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How to split MP3 files on Windows 10

The Movies & TV app, or more precisely the Photos app on Windows 10 can both split and merge videos. The Groove app on Windows 10 however is incredibly basic. It has an equalizer but that too is a recent addition so forget using the app to edit your audio files. MP3 is a popular audio format and if you have an MP3 file you need to split, Groove is not the app for it. You can find basic apps that do the trick but a reliably good one is Audacity. It’s a bit complicated to use for more sophisticated stuff but to split MP3 files, it’s pretty easy to learn.

Split MP3 files

Audacity is a free, open-source app so go ahead and download and install it. Before we start editing a file, know that by default Audacity doesn’t overwrite the original file no matter what you do. When you add a file to it, and edit it, you’re basically creating a project. It will save as a project unless you export it.

Open Audacity and and drag & drop the MP3 file you want to split. Your file is represented in wavelength form. Click and drag your mouse cursor over the part that you want to cut out. For a more precise selection, use the Start and End of Selection option at the bottom.

Go to the Edit menu. Select Cut or just use the Ctrl+X keyboard shortcut and it will remove the selected bit. You can then go to File>Export>Export as MP3. The remaining bit of the file can be exported in MP3 format. You will have to give it a different name though so that it doesn’t overwrite the original file during the export process.

If you want to cut out the part that isn’t selected, go to Edit>Trim.

Audacity can also join two different audio files. It’s incredibly simple to do. Drag and drop the files that you want to merge on to Audacity. If you want to want to merge an entire file with another one, click on it and use the Ctrl+A keyboard shortcut to select all of it. Use the Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut to copy it. Click on the other file at the exact place you want to paste the audio from the first one and use the Ctrl+V keyboard to paste it.

If you want to merge just a small portion of the file, select only that from the second file, and again use the Ctrl+C shortcut to copy it. Click on the first file at the exact part you want to paste the snippet and use the Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut to paste it. When you paste a snippet from one audio file to the other, Audacity doesn’t overwrite the file you’re pasting to. Instead, it adds to the file, pushing its current content further down the timeline. After that you need only export it and don’t forget to rename the new file to something else.

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