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4shared Sync – Manage & Sync 4shared Uploads Across Multiple Platforms

4shared is a popular file sharing service that allows users to store, manage, and share files with others with a facility to search files by different parameters from huge 4shared public archive. If you’ve been uploading and managing your files from the website, 4shared Sync will help you easily add, remove upload, and organize your archives without having to login to 4shared website. With 4shared Sync, all you need to do is to enter your login details to view and sync your files across all 4shared Sync configured systems. Moreover, 4shared sync application is available for numerous OS platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Symbian, iOS, Blackberry and Android.

Once the application is installed, it will sit in system tray, enabling you to open 4shared folder to sync and organize your uploads. Before your start moving your files and folders, enter the 4shared login details to let it automatically synchronize previously uploaded files with defined local location. 4shared Sync application imitates Dropbox application like sync behavior; when you move files to local 4shared folder, it immediately starts syncing with your account.

4shared 1

Sync logs are maintained in real-time. This will enable you to keep tracks of files and folders which have been successfully uploaded to your account. The Synchronization History window accessible from system tray menu shows all the files with date and time stamps, system name, and parameter and value of each uploaded file.


When used for the first time, it’s advisable to verify your uploads from 4shared web UI. If it doesn’t show your uploads at first, try refreshing the page to view recently uploaded files.

uploads 2

The Preferences window can be accessed from system tray menu. It allows you to change the default 4shared local folder, unjoin the current account to set up another, set upload and download bandwidth, and specify proxy server details.

4shared 2

4shared Sync has certainly made syncing and organizing 4shared file across multiple platforms a lot easier.  We believe that it’s a must-have application for those who heavily use 4shared account to store and share files and folders with their fellow users.

Download 4shared Sync

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