Browse The Web Without Actually Having To Click Any Links [Chrome]

Oddly enough, Repetitive Stress Injury, or RSI, can also develop through extensive clicking of the mouse. While gamers are generally more prone to such a condition, people who extensively use computers have also complained of RSI. If you're a regular web surfer and use Chrome, Click-Free Browsing is is an extension that takes of the clicking burden for surfing the internet. It lets you scroll pages and follow links without actually clicking anything. Click-Free Browsing adds fixed navigation controls to the right hand-side of the page that give you fast scrolling capabilities and speedier browsing. You can just hover your mouse over these controls to easily scroll the page, simulate the back/forward buttons, and for navigating through links, just place the mouse over the navigation icons displayed alongside the links, and you will be automatically redirected to the target page. More after the break. Read More

Account Bookmarks: Keep Track Of All Web Services That You’ve Signed Up For [Chrome]

Managing each online account and keeping track of login information becomes a difficult task, especially when you've signed up for quite a wide range of online services. For this reason, users opt in for online account managers like LastPass, that help manage all online accounts from their account vault. I've personally signed up for numerous online services, ranging from social media websites, email services, productivity apps and so on, and obviously, I have to keep track of each online service I've signed up for. If you don’t use an online account password manager, but are looking for a way to assist you in tracking all your online accounts, then Account Bookmarks may help. It's a web extension for Chrome that automatically bookmarks all your login accounts, so that you can easily remember the websites that you’ve signed up for. Read More

Bundle This! For Bundlr: Clip, Collect & Share Web Content [Chrome]

If you love to organize your favorite web content in one place, then you might've heard about Bundlr, an online service that allows you to organize web content in one place for easy access. It was basically developed to help users select relevant multimedia content and share it with friends and colleagues. Bundle This! is a Chrome extension that helps you create bundles and share web content using Bundlr. You need to have an account with the service. An account can be created using your Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus account. You need to log in to the service before the extension will start responding, or so it seems as per our tests. Read More

Google Offers For Chrome: Discover & Share Hot Deals In Your Area [Extension]

There are various applications and websites out there that can help you discover the best deals in your area, but wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to go through a multitude of apps to find the best deals? Google Offers is a deal-of-the-day web service from Google that lets users find and buy best deals in their local areas. There is now an official extension for Google Chrome called Google Offers that helps you quickly find the best, latest deals. The extension displays latest product/service offers in a slick pop-up with large thumbnails for each deal. Using this extension, you will never miss a deal, whether they're from Google or any of Google's partners, including Gilt City, kgbdeals and zozi. If you like a deal and think your friends might also be interested in it, you can share it on social media websites Read More

Hide Menus And Links On Wikipedia To Improve Readability [Chrome]

Wikipedia is a free, collaborative internet encyclopedia that has become the largest and most popular general reference work on the internet. Whenever we need to look up information regarding a topic, most of us directly go to Wikipedia. While it provides us with accurate, detailed information about almost anything, the large number of links in articles can clutter the website, which can also be a source of distraction. Beautipedia Modified, Chromified is a Chrome extension that solves this issue by restyling Wikipedia into a more readable and attractive site. The extension removes all the extra content, such as the left menu and other options displayed at the top of the page. Moreover, it transforms the links and makes them less distracting. Read More

Faviconize Google: Add Favicons Next To Google Search Results [Chrome]

Google is the most widely used search engine and we all love it, but sometimes finding the right link from the unending list of results can be quite boring. Most users give up after the first three pages and try a different search phrase but the fact is that there may be multiple credible sources of information on a particular topic and they can’t all fit on the first three result pages. Faviconize Google is a Chrome extension that enhances your Google search results by adding favicons of the target website next to each search result.  Not only does the extension add some life to the dull results page, but these favicons make it easier to browse through search results, allowing you to instantly recognize credible websites. Faviconize is a tiny but handy utility that lets you save both time and effort while you browse Google search results. Read More

Clipular: Capture & Catalog Parts Of Websites As Clippings & Bookmarks [Chrome]

Rather then copying or downloading images, text, links and other content manually when browsing, you're better off with Clipular, a Chrome extension that lets you pick tools such as scissors, camera and a clipboard so you can cut and paste the web in a new, fast and elegant way. You can use Clipular to collect and bookmark anything, such as a specific comments, photos, paragraphs from an article, or a screenshot of the entire webpage, for later viewing. Clipular lets you pick your scissors, camera and clipboard with a click, just like how you reach for those on your desk. Once you’ve clipped a part of a page or taken a screenshot, the clippings are saved and displayed with auto-generated titles and source links. You can then click these source links and view content at a later time. Moreover, quick notes and tags can be added to each clip, without any pop-ups or interruptions. Note that all links are encrypted for security and privacy. Read More

Dualless: Split Chrome Windows Into Two By Different Ratios

There are times when you may want to view two websites at the same time, for instance, if you want to compare two pages or simply want to read an article and watch a video side by side. Dual monitor setups can be quite useful in such a case, but what if you don’t have one? If you want to simulate the environment of a dual monitor for multi tasking or for other viewing purposes, then Dualless is a Chrome extension that splits your browser window into two, with a ratio defined according to your needs. The extension utilizes the space and moves the current browser tab as a new window, changing its size and position together with the original window. Dualless offers users with six different ratios for splitting the screen, 7:3, 6:4, 5:5, 4:6, 3:7 and 1. The extension can be perfect for people who don’t have a dual-monitor setup but want to achieve similar functionality. Read More

Link Finder: Navigate Links On A Website Using Keyboard [Chrome]

Link Finder, a Chrome extension, allows fast, mouse-free navigation for links and provides alternatives to actions that are traditionally performed via the mouse, such as clicking, scrolling and more. Link Finder can be specially useful if you are familiar with links on a website, or are using a notebook/netbook. The extension provides you with a simple way to navigate websites that have loads of textual hyperlinks. All you have to do is hit the apostrophe (‘) button and type the text of a link that you wish to find or follow, and simply press Enter to go the particular link, or hit Esc to abort the process. Additionally, you can change the Search Delay and Finder timeout options from Settings. You can also set shortcuts for various actions, such as toggle find box, close find box and more. This extension can especially come in handy for users who don’t have a mouse and only have access to a keyboard. Read More

‘Google Reader Inline’ Pulls Full Text For Truncated Feeds [Chrome]

Won't it be great if you could read full-text feeds within Google reader, without having to open all those extra tabs? Google Reader is a popular RSS and Atom feed reader that displays partial content for certain feeds. In order to view full-content, you have to right-click the links and open them in new tabs. This process can not only be time consuming, but also causes the tab bar to get cluttered after a while. Google Reader Inline is a Chrome extension that makes things easier by converting truncated feeds into full ones automatically. It loads full-form articles within the Google Reader frame, so you no longer have to open new tabs to view full content. Moreover, you can even view the original article in a neat page that is overlaid the current one. You can then click anywhere outside the page to go back to your feeds. Read More

Replace YouTube Video Comments With Those From Facebook [Chrome]

YouTube is great for watching videos and listening to music, but the comments left on videos are often profane, impossible to understand or cat fights in the making. This is probably why so many users now hide or disable comments on videos. Facebook YouTube Comment is a Chrome extension that takes a different approach towards comments posted on YouTube videos; instead of removing them, the extension replaces them with comments from Facebook. While Facebook comments aren’t the most intellectual conversation you can find online, they are, nevertheless, better than the ones on YouTube. With this extension, you will be able to actually enjoy reading comments on YouTube videos. It adds comments from users all around the world, which connects you with the great videos talked about on Facebook, making it possible for you to see what people on Facebook are talking about. Read More

Save & Send Multiple Tabs To Any Email Address [Chrome]

There are many extensions out there that allow you save or bookmark all your open tabs, so you can access them at a later time, but Save & Email My Tabs offers something more. This Chrome extension, as the name implies, lets you enter an email ID in a pop-up, so you can send a bunch of tabs with only a click or two. Normally, you would have to open your email in a new tab, sign in, and then copy-paste the entire list of links, which not only requires unnecessary steps, but can also be quite complex. Save & Email My Tabs is a one-click solution to what would normally take a little time to accomplish. While it may not be for everybody, it's a really great extension if you keep a lot of tabs open and often want to send large amounts of content to someone else. Read More

CloudMagic: Unified Real-Time Search For Twitter, Gmail, Contacts, Google Docs & More [Extension]

CloudMagic is a Chrome and Firefox extension that lets you search across multiple services, such as Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, Docs, Twitter and more. The extension lets you speedily search all your registered services and presents unified results. It also offers instant email message previews, as well as drag-and-drop feature for search results. CloudMagic lists relevant tweets, emails, docs, calendar events and contacts instantly as you type, and works across multiple services. Moreover, the Quick Preview feature allows you to quickly view and copy data from existing emails while composing new ones. The extension is easy-to-use and integrates seamlessly with your Gmail and Twitter interface. Read More

Flashify: Quickly Switch From Chrome To Another Browser To View Flash Content [Android]

Chrome for Android debuted in February this year, and has since been lauded by many as the best Android web browser in the Google Play Store courtesy of its highly innovative and extensive set of features. True, it is still only available to the tiny portion of Android users rocking Ice Cream Sandwich or higher on their devices, but as Google’s latest OS expands its reach to more and more devices, and developers strive harder to create ICS-based custom ROMs, the browser might grow to become the default web browser for a vast majority of users. Though, when that happens, one gripe that we are most certain to hear is the browser’s lack of support for Flash. This brings us to the question at hand: how to enjoy Flash content on your Android phone while using Chrome as your default web browser? Nightshade Labs seem to have come up with a rather effective solution in the form of Flashify. Read More

Perform Website & Domain Specific Web Search Using Chrome Omnibar

At times, it can happen that the search bar doesn't get prominently integrated in a website’s design and becomes difficult to locate, while there may be other websites that don’t even offer one. Searching for content on such websites can be a quite difficult or time consuming task. So, if you want to get rid of this problem and make searching more efficient in Chrome, then you can use Site Search Using Keyword. This is a useful Chrome extension that lets you quickly search terms through the omnibox on almost any website. The extension is specially designed for websites that lack a search bar and provide users with no way to search for their desired terms. With it, you can can perform domain search without using search bar. Note that the related results from your current domain are displayed using the Google search engine. Read More

eBay Box: Search Items By Filters & Save Queries For Later [Chrome]

With several popular online shopping sites, it has become easier for people to search for the products they want. While eBay is one of the most popular online shopping sites where numerous products are sold and purchased, it does have some unnecessary clutter, such as ads, welcome message and other related content, all of which can cause you to get distracted from searching for your desired item. eBay Box provides you with the simpler way to search for items on different eBay sites. This chrome extension helps you get more out of your buying or selling by letting you filter products on basis of location, price, category, item condition and sort order options. With it, you can save search results and filter products available in your country. If you like shopping for a variety of goods on eBay and want to quickly search for different items available in your country, then you will find this extension quite useful. Read More

Save Web Content Directly To Dropbox & Google Docs, Or Convert To PDF

When you have to save content from websites to cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Docs, you first have to download it from the web, save it to your local system, and then upload it to the cloud. This whole process is not only complicated, but also quite time consuming. This is where CleanSave, a Chrome extension, comes to the rescue. With it, you can move and save files directly from the web to your cloud-based accounts, like Google Docs and Dropbox. Not only does it allow you to upload content to these services, but you can also edit and convert webpages to PDF or simply print them. Before you can upload something, you have to, of course, log-in to the specific cloud service and authenticate Clean Save to send content to it. Read More

Get iOS-Like Smooth Scrolling With Full Customizations In Chrome

If you dislike the way your Chrome browser moves the pages up and down in little jumps, then Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller is a Chrome extension that deserves your attention. It makes scrolling webpages a beautiful and smooth experience, implementing iOS-like kinetic scroll. With it, you can fine tune the mouse scrolling and smoothness, so that it becomes more comfortable to navigate lengthy websites. Smooth Scrolling reduces strain on your eyes and prevents you from getting disoriented. The extension automatically becomes active on all webpages, and you can easily change the Step Size, Smoothness, Smoothness (Forepart) and Acceleration Sensitivity options from the extension’s Properties. Read More

New Chrome Beta Syncs Open Tabs Across All Devices, Including Android

Up till now, Chrome allowed its users to sync the browser’s history, passwords, extensions, themes and settings, but with the latest Chrome Beta, when you're signed into Chrome, the tabs you have open on one device are available on all your other linked devices, too. To access open tabs on all your devices, simply click the Other devices option on the New Tab page, and with a click, you will be able to open tabs and migrate the tabs' back/forward navigation history, so you can start browsing right from where you left off. Moreover, if you use Chrome for Android Beta, the tab will also be available on your phone. The only requirement for syncing tabs is to sign in to your Google account. Note that all synchronization options are enabled by default, and data is stored in encrypted form on Google servers, protected by the user’s Google account password. Read More

Window Tiler: Arrange Multiple Chrome Windows Into Non-Overlapping Tiles

To compare multiple webpages side by side, or to refer to something in one tab or window and type about it in another can be quite difficult, as you have to constantly switch tabs or windows. Sometimes, multi tasking can be a pain, specially when you’ve got to three or four websites open and need to access them all at the same time. This is where Window Tiler, a Chrome extension, comes in handy. This smart tool organizes windows on the screen into multiple non-overlapping tiles, with only a click or two. The extension adds a button to the toolbar that automatically arranges all your windows to occupy your screen, so all of them are visible. By creating these panels, you can browse two or more sites at once, side by side. Read More