DiskCryptor: An Easy-To-Use Alternative To TrueCrypt And BitLocker

Those of you who use TrueCrypt or Bitlocker Drive Encryption would be very much familiar with how disk encryption software work. These applications provide one click data encryption to a whole partition or disk drive, keeping your data safe from prying eyes. Both of the aforementioned software contain a slew of features, and may even be called as best in the business. However, the steep learning curve may prevent most folks from using them. A rather easier solution you can try is DiskCryptor. This tool, as its name implies, is an easy to use drive encryption/decryption. Its user-friendly interface isn’t the only thing that left me impressed, but the advanced encryption algorithms are also something to praise, such as AES, Twofish, Serpent, AES-Twofish, and so on. It can help you encrypt your hard drive, thumb drive, as well as an optical drive within a few clicks. The application also supports keyfiles for a full-fledged disk encryption. As oppose to TrueCrypt, which backs up the whole drive - irrespective of the fact that how much data is stored - DiskCryptor would only backup the area where data is stored, proving to be a handsome time-saver. Does it fare well with other similar applications of its class? Let’s find out.Read More

How To Backup Files To BitLocker-Enabled Virtual Hard Disk [Beginner’s Guide]

Microsoft’s VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) format is widely used to contain and run guest operating systems using Microsoft virtualization software, MS Virtual PC. Unlike previous versions of Windows, Windows 7 natively supports creating and mounting virtual hard disk using Disk Management utility. Not only does it create MBR partitions, it also allow creating GUID partition on VHD to store large amount of data. With Windows 7, you no longer need an additional tool to attach VHD files for accessing virtual hard disk data and backing up files and folders to virtual hard disk file. When you attach a virtual hard disk file, you can access and modify its content just like the way you use physical hard drive’s volumes. Since Windows 7 provides all disk-related features with attached virtual hard drive, you can use it as a secured backup storage. In this post, we will guide you through the process of creating a virtual hard disk and encrypting it with BitLocker to securely backup files and folders.Read More

BLDU v1.2 Can Now Lock All Bitlocker Unlocked Drives In Windows 7

Back in August, we released Bitlocker Drives Unlocker to unlock all BitLocker drives without having to unlock them one by one manually. Today, we are releasing version 1.2 of BitLocker Drives Unlocker, also called BLDU. Apart from some under the hood changes and code improvement, it includes two drive locking options; Lock and Lock All. Now you can lock all of your BitLocker drives which have been unlocked, without going through the hassle of locking them one by one using manage-bde lock command in Windows Command Prompt.Read More

BitLocker Drives Unlocker [AddictiveTips Apps]

If you use BitLocker Drive Encryption to encrypt and secure multiple local drives in Windows 7, you will be frustrated by the process of unlocking all drives one by one. One has to open individual local drives and enter their respective passwords to unlock them. This is both a cumbersome and tiresome user experience. Shouldn't there be an easier method where it requires users to enter passwords for the local drives and then unlock them with just one click? What if more than one drive has the same password? Do you really want to enter the same password multiple times to unlock all drives?What about locking the drives after unlocking them? Windows 7 does not provide any easy option to lock the drives. Users have to lock the drives one by one via the command line.Read More

Windows 7 Security: What’s New ?

Microsoft is very confident in boasting that Windows 7 is the one of the safest operating systems. Windows 7 has enhanced many features from Windows Vista, some noteworthy improvements have been made to Windows 7's Security. Lets see what’s new in Windows 7 security.Read More

Protect Your Drives With BitLocker Drive Encryption In Windows 7

There are so many ways in which you can stop unauthorized access to your computer but what if some one steals your hard drive? Windows 7 has a solution to this problem. BitLocker is a full disk encryption utility which was originally introduced in Windows Vista Enterprise edition and now it has been implemented in Windows 7 with some enhanced options like  USB drive encryption. It has now become very easy to protect your drives and even in case of stolen or lost disk your data will not be accessible to the unauthorized person.Read More