How To Disable YouTube Advertisements In Firefox, Chrome And Opera

We have all come across the annoying advertisements that pop-up while we are watching a video on You Tube. It is obviously far more convenient to simply block these annoying advertisements by default rather than having to cross them out each time they appear. Following are the extensionsfor Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera that will help you get rid of these irritating YouTube ads. Read More

Quickly Hide Your Browsing Sessions With underBrowser

Are you in an environment where you need to be constantly on the guard regarding your browsing activities? Perhaps an office or university where you want to be in control of who sees what you’re seeing over the internet, or maybe you’re browsing some private data that you want to keep away from prying eyes without losing your browsing session? Look no further then, because we bring you the underBrowser! Read More

Browse Online Videos Socially From Desktop

With the advents in all kinds of social media, video sharing has become more and more popular. Take Facebook’s video sharing for example, it has become so easy to find and share videos of your liking with your friends and family. Even the most popular video hosting services like YouTube, Metacafe,, etc seem focused on bringing any user ‘recommended’ content based on the user’s viewing preferences. Read More

Remove Unwanted Toolbars From Your System

Browser toolbars can become a real nuisance. Not only do they add clutter but also hijack your search engine, browser homepage, etc, and some are persistent enough not to let it get changed again. Then there are those who do not bring any useful functionality at all, except reducing the browser’s own speed as well as consuming internet bandwidth. When these toolbars are removed, they often leave behind traces, not getting entirely uninstalled from your system. Read More

Chrometric – Browser For The Color Blind [Vision Deficient]

According to Wikipedia, color blindness is more frequent than people know. People can have some degree of color vision deficiency and not realize it throughout their lives. This may affect various aspects of life; stopping at traffic lights, reading stock charts, and ever online browsing experience. You may not be seeing what the developer of a website intended you to see, because your eyes cannot differentiate. Read More

Post Sticky Notes On Web Pages In Google Chrome

There are several handy note taking applications that you may use universally throughout your PC. Some are accessible through the system tray, some through keyboard shortcuts or any other method. But what if you want to take some note, and keep it, while browsing? Surely, you can use the native PC applications, but it can be cumbersome to remember which note went with what web page, and what part of the page. Read More

Top 6 Random Useful Greasemonkey Scripts [Firefox]

Greasemonkey scripts may prove to be highly useful and can change the entire browsing experience for a user. They change the way your browser behaves or displays content, and the enhancements offered by some are really addictive. These days, with the explosive growth of Firefox add-ons, there may be many that combine the functions of several scripts, yet the power of the scripts running cannot be ignored. Hence we bring to you our top six picks in Greasemonkey scripts that can alter your browsing experience, hopefully for good. Read More

Opera 10 Final Available For Download

Opera 10 is getting the final touches before it is officially launched in a couple of days. Opera development team is working on the final version of Opera 10 to  make it available worldwide. The final version is already available on the Opera site from where it can be downloaded. The final announcement is expected in the coming days. Opera has probably launched more versions than any other popular browsers. So you can expect a stable, more reliable, secure and sleek browsing experience with Opera 10. Read More

Backup And Restore Your Browser Settings With FavBackup

If you are looking for some good tool to backup your browser settings then your search should end with the FavBackup utility. It is a free backup and restore utility which lets you backup and restore your browser's settings quickly. It supports almost all popular browsers like IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Chrome. The interesting fact is that from now on you won't need a separate backup utility for each browser. Read More

Tweak And Optimize Firefox Speed With FireTune

You can either configure the Firefox settings manually or use FireTune. The difference is 30 minutes or more. Instead of having to tweak settings in ‘about:config’ manually, just provide FireTune with some basic details such as CPU speed and Internet Speed, and it will optimize your Firefox based on such input.

Note: Make sure you have made the backup of Firefox configuration before tweaking it with this tool. Backup and Restoration of original configuration can be made from within this tool.

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Change Your Default Browser In A Single Click

If you are a web developer or just another addicted internet user, using multiple browsers makes sense. Not all features that you want can be found in one browser, so how will you make another browser as your default. Just a note to the beginners, when you make any browser as default all links are then opened using the that browser.

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Powerful Lan Browser To Browse Computers, Shares And Printers On Your Local Network

Lan Explorer is a free tool for Windows that lets you browse all aspects of your local area network. Everything from Computers to Shared Folders and Printers are presented clearly. The bottom area is split into two windows, where one is your local computer while the other shows the remote computer. The files that are being transferred are shown in the last window at the bottom. The main layout is a bit similar to that of FileZilla FTP.

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What is Opera Turbo Mode And How To Enable It?

Introduction to Opera Turbo Mode

Opera Turbo Mode is a new feature in Opera 10 Browser that allows a page to load much faster by compressing the image. When this mode is enabled, Opera’s servers will compress the images and other graphic elements from a webpage and send them to your browser, resulting in a faster load time. It is suitable for those users who are using a slow internet connection, such as dial-up or are using a crowded Wi-Fi connection.

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How To Split Your Firefox Screen To Make Space For More Content

If you use Firefox and are looking to increase your productivity, then this tip is for you. Split Browser is a free add-on for Firefox that splits your screen to make space for more content. It is suitable for those users who have large screens, i.e screens larger than 19” or those who have high desktop resolutions.

Note: Split Browser is quite an old Firefox add-on, I am reviewing it here for those users who haven't heard about it before and for for those who don’t know how to use it.

It only splits the content area, not the whole browser. You can open tabs in new content window, just right-click the tab, select ‘Split Tab To’ and then select the area where you would like to split.

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How To Share Files In Your Amazon S3 Account By Creating Public URLs

Many developers use Amazon S3 to store data, but you can actually use it for sharing large files with your friends and by large I mean, file of any size. S3 Browser is an Amazon S3 client which you can use to download and upload files from your account easily.  It also allows you to organize your Amazon S3 buckets and files, apart from that you can also set access controls. One great feature is to automatically create public URLs to share files, this can come handy if you use Amazon S3 frequently.

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