Search Plus: Search Tabs By Keywords & Sort Them By Title, URL & Time [Chrome]

One of the bigger nuisances associated with working with a large number of tabs, is the tab handles getting squeezed so close together that favicons disappear. Then, at other times, you might want to quickly search a word or phrase across all opened tabs, close a set of tabs or shift existing tabs into a new window. Search Plus is a browser extension for Chrome that offers you a set of useful features that improve your tabbed browsing experience. The extension acts like a search engine for the tabs that you have open. It helps to find the tabs you’re looking for provided you can enter the name of the site you are looking for. Search is done across windows so it matters little which window a tab is open in. The extension will let you preform various operations, such as search a specific text string through all tabs, collect tabs into a single window, insert text to the titles of tabs, capture images from tabs and more. Read More

Plus Comments: View Google+ Discussions For Any Web Page [Chrome]

Want to find out what people think about websites that you often visit? Plus Comments lets you view what others are saying about a particular website on Google+. With it, you can also see which Google+ users have shared content that you often browse. As you surf the web, an icon will appear in the URL bar linking you to discussions between Google+ users about that particular page. The extension collects and organizes social media content from Google+ and displays it in a compact pop-up. When you click an item, you will be redirected to the associated share on Google+. You can then read comments on the shares and add your own thoughts to the thread. Read More

Totalizer: Run Spreadsheet Functions On Tables In HTML Websites [Chrome]

Totalizer, a useful Chrome extension, provides you with the option to perform arithmetic functions on table columns within HTML-based websites. The extension can specially come in handy if you're working on some stats and want to quickly preform some basic spreadsheet functions for table columns. Some of the functions that can be applied are, Sum, Average, Min and Max. Apart from these, you can also exclude a given cell or row and use the Clear option to remove a function. The extension is easy-to-use; all you have to do is click the button in the toolbar, right-click on a table column, and select a function from the context menu. As soon as a function is selected, results are instantly calculated and displayed at the bottom of the column. That’s how simple it is! Read More

Block Certain Channels From Appearing In YouTube Suggestions List [Chrome]

While listening to music or watching our favorite videos on YouTube, we often get distracted by the related or suggested videos in the sidebar. While we can always choose to ignore those, there might be one persistent enough to make you lose focus and skip to that video instead of what you were watching. While getting distracted is not as big of a nuisance, if you get tired of misleading thumbnails or titles, then RE:Channel Blocker, a Chrome extension, is what you need. This neat utility lets you block videos from unwanted channels of your choice hat keep appearing in the Suggestions list. It gives you a nice way to filter out videos from particular channels that can ruin your YouTube experience. Read More

Handy Maps: Quickly Access Google Maps Through The Chrome Toolbar

When it comes to finding routes and destinations, getting directions and virtually exploring a location, Google Maps need no introduction. However, should you want to speed up the process of finding directions, addresses or popular places and get relevant information without opening a website, then Handy Maps is a Chrome extension that would interest you for certain. The extension lets you make quick searches through the Chrome toolbar and displays Google Maps in a handy pop-up. It lets you search for just about anything – address, city, country, streets etc, and you can also get a street view right within the pop-up. Read More

View Images & Articles Within Reddit By Hovering Over Their Links [Chrome]

Normally, whenever you want to take a better look at a particular image or link on Reddit, you have to open it in a new tab, and then switch tabs in order to return to the main page, which is neither convenient nor efficient. Seeit!, a Chrome extension, solves this common problem by providing you with preview capabilities for Reddit. The extension adds a button to the URL bar for all Reddit pages, and allows you to view images and read articles in a scrollable, resizable pop-up window by hovering over their links. Not only does it let you access content on the same page, but also lets you minimize interesting images/articles to the bottom of the website, so you can return to them at a later time. Read More

Streamified: Merge All Your Social & RSS Feeds With Google+ [Chrome]

It's always more convenient if, instead of opening social media websites in multiple windows or tabs, you're allowed to view all your social network feeds and updates from one central location. Streamified is an extension for Chrome that gives you an overview of your social networks as well as RSS feeds within Google+. It saves you the trouble of having to visit each social media website by letting you view all the activity from a single window. The extension supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram & Google Reader; feeds from all these networks and services can be added to your Google+ stream. This will not only simplify the process of sharing images and links with others, but also allow you to quickly update your status across all selected social media accounts. In short, Streamified provides a one-stop solution to keep tabs on all important social media feeds. More after the break. Read More

We Love Deals: Get Alerts For Price Changes On Amazon [Chrome]

Amazon is one of the leading names in online retail and since it delivers in different parts of the world, it’s an excellent service to use if you want to send a surprise gift to someone outside the country. Amazon isn’t just great for buying but also a good place to hunt for discounts and deals. The only trouble is, the number of items is large that you can’t possibly keep up with all the deals. At the same time, not all deals are important for you but you won’t know that unless you see it and that means a ton of browsing. If you're always looking for deals and ways to save cash while shopping online but don’t really have that much time to invest, then We Love Deals is what you need. This nifty little Chrome extension lets you find the latest deals on Amazon by displaying them with image thumbnails and price details, in a slick pop-up. If you like a deal or product, you can click its link to view or purchase it on Amazon. Each deal comes with a title, price, percentage off, date/time and category details. Additionally, the extension's button displays a count to alert you when new deals are added to Amazon. Read More

Select Multiple Gmail Messages via Mouse Click & Drag In Chrome

Gmail brought a lot of innovation to email, especially with its search features. However, one thing that remains traditional (akin to contemporary email services) is the method for selecting multiple messages, whereby requiring you to manually tick each check box for performing a batch action on multiple message threads/conversations. Click-n-Drag Checkbox For Gmail is an extension that aims to change that by letting you click and drag to select a bunch of items. This Chrome extension allows you to check/uncheck multiple checkboxes by clicking and dragging your mouse over their check marks. It is the perfect solution for selecting multiple emails in Gmail, especially when you don’t want to delete all of them. After you've installed the extension, click a checkbox and drag your mouse upwards or downwards to select a range of messages. This handy tool actually toggles the checkboxes, so it will check any conversation that is unchecked and vice versa. Read More

Schedule Google+ Posts For A Later Time With Do Share [Chrome]

Scheduling posts on social networks can lead to many benefits, and may have multiple uses. For instance, you may want to schedule a tweet announcing the launch of something important to you, or a Facebook post to wish your loved ones happy birthday. For the two most popular social media services, Twitter and Facebook, several tools exist that allow you to do just that. Unfortunately, one can't say the same for Google+. You'd be hard pressed to find similar solutions for the social network. If you're still looking for one, try Do Share. This smart Chrome extension helps you write Google+ posts, save them as drafts or schedule them for a later time. You can format posts, share drafts or delete them as well. Posts can be shared with specific circles, which can be added by clicking the +Add more people option within the extension. Also, note that as the network does not have a full API yet, the extension uses a method to automatically log in to your Google+ profile in the background to post scheduled messages. So, for the extension to be able to do so, you'll need to have your computer and browser running, and yourself logged in to Google+. Read More

Save Products From Any Online Store To Your Personal Shopping Cart [Chrome]

Impulse is a Chrome extension that puts you in control of your online shopping by letting you save and access products from any website. With Impulse, you can save items from various websites, store them in your personal shopping cart, make wishlists and share them with your friends. After you’ve installed the extension, you will notice that an expandable sidebar has been added to your browser. Next, all you have to do is drag & drop product images from any retailer to the impulse sidebar to save it, along with its title, image and price details, as well as a link back to the product's original location. With it, you will no longer have to return to a website and search for a product you’ve already liked or wanted to purchase. Impulse lets you grab products from all over the web and take them with you as you shop online. Read More

Generate Up To 64-Color RGB & HEX Palettes From Any Image [Chrome]

For web designers, one of the most daunting tasks is coming up with a color scheme from scratch. In this regard, other well-developed websites and apps can prove to be a great source of inspiration. Then there may be times when you'd just want to locate the exact value for a particular shade? Palette For Chrome is an extension that lets you create as many as sixty four color palettes from an image that you like. You can then use the RGB or Hexadecimal values for your website design. The extension adds a Palette For Chrome option to the right-click context menu, which contain further sub-options in the form of Create 16-color palette, Create 24-color palette and Create 32-color palette. You will also find a Create custom palette option in the menu, which lets you move a slider to adjust the number of colors you want in your output. Read More

thinkery: One Place To Take Notes, Save Webpages & URLs For Later While Browsing

With the massive amount of information online, sometimes we just can't keep track of all important and interesting content that we come across. This is where thinkery can help you out. This handy web application makes life easier by letting you focus on the important content, and access it instantly at any later time. Basically, thinkery is a bookmarklet available for all browsers (and an extension for Chrome) that allows you to quickly capture anything that comes to your mind, and save content that you come across on the web for future reference. With it, you can quickly save all important URLs to your thinkery account. Moreover, it lets you access or edit your saved content in a super-fast way, with instant search and tags. Read More

Learn A New Language As You Browse The Web [Chrome]

Learning a new language is not an easy job, and can require a lot of effort. However, Language Immersion For Chrome aims to change that by providing you with a very easy and simple way to learn new words/phrases from a foreign language, as you browse the web. This nifty little extension switches certain words and phrases from English to a language of your choice on regular websites that you browse, letting you experience the language with a different perspective. With it, you can choose from a collection of sixty four languages currently supported by Google Translate. Novice, Intermediate and Fluent level settings control how much of the page is translated. For instance, when you select Fluent, entire sentences are translated, whereas the Novice option only translates a few phrases. Additionally, scrolling over a translated word or phrase lets you hear the pronunciation, and clicking the translation turns it back to English. More after the jump. Read More

GIF Scrubber: Media Player For Animated GIFs With Frame-By-Frame Scrubbing [Chrome]

Want to play GIF animations in different speeds, or extract some frames from them? GIF Scrubber is like a movie player for animated GIFs. Using this Chrome extension, you can play GIF animations with various speeds, and automatically scrub GIFs when they are opened. The extension's Options can be set to prevent the automatic starting and looping of animations. It also lets you use the Explode option to directly extract all frames from the GIF file, so you can easily save the frames that you want. Note that once the frames have been extracted, they cannot be downloaded all at once, but manually, one by one. Read More

Enjoy Clutter-Free Reading On The Web With InstaRead [Chrome, Firefox]

For someone who regularly reads online, be it articles, blogs, news websites, or even Wikipedia, chances are slim that Instapaper would be an unfamiliar name. The remarkable service goes a great distance to make your online reading experience enjoyable and smooth, removing all the clutter (ads, buttons, sidebars et all) and giving a customizable text and image view that goes easy on the reader's eyes. Instapaper offers a bookmarklet to achieve said purpose with ease, but if you are a user of Chrome or Firefox, InstaRead is perhaps a more convenient option. It's a browser extension/add-on that is built around the Instapaper bookmarklet, and enables its reading mode with just a click, making online reading much easier than it would've been otherwise. Furthermore, you may also customize the background color, font size and other attributes to your liking. Read More

Marginize Is Like Foursquare For Websites; Lets You Check In At & Comment On Any Site [Chrome]

Marginize is an innovative Chrome extension that acts as a hub for people to discuss websites. It adds a sidebar to the browser wherein users can check in at sites, view what others are saying about them and add their own comments. The extension even collects and organizes social media content (Tweets, Facebook updates, Google Buzz comments etc.) about a website within the sidebar. Another interesting facet is that users are awarded badges for check-ins. For example, a user who checks in the most at any particular website becomes the curator for that page. Sound familiar? That's right. The concept is very similar to that of location-based social network Foursquare and its 'Mayor' badge/title, awarded to users with the most frequent check-ins at a certain place. Read More

PasswordBox: Secure Online Password Vault & Manager [Chrome]

Passwords are perhaps the sole protectors of your identity in a lot of cases, and even more so when it comes to online accounts. We all have different passwords for our personal email, work email, Twitter, Facebook, Google accounts and what not, as using the same password for all services is practically suicide. On top of that, it's recommended that you regularly change your passwords, so they don't get compromised. Managing old passwords and remembering new ones can be a real pain, particularly if you use a lot of different services. This is where PasswordBox can help. This slick Chrome extension simplifies your life by keeping a record of all your login details, all protected by one master password, so in case you forget a password, you can always retrieve it with merely a couple of clicks. It even provides you with the option to set your passwords to be shared to an address of your choice in case something happens to you,. The extension comes with multiple categories, each having an extensive list of popular services. Another thing; if you're interested in giving PasswordBox a try, you should hurry on past the break and to the download link as the password manager will be absolutely free for the first million users. Read More

Instrumente: Format Text, Generate Random Passwords, Test Regex & More [Chrome]

Google Chrome comes with a nice set of developer tools built in that make your life easier, especially if you use the browser for a lot of developmental testing and debugging. However, there are also a number of extensions out there that let you add more features to the browser. One such extension is Instrumente that lets you perform multiple tasks, which would normally require you to switch between several applications. This extension offers a collection of tools that users - developers, in particular - might need once in a while, such as text converter, random password generator, regular expression tester, Grid calculator and more. The purpose is to save your time, by letting you perform all these tasks without leaving the browser. Read More

A Quicker Way To Find The Best Flights, Hotels & Travel Packages In Chrome [Extension]

Travel Deals Advanced Search is an extension for Chrome that uses the Wego travel search engine to help you find the perfect flights, hotels, activities, guides or travel packages for your needs. Instead of searching multiple services and visiting a multitude of apps, this single 5-tab widget helps you find the perfect travel deals with just a couple of clicks, be it an airline ticket to Bangkok, or a hotel room for two in London. Not only does the app provide you with a comprehensive flight searching and filtering model for your trips, but also lets you discover entertaining activities. Moreover, the built-in price comparison and destination suggestions let you save a lot of time. Read More