files into different formats, provide basic file splitting & joining options, and offer a few effects, often preferring a dedicated editor for each separate function such as Wave Editor for effects and Shuangs Audio Editor for trimming. Others will settle for nothing less than the full smorgasbord of editing options, complete with sonogram, spectrum analysis and input/output oscilloscope. Wavosaur or Audacity might be good choices for them. But if you’re a beginner looking to get a taste of advanced options without either under- or overwhelming yourself, AV Audio Editor can be a good bridge. Combining quick-edit actions and powerful editing tools, this Windows app has something for everyone to try.Read More

WaveShop Is An Advanced Audio Editor That Handles WAV Files

Considering the countless options available out there, finding the right audio editor that exactly matches your needs can be a tough job. Most of the available tools can perform simple editing tasks such as converting audio files into different formats, splitting them, or just cutting a part out of the complete track. However, advanced audio editing that involves adding silence at different points, inverting and reversing the track, generating different types of sounds, amplifying the track, etc, requires you to have more sophisticated tools. We have previously covered several audio editing applications such as the cross-platform Ocenaudio for analyzing and edit audio files, as well as web apps like FileLab Audio Editor that let you to apply different effects to an audio track. WaveShop is an open-source audio editor for Windows that specializes in handling WAV files and modifies only specific parts of the track as per your requirement, rather than the whole track in one go.Read More

Easily Adjust Volume Level Of Audio & Video Files With Audio Amplifier Free

Volume normalization can come really handy to make volume levels uniform for your entire music collection, You must have noticed while listening to music, how at the same system and media player volume level, the sound hardly reaches your ears for some audio tracks, while others come out as deafening to your ears. This forces you to constantly change the volume level in your media player, which is a major annoyance. Previously, we covered QMP3Gain, a feature-rich open-source application that can losslessly adjust audio volume across many songs. However, if you needed a rather simple and easy to use alternative that doesn’t confuse you with its wide array of configuration options, Audio Amplifier Free is probably what you’re looking for. As the name implies, the tool lets you amplify the sound of an audio track, but in addition, you can also reduce the volume level. As opposed to QMP3Gain, this application also lets you work with video files. The method it uses to gain or decrease volume is fairly simple and intuitive as well.Read More

Freemore Audio Video Suite Is Your One Stop Shop For Media Editing & Conversion

There are countless Audio and video conversion tools out there but with all the available options, it may get fairly tough to look for the right one at the right time. Even if you find the one that meets your requirements, odds are that it would be either be paid or in case of being free, have either way too many configuration options making it confusing to use, or offer too little control at what it does. Freemore Audio Video Suite takes care of this nuisance by amalgamating a number of different multimedia tools into a single freemium package that's easy enough to use for the average user while decently powerful enough for power users. It’s a compendium of various frequently used audio, video and document converters and editors that you would otherwise have to download separately when required. The suite includes audio editor, sound recorder, ringtone maker, MP3 cutter and joiner, audio and video converter, DVD burner, image and PDF converter, and the list doesn't stop here. It’s rare that you find such a huge collection of distinct apps in free software but Freemore not only delivers it; it delivers it exceptionally well.Read More

HT Recorder For iPad Automatically Skips Silent Bits While Recording Audio

While an iPhone can be much more effective as a recording device due to its smaller size, it is the iPad that most people use for work and academic purposes. Maybe that is why HT Recorder is only available for the iOS tablet. The app lets you record clips that are hours long, share them with ease and even edit them using some really simple controls. If you are thinking that it will be a little awkward holding your iPad in front of someone’s face while trying to capture every word they say, think again. HT Recorder catches any sound within a normal-sized room, even if the sound is no more than a creak or a whisper. The app offers amazing volume balancing, meaning you will get a clip that won’t force you to keep adjusting your device’s volume again and again.Read More

Ocenaudio: Analyze And Edit Audio Files Across Different Platforms

When dealing with audio files, quite often we face situations where modifications are needed for the track. If the music is too noisy, you would require an effect that would minimize the unwanted background sound. If you need to conceal audio or produce a remixed version, audio editing and analyzing tools are always ready to help you achieve this. Ocenaudio is a cross-platform, audio analysis and editing tool with an attractive and useful interface geared at empowering you in creating ripples in the required soundtracks. Supporting VST (Virtual Studio Technology) plugins, real-time previews of effects, multiple audio file management, powerful spectrogram feature and quick editing of large files are some of the many benefits, Ocenaudio has in store for you. Useful buttons appear as soon as you need them while focusing on parts of the audio segments had never been so easy. At any point, you can take audio snapshots for documentation purposes.Read More

How To Stretch And Enhance Sounds Without Losing Quality

Ever wanted to stretch your favorite soundtracks beyond imagination? From studios to garage bands, sound stretching has profound applications due to spectral smoothness, special effects and features like binaural beats. Now, you can stretch a 4 minute audio to a unique 4 hours high quality listening experience using Paul’s Extreme Sound Stretch. Supporting popular audio formats including WAV, OGG, MP3, it enables ease of operation with advanced post processing effects to give ambient epics. The stretching amount is unlimited and the complexity can be increased according to the requirements. Unlike other audio manipulation tools, it loads onto your system smoothly and has negligible effect on the overall system performance. After adding the required audio file, you have the liberty to select the stretch parameter as well as the audio output size.Read More

mp3DirectCut: Easily Record, Edit & Trim MP3, Create Audio Loops

A while back, we covered MP3 Toolkit (reviewed here), a powerful MP3 audio editor supporting a plethora of features that one may require to edit any MP3 file.  Today, we will take a look into a similar application known as mp3DirectCut. It's an audio editor and recorder suite, designed to work with MP3 files. Although the program doesn’t look as sleek as MP3 Toolkit, it does contain a number of features to easily edit your MP3s. The application lets you play, trim, edit and record audio files, apply audio effects, create audio loops and so on. Despite being so feature-rich, the application is very light-weight and will not hog down your system resources while processing audio tracks. Let’s find out what the program is capable of.Read More

Free Audio Editor: Record, Edit, Apply Effects & Reduce Noise In Tracks

Editing audio tracks is a simple task, provided you have the right set of tools that allow you to extract required parts of the audio stream. However, if you want to perform advanced audio editing tasks like mixing multiple audio streams, removing background noise, enhancing audio quality, applying different music effects etc., then you may come across an audio editor, which requires you to understand each editing function it has to offer. Today, we came across a simple yet powerful audio editor called Free Audio Editor that performs more than just simple audio editing tasks. It is a comprehensive digital audio workstation that lets you record audio from an available input device, edit audio tracks and apply various effects to them. It has the ability to perform both simple and complex tasks, for example, you can cut, crop and extract audio from video, grab audio from YouTube videos, apply multiple audio effects and filters, reduce noise and more. Additionally, the application supports a wide range of audio formats including MP3, WAC, OGG, WMA, FLAC, MP2, CDA, AIFF, AAC, AC3 etc.Read More

Audio Pitch & Shift: Add Effects To Songs, Change Their Pitch & Playback Speed

Last month, we covered BPMinus, an application for Windows that allows you to play and control the speed of music tracks while maintaining their pitch, as well as the sound quality. Even though BPMinus performed excellent in our testing, there was still some change in pitch while manipulating the track speed (the app advertised being able to change all parameters in isolation). Today, we have an open source application called Audio Pitch & Shift, made for the same purpose of changing the pitch and playback speed of songs, but it performs the required function better than a lot of the software currently in the market. When you are changing the speed or pitch of the song, it doesn’t affect the other parameters at all. Other than speed and pitch, Audio Pitch & Shift also allows you to introduce and include different effects in the music track, such as Distortion, Chorus, Ranger, Echo, Reverb etc. It supports a large number of file extensions for pitch and speed manipulation, including MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV, MPEG, FLAC, AAC etc. More on Audio Shift & Pitch after the break.Read More

Wavosaur: Powerful Portable Audio Editor With 3D Spectrum Analysis

If you feel the name "Wavosaur" sounds like a wannabe dinosaur, you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. However, Wavosaur is an immensely feature rich audio editor meant for the serious. What do I mean by serious? The plethora of features this editor brings to the table are meant for users well versed with audio editing, for tasks that involve more than just trimming, looping or adding fade in/outs to the audio file. While the editor retains the more common editing functions such as cut, copy, paste, paste mix, paste replace/insert, paste to new file, trim/crop, delete, undo for casual users, there’s way much more to explore here. Screenshots and some important salient features of the application after the break.Read More

Audacity 2.0 Update Brings Lots Of Bug Fixes & New Features

Finding the right tool from so many audio editors in the market that exactly matches your needs is a difficult job. There are a lot of tools out there that can perform simple editing tasks, such as converting audio files into different formats, splitting them, or just cutting a part out of the complete song or recorded audio. However, if you want to perform advanced audio editing, most people have to use paid software. Audacity is a widely popular open source free audio editing and recording program that matches in functionality to a lot of paid audio editing applications. Recently, the developers of Audacity have released an update, Audacity 2.0. In this article, we will have a look at the major changes in the application.Read More

BPMinus: Control Speed, Pitch & Equalizer Settings Of Audio Tracks

Audio editing doesn’t only mean cutting out the favorite part of your song, changing the format, or bit rate of the track, other tweaks, such as changing the tempo, pitch, stereo mix and equalizer settings of the song are also a type of audio editing. There are a lot of tools available, such as Audacity, an open source free audio editing and recording program that matches in functionality to a lot of paid audio editing applications. However, the more options a tool has, the higher will be its learning curve, and there is no point in learning a difficult software when you only have to perform basic editing. BPMinus is an audio editing application for Windows that allows you to play and control the speed of music tracks while maintaining its pitch, as well as the sound quality. That’s not all; other than the speed, you can also change the pitch and equalizer options in isolation. The application maintains all other qualities of the track while you are changing the one you want. With a user friendly GUI, it has a very low learning curve and is easily customizable. Keep reading after the break to find out more about BPMinus.Read More

Audiobook Cutter Free Edition Provides Arbitrary Splitting Of Mp3 Files

When compiling MP3 audiobooks and podcast files into smaller segments, one requires separating them. This can normally be done either by re-encoding the files, or by using complex audio editing applications. Alternatively, one can use an audio file splitter to simplify this task. Audiobook Cutter Free Edition is an audio file splitter to chop down large MP3 audiobook files into smaller segments, without having to edit or re-encode them. The aim of this application is to split MP3 files for easily creating audiobooks that are more manageable, and divided in appropriate segments. For example, you can use this application to manage your long audiobook recordings that can be cut with just a click.Read More

Split And Join Audio Files With Different Output Format Using Helium Audio Splitter And Joiner

To perform basic audio editing and sound split and join operations, advanced audio editing programs are no more required. Such tasks can now be performed by small audio manipulation utilities with precision. In this post, we will take a look at two robust tools for splitting and joining audio files, called Helium Audio Splitter and Helium Audio Joiner. These applications are meant to provide users with a simple mechanism to easily split and merge audio files with minimum effort and within an easy to use interface which can benefit both advanced and novice users. Both of these programs have been developed by Helium, which is famous for developing audio editing tools such as the  previously reviewed Helium Audio Converter.Read More

Breezer – Best Windows Audio Asset Manager For Sound Editing Projects

Are you working on a sound editing or music production project and hate to search through millions of tiny musical pieces every time you want to use them while the track is being produced? It happens quite so often that while mastering the final product, you need to mix a slew of pre-recorded sequences with audio track to get the required sound, but finding the right set of sequences out of huge library is not easy, even if they are properly classified into groups.Read More

Wave Editor Is Free Audio Editor With Great Sound Effects

Wave Editor is a powerful digital audio editor which is developed to make small audio adjustments, like, a light fade-in/fade-out effect with a blend of sudden silence has to be added in an audio file to make it perfectly match with complementary video, while sometimes amplification and de-amplification are also required at certain points to get the much needed effect. Wave Editor includes all such effects in addition with basic options to reverse, copy/move or delete a defined audio part.Read More

Jokosher – Free Multi-Track Recording Software

Jokosher is an advanced yet simple cross-platform multi-track recorder. It is a tool developed for both music enthusiasts and producers. You can add a range of different instruments and give them a unique name. Add an already recorded audio track, mix them, record your own voice, and more.

Read More

How To Record, Edit, And Burn Audio Files With Free Audio Editor 2009

Free Audio Editor 2009 is the most powerful audio editor I have come across that is both free and easy-to-use. I mentioned that it records, edits, and burns audio files, but actually it does a lot more than that. You can crop any piece of audio file and merge two different audio files, apart from that you can record your own audio and mix it with some background music. You can reduce noise with ‘Noise Reduction’ feature or add tons of custom effects. The build-in Text-to-Speech feature actually works pretty well and seamless.Read More