Cdex – Rip Audio CD To Mp3 or Wav Format

Cdex is a free opensource tool that can extract the data from the audio cd and save the files in either wav or mp3 format. You can also rip the audio cd using Windows Media Player, but this tool has advanced features such as support for audio file tags, ability to add headers to mp3 files, and more encoding options.

First insert the cd in the drive and load this tool. You will find all songs listed, you can edit the Album name, Artist name, Genre, and Year.

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Capture/Record Computer Screen And Audio With GoView

Do you want to record a demo of a software or do you plan to give a live presentation? Or maybe you want to help someone solve a computer problem? The whole blogosphere is talking about ScreenCastle, a free service let’s you record screencasts online without having to download anything. But have they forgotten about GoView?

GoView is a free online service that lets you record computer screen with audio(if you have a microphone) and better yet, it also lets you edit the recorded screencast online. You must have JavaScript and cookies enabled, otherwise it won’t work. You have to install the GoView screen recorder(which takes less than a minute to get automatically installed). Once installed, right-click the GoView icon in the system tray and select Record Screen & Audio to begin recording the screencast.

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Xrecode – Free Parallel Audio Converter And Extractor

Xrecode is a free audio conversion tool for Windows that can convert almost any audio formats. It supports vast number of audio conversions and can convert multiple files by taking full advantage of multi-core CPU(Parallel processing). Apart from audio-to-audio conversions, it can also extract audio from video files (avi, flv, mov, etc). This can come useful if you want to extract audio from music videos.

Just click Open and select multiple audio files that you want to convert. In the screenshot below you can see that I have selected 120 .mp3 audio files and 1 .wma audio file.

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How To Convert Text To Speech Online For Free

Ivona Online is a free online service that lets you easily create a voice from any text. All you have to do is to enter the text and click Play button, and it will start reading the text line by line automatically. There is no limit on the number of words you can enter. If you are a webmaster or a blogger, you can use it to give your visitors a choice to listen to your posts. You can select the voice which you want to use in the speech, there are currently five different voices available: Jennifer(USA), Eric(USA), Jacek(Polish), Ewa(Polish), Carmen(Romanian). I prefer Eric since his voice is louder and clearer. Read More

How To Find And Remove Duplicate Audio Files

There are plenty of audio tools out there which let you remove duplicate music or audio files. But these tools compare audio files by their name, tag, artist, etc which is not an accurate method. What if you have two similar audio files under completely different names? This is where Audio Comparer comes in. It actually listens to your music or audio files and compare them based on the audio content. This process is obviously a little slow, but the results are very accurate. Read More

How To Find Information Of Any Video/Audio File In Complete Details

MediaInfo is a free tool that gives you complete information of multimedia files. All you have to do is select the file and it will display the full details. You can also select a folder and it will read all multimedia files inside that folder, choose the file from the list to get complete details of that file. You can view the information in different methods, such as: text, sheet, tree, HTML, and Basic viewing. Read More

How To Record, Edit, And Burn Audio Files With Free Audio Editor 2009

Free Audio Editor 2009 is the most powerful audio editor I have come across that is both free and easy-to-use. I mentioned that it records, edits, and burns audio files, but actually it does a lot more than that. You can crop any piece of audio file and merge two different audio files, apart from that you can record your own audio and mix it with some background music. You can reduce noise with ‘Noise Reduction’ feature or add tons of custom effects. The build-in Text-to-Speech feature actually works pretty well and seamless. Read More

How To Preview A Small Portion Of Any MP3 Or AVI Video File Before Downloading It

In my last post I discussed about downloading specific files from inside zip or rar archive with LoadScout. Another useful feature of this app is that it lets you download and play a small portion of any mp3 or avi file for free.

Suppose you want to download a high quality audio podcast in mp3 format that is of 100mb. You can download and play a small portion of this podcast and decide whether you like it or not. If you like it then you can go ahead and download the whole podcast or just find the next podcast. In similar way, suppose you want to download a video(in avi format), instead of downloading the whole video, you can download a small portion and play it to see if it’s the right video for you.

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Quickly Merge Multiple Music Or Audio Files Into One

Do you have multiple files in an audio book and you are looking for ways to merge them into one file? Or you have many mp3 files that you would like to join and listen to them all in one go? Merge Mp3 lets you do exactly that. You can use this application to drag and drop audio files into the playlist either change the order or keep the same, listen to it before mixing them all with preview option and convert all of them into one single MP3 even with ID3 meta data.

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How To Extract Audio From Movies And Video Files Easily

Have you ever watched a movie with a fantastic piece of soundtrack? Like I did, when I watched “Into the Wild”, its soundtrack was awesome, Wouldn't it be great if we could make an MP3 file to play on our computer? As long as we don't infringe on copyrighted material, there's a great selection of audio extraction tools that we can use to generate digital audio files from video, for this purpose, AoA Audio Extractor is a powerful tool for video to audio file conversion.

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How to Capture, Save, Record and Download Streaming Audio For Free

Suppose you listen to audio podcast and music online, but you want to save it and download it on the hard disk, so that you don't need to connect to the web every time you need to listen to the same music over and over again. What if the internet does not get connected or you are somewhere in the middle of the Amazon jungle(Heck, I am kidding here). You can record, save and download the music from the website, even through it does not have a "Download" option. To save streaming audio from any website can be a little tricky, because every website has its own encryption methods, but we can find a way to save the audio from the sound card, in this post we'll learn how to do it the most easiest and free method. Read More