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BitLocker Drives Unlocker [AddictiveTips Apps]

If you use BitLocker Drive Encryption to encrypt and secure multiple local drives in Windows 7, you will be frustrated by the process of unlocking all drives one by one. One has to open individual local drives and enter their respective passwords to unlock them. This is both a cumbersome and tiresome user experience. Shouldn’t there be an easier method where it requires users to enter passwords for the local drives and then unlock them with just one click? What if more than one drive has the same password? Do you really want to enter the same password multiple times to unlock all drives?

What about locking the drives after unlocking them? Windows 7 does not provide any easy option to lock the drives. Users have to lock the drives one by one via the command line.


Meet BitLocker Drives Unlocker (BLDU), a portable app we are releasing to the public free of charge that makes it easier to unlock and lock your BitLocker encrypted drives in Windows 7. All drives locked with BitLocker are listed on the main interface, just enter their passwords and hit Unlock. To lock the drives, select one from the drop-down list (at the bottom of the window) and hit Lock. Or just click Lock All to lock all drives together. It’s that simple! If you have same password for all drives, tick the Same password for all checkbox. You can also run it on system startup. In short, BitLocker Drives Unlocker is the fastest way to unlock and lock your Bitlocker encrypted drives.

BitLocker Drives Unlocker has been tested on both Windows 7 x86 (32-bit) and x64 (64-bit) systems.

Platform: Windows 7 (32/64-bit)
Requirement: .Net Framework 3.5 (already included in Windows 7)
Price: Free

Download BLDUv1.2


v1.2 – Added support for locking Bitlocker unlocked drives. Read review here.

v1.1 – Changed name from BitLocker Drive Unlocker to BitLocker Drives Unlocker.

v1.0 – Original Release

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