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Select Which Browser Gmail Opens Links In On Your iPhone

Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are three of the most popular browsers available for iOS.  Because iOS is a closed and restricted system, you usually end up using Safari. Apps like Twitter and Facebook have their own built-in browsers but any time an app needs to open a link and it doesn’t have a built-in browser, you are forced to use Safari. Gmail for iOS has long had the ability to circumvent this. All links that you open in Gmail automatically open in Chrome if you have it installed on your system. A recent update to Gmail has now added the ability to select the browser Gmail opens links in. It’s also added a feature that lets you select a browser each time you tap a link. Here’s how to set it up.

You must be running Gmail v5.0.7 to use this feature. Open Gmail and tap the hamburger button at the top left to open the navigation drawer. Scroll to the very bottom and tap Settings.

Select Default Browser

On the Settings screen, tap ‘Google Apps’. The Google Apps screen now has two options to choose from; Chrome and Safari. Tap whichever one it is you want to use. Gmail, unfortunately, hasn’t added support for Firefox.

gmail-ios-settings gmail-ios-browser

Set Always Ask

If you use both Chrome and Safari, you can set Gmail to always ask which browser a link should be opened in each time you tap a link. In the Gmail app, go to Settings>Google Apps and turn On the ‘Ask me which app to use every time’ switch. When you tap a link in an email, you will see a menu that lets you select which browser Gmail should open the link in.

gmail-browser-ask gmail-select-browser

There is likewise similar support for which Maps app Gmail opens. By default, it uses Google Maps but you can set it to use Waze or Apple’s own Maps app from this very same screen.

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