How To Backup Your Oculus Games & Settings, And Move The Installation To A New Location

Facebook's Oculus Rift is one of the high-end VR headsets available in the market today. In addition to the high cost of the headset, the desktop needed to run it costs $3000. It is not a cheap toy by any means. Games and settings for the Oculus and the Rift are all stored in the Oculus directory. If you ever decide you want to move them or back them up, you will need an app to do it.  vrBackupper is a free Windows app that can backup and restore Oculus games and Rift settings, and move the Oculus installation directory to a different location.Read More

How To Transfer Activity Data From The Health App To A New iPhone

When you buy a new iPhone, you can set it up in one of two ways. You can restore it from a back-up of your old iPhone or you can set it up as a new device. When you restore from a backup, you are able to transfer every bit of data from your old iPhone to the new one. When you set up an iPhone as a new device, there is one type of data that you can't get to a new iPhone over unless you restore it from a back-up; activity data from the Health App. If you want to set up your iPhone as a new device but would like a way to port the activity data to your new phone, Decipher Activity Transfer is the app you need.Read More

Dropbox’s Carousel Is Photo Organization & Back-up In One

When you install Dropbox on your Android or iOS device, it asks you to enable automatic backup of all your photos. Despite being a long-time Dropbox user, I never opted in to this feature, something that I can attribute to being an iPhone user who has iCloud to rely on but Carosel changes that completely; it’s a new app from Dropbox that will back-up your photos to your Dropbox account. Sharing photos with anyone who has a Dropbox account is handled exclusively within the app and you can share a photo(s) without needing to switch to your email app. Photo sharing is handled very intelligently with a drawer that slides out so you can see your recent ‘conversations’. The app also manages and organizes photos by date. It’s somewhat like the Photos app introduced in iOS 7. As an iPhone user, I can easily switch to Carousel and leave my iCloud storage space for other app data, and Android users have a great way to organize and backup photos.Read More

SurDoc Cloud Backup Offers 100GB Of Free Storage With Focus On Privacy

Another day, another cloud storage service, or so it seems to be these days. With the increasing trend in mobile computing, consumers want their data always accessible to them no matter where they are, and the best way to do that is to upload or sync it to a cloud drive. And even for those who don't need access to their data on the go, cloud storage is the way to ensure their data remains safe even in case their hard disk fails. There are countless options out there that let you do just that, but the cloud storage service we'll be reviewing today differs by offering 100GB of cloud storage space for free, with paid plans available for even unlimited storage! The quintessential feature of SurDoc is to make automated cloud backups hassle-free, with a high focus on privacy using military-grade SSL encryption for your backups. Let's learn more about it after the jump.Read More

Trunx Offers A Secure, Private Way To Back Up iPhone Photos To The Cloud

Since people started realizing the full potential offered by cloud storage, backing media up on cloud services has gained a lot of popularity. Services like Dropbox, Skydrive, and even Instagram are widely used to make sure that the photos you take over time are available across different devices and don’t take too much of your local storage space. Since smartphone cameras have recently become the biggest source of images stored on the cloud, it makes sense that many apps focus on streamlining the process of syncing media between phones and cloud services. Some apps like Cloudy Exporter are designed to make use of Apple’s own iCloud, while others rely on third-party services, QuickShot being a good example. Trunx is one of the few apps that come with a cloud space of their own. Anyone who has a lot of pictures in an iPhone is sure to appreciate the convenience and simplicity on offer in this app; you don’t have to do much before Trunx starts populating your account with photos gleaned from the device’s memory.Read More

ReIcon Is A Portable Tool To Save & Restore Windows Desktop Icon Layouts

If you frequently fiddle with your screen’s resolution, you must be aware of the way it messes up your icon layout afterwards when you switch back to your preferred settings. Previously, we've covered Windows tools like DesktopSaver, DesktopOK and IconRestorer that allow you to save icons position and quickly restore the layout or previous state after switching back from a different resolution. ReIcon is another one such tool designed to overcome the same nuisance. Using this portable app, you can quickly save multiple icon layouts of your desktop and reinstate them on the fly. More details and screenshots after the jump.Read More

Easily Backup Windows Drivers & Restore From Within Device Manager

Let’s face it, we've all been in a situation where we needed to reinstall Windows due to some issue, or after getting a warranty replacement because of some faulty component. In such scenarios, reinstalling everything from scratch can be a very tedious task, especially when it comes to hardware drivers that you had configured to a state where they were all working perfectly. While I've always been meticulous regarding creating PC backups, hardly have I ever thought of backing up all my device drivers to avoid extra time that would be wasted should I ever need to redo everything from scratch. That’s why when I came across Free Driver Backup – a Windows app that specifically creates driver backups – I found the idea very useful. With one mouse click, it creates driver backups to your computer’s storage that you can restore later at any time.Read More

Backup, Sync & Restore Android Data & Settings With Nero BackItUp

There are a number of apps available at Google Play Store that let you create offline and online backups of your files. Offline backups are those created on your device’s internal or external storage, while online backups are saved to the cloud for easy access across devices and safety in case of losing all your data on the device. If you’re looking for an app that offers both these features in a handy little package, Nero BackItUp provides an great solution. Created by the famous Nero AG team known for its suites of disk burning and backup tools, this Android app gives users a lot of flexibility and control when backing up files. You can backup and restore various kinds of data from your device including photos, videos, music, contacts, call logs, text messages and system settings. On top of that, Nero offers 5GB free cloud storage, with paid options available for more storage. Details after the jump.Read More

Adobe Revel Brings Its Cloud Photo Sync To Windows 8 And RT

Adobe Revel is a cloud-based photo synchronization service by the software giant that automatically syncs your photos across iOS, Mac OS X and web. It’s one of the many similar options being offered by cloud providers, and aims to compete against the likes of Apple’s iCloud. While it could be accessed from a Windows computer through its web interface, a dedicated Windows app for the service hadn't been released by Adobe up till now. Fresh to the Windows Store and designed with Windows 8 and RT in mind, Adobe Revel brings all its awesome photo synchronization and editing features to Microsoft’s platform. Fully embracing the Modern UI design language, Revel automatically backup your photos to the cloud so you may access them across your other devices such as tablets and smartphones. Read on for our full review.Read More

TimeDim Is A Simple, Dual-Pane Incremental Backup Tool For Windows

If you do not backup your data on regular basis, you are very likely to regret that mistake at some point. Backing up files is more like a routine exercise, which, if not done in a timely fashion, can have major consequences - just imagine a situation where all your data goes down the drain due to some hardware or software failure in your system. Fortunately, there are a lot of backup tools available these days that let you backup your data to an internal, external, network or cloud drive, and we've been frequently covering such apps for you. TimeDim is probably one of the simplest backup apps for Windows that we've come across so far. It is designed to handle your backups by letting you drag and drop your data from one directory to another using two side-by-side tree view boxes.Read More

OSkin Is A Brilliant Platform For Saving & Sharing Your Android Home Screen Setup

The world of Android is full of customization options and we have seen some brilliant launcher apps for home screen replacement on the platform, including the recently reviewed Aviate that totally amazed us. Though once you have customized your phone’s home screen to your liking with the launcher, wallpaper and widgets of your choice, there’s no easy way of saving that complete setup for quickly and easily getting it back later, or sharing it with others. Created by the dev behind OBackupOSkin is a rather ambitious project that aims to change all that, though it’s currently in beta and you’ll need to have a Google+ profile in order to take it on a spin. So let’s find out more about this interesting app after the break.Read More

Avast Releases Its Own Cloud-Based Mobile Backup Solution For Android

For an Android user, backing up data to the cloud is extremely easy thanks to the umpteen number of apps available for the purpose. Avast Mobile Backup aims to stand out from the lot with a balanced combination of features and, of course, it's brand name. The app allows you to back up your contacts, call logs and SMS to your Avast account, while photos, videos, audio files and apps can be backed up straight to Google Drive, so that you can restore your selection of files on any device connected to the internet. The app is fairly easy to configure and use, requiring little to no effort from the user.Read More

Back Up Android Apps & Data And Sync With Cloud Using Ease Backup

Sure, nothing beats Titanium Backup when it comes to backing up data and apps on Android, but then again, it is not an app that every user is comfortable with. For the average user, there are plenty of simpler backup-taking apps out there; some with price tags, and others that are free but have limited features. I’m not saying there are no good options on the Play Store. It's just that there aren't enough of them, and certainly very few that excel aesthetically. Ease Backup is yet another backup-taking app, but as the name suggests, it is actually a breeze to use, even for the most novice Android users, and is aesthetically pleasing, too. Cloud support and sync, freezing apps (root required), backing up SMS, contacts and WiFi access points (root required) are some of the features that might grab your attention. Read on after the break to learn more about this app. You might be interested to know that its Pri key is available for free for a limited time, which will give you access to many more features as well as an unlimited backup history!Read More

Easily Backup & Restore Your Mozilla Thunderbird Accounts & Their Data

I’ve used several email clients over the years, including Outlook for quite some, a while back. Though when I got the opportunity to try Thunderbird, I couldn't settle for any other email client since then. Mozilla’s open-source application is fairly powerful, and helps me keep a tab on all my work and personal email accounts from one place. If you're also a Thunderbird user, one very important thing you must consider when switching to a new computer is migrating your Thunderbird information, as you won't likely want to reconfigure your profile from scratch. If you're in such a situation, we've got an app for you today built for this very purpose, by the name of Backup Thunderbird. This free app is designed to do one thing: quickly backup and restore your Thunderbird data including your emails, newsgroups, RSS feeds, address book and accounts. Read More

Flashify For Android Offers Easy Flashing, Recovery & Kernel Cloud Backup

If you're an avid Android user who frequently keeps flashing ROMS, tweaks, hacks and mods via ZIP files, you’d likely be aware of the hassles involved. You have to reboot your device and enter the recovery mode for the said purpose. While there are benefits to rooting your Android device and flashing all kinds of stuff to take it beyond what it can do in its stock form, it can be a tricky world for beginners. Flashify is an extremely useful app that allows you to flash boot images (kernels) and recovery images without having to go to recovery. In addition, you can also flash zip files using the app, and the phone will then reboot into recovery to perform the specific operation without any further input from you. If you have TWRP recovery installed, you can also use the app to flash multiple zip files in a batch, and wipe data, cache & Dalvik cache with the flashing. Flashify can also backup your device’s kernel and recovery to SD card or Dropbox, and restore it from there when required.Read More

Schedule Encrypted Backups On Android & Save To Dropbox With truBackup

A timely data backup can save you a lot of hassle. Android users have long been using NANDROID backups to make a ditto copy of their phone’s system and data storage to the device’s internal or external sdcard. These backups prove very useful in case you need to revert back to previous working state of your phone, especially if something goes wrong. However, NANDROID backups don’t let you store separate copies of each category of items, which means you cannot specifically backup or restore only your SMS, photos or applications separately. There are many solutions out there for this, Titanium Backup being the most famous, and truBackup is the latest one that you might like to give a try. This Android app works perfectly as advertised and lets you create as many backups as you want, allowing you to backup only the type of files you want, be it contacts, SMS, apps, or media files. Besides letting you store backups on internal/external storage, the app can save files straight to your Dropbox account as well.Read More

Easily Back Up Files On Windows Complete With Directory Structure

They say it’s better safe than sorry. They say it’s advisable to backup your important files from time to time. But what ‘they’ usually overlook is the fact that backup tools, although genuinely useful, can be quite tedious to use for many, and some of them often contain plethora of settings that overwhelm the casual user. But since there are always ways around most computer problems, there’s a way around this one too. If you've been looking for a simple, easy to use backup tool without a steep learning curve or complicated configuration, try TSR Backup. The application lets you create backups of files and folders to any location you want. It doesn't boast any complex features, nor does it have an intricate design; instead, it focuses on being extremely easy to install and use.Read More

Easy Finder Is An Android Anti-Theft App With Remote Contacts Backup

Hop on to Google Play Store and you will find plenty of security apps designed to track your smartphone. Fresh out of the oven in this genre is NQ Mobile Easy Finder. While still being in beta, this Android app does a marvelous job of tracking your device if gets lost or stolen. The app can track your device, wipe any data stored on it, remotely snap a photo from its camera and email it to you, and more. It can also additionally back up your contacts. You can control the lost phone via your web browser by signing up for an NQ Mobile account. Read More

FullSync Is A Comprehensive Backup & Sync Solution for Local & FTP Storage

A few months ago, one of my friends lost his steadily working hard drive, which happened to be quite a disaster on him, for not only he had to shell out money on a new one but even worse, he lost all his data as well. When I asked him about any file backups he might have created, what I got in return were those skeptical glances. This is just one of the many such scenarios people often face by not backing up their data in a timely fashion. But if you think that creating backups is a tedious chore, you won’t do so anymore after using FullSync. It’s an open-source application that makes file backups a breeze by letting you create backup profiles, using which you can either automate the whole thing by scheduling the task, or manually executing it whenever needed. It boasts a host of features and lets you create backup to remote locations using FTP, schedule its operations, and perform two-way folder-to-folder synchronization as well.Read More

Export Twitter DMs, Mentions, Tweets & More To A Document With twDocs

Twitter is undoubtedly the most popular micro-blogging platform on the planet. Back in December 2012, the bird chirping social network introduced an option to users download an archive of all their tweets to their local drive, and it received positive response from users. Although not something really groundbreaking as there were a few services already offering this, it’s a handy feature nonetheless. twDocs is another web app that allows you to download not just your own tweets, but also tweets from people you follow. In addition, it can download your favorite tweets, mentions, direct messages you sent or received, search results and so on. The app can save this content in a number of different formats such as PDF, DOC, HTML, XML, TXT, XLS or CSV.Read More