Perform Website & Domain Specific Web Search Using Chrome Omnibar

At times, it can happen that the search bar doesn't get prominently integrated in a website’s design and becomes difficult to locate, while there may be other websites that don’t even offer one. Searching for content on such websites can be a quite difficult or time consuming task. So, if you want to get rid of this problem and make searching more efficient in Chrome, then you can use Site Search Using Keyword. This is a useful Chrome extension that lets you quickly search terms through the omnibox on almost any website. The extension is specially designed for websites that lack a search bar and provide users with no way to search for their desired terms. With it, you can can perform domain search without using search bar. Note that the related results from your current domain are displayed using the Google search engine. Read More

eBay Box: Search Items By Filters & Save Queries For Later [Chrome]

With several popular online shopping sites, it has become easier for people to search for the products they want. While eBay is one of the most popular online shopping sites where numerous products are sold and purchased, it does have some unnecessary clutter, such as ads, welcome message and other related content, all of which can cause you to get distracted from searching for your desired item. eBay Box provides you with the simpler way to search for items on different eBay sites. This chrome extension helps you get more out of your buying or selling by letting you filter products on basis of location, price, category, item condition and sort order options. With it, you can save search results and filter products available in your country. If you like shopping for a variety of goods on eBay and want to quickly search for different items available in your country, then you will find this extension quite useful. Read More

Save Web Content Directly To Dropbox & Google Docs, Or Convert To PDF

When you have to save content from websites to cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Docs, you first have to download it from the web, save it to your local system, and then upload it to the cloud. This whole process is not only complicated, but also quite time consuming. This is where CleanSave, a Chrome extension, comes to the rescue. With it, you can move and save files directly from the web to your cloud-based accounts, like Google Docs and Dropbox. Not only does it allow you to upload content to these services, but you can also edit and convert webpages to PDF or simply print them. Before you can upload something, you have to, of course, log-in to the specific cloud service and authenticate Clean Save to send content to it. Read More

Get iOS-Like Smooth Scrolling With Full Customizations In Chrome

If you dislike the way your Chrome browser moves the pages up and down in little jumps, then Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller is a Chrome extension that deserves your attention. It makes scrolling webpages a beautiful and smooth experience, implementing iOS-like kinetic scroll. With it, you can fine tune the mouse scrolling and smoothness, so that it becomes more comfortable to navigate lengthy websites. Smooth Scrolling reduces strain on your eyes and prevents you from getting disoriented. The extension automatically becomes active on all webpages, and you can easily change the Step Size, Smoothness, Smoothness (Forepart) and Acceleration Sensitivity options from the extension’s Properties. Read More

New Chrome Beta Syncs Open Tabs Across All Devices, Including Android

Up till now, Chrome allowed its users to sync the browser’s history, passwords, extensions, themes and settings, but with the latest Chrome Beta, when you're signed into Chrome, the tabs you have open on one device are available on all your other linked devices, too. To access open tabs on all your devices, simply click the Other devices option on the New Tab page, and with a click, you will be able to open tabs and migrate the tabs' back/forward navigation history, so you can start browsing right from where you left off. Moreover, if you use Chrome for Android Beta, the tab will also be available on your phone. The only requirement for syncing tabs is to sign in to your Google account. Note that all synchronization options are enabled by default, and data is stored in encrypted form on Google servers, protected by the user’s Google account password. Read More

Window Tiler: Arrange Multiple Chrome Windows Into Non-Overlapping Tiles

To compare multiple webpages side by side, or to refer to something in one tab or window and type about it in another can be quite difficult, as you have to constantly switch tabs or windows. Sometimes, multi tasking can be a pain, specially when you’ve got to three or four websites open and need to access them all at the same time. This is where Window Tiler, a Chrome extension, comes in handy. This smart tool organizes windows on the screen into multiple non-overlapping tiles, with only a click or two. The extension adds a button to the toolbar that automatically arranges all your windows to occupy your screen, so all of them are visible. By creating these panels, you can browse two or more sites at once, side by side. Read More

ViewTube: Watch Videos On Social Websites In A Separate Popup [Chrome]

If you like watching videos on popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ then, ViewTube is a Chrome extension that will enhance your video watching experience by letting you watch videos in a new and unique way. The handy tool basically plays the video in a pop-up that can be moved around and placed anywhere on the page, so you are no longer stuck at the same part of the page until the video ends. With it, you can read posts and watch videos at the same time without losing focus. Moreover, you no longer have to stop commenting or reading your feeds, since you’ll always have the video in front of you. More after the break. Read More

FVD Speed Dial: Customizable New Tab Page With Powerful Options [Firefox/ Chrome]

FVD Speed Dial gives your new tab page a gorgeous layout consisting of bookmarks, custom background, custom dials, groups, most visited links and much more. The extension is highly customizable and allows you create your own speed dials, along with a Most Visited category that automatically populates the sites you visit most often. Each dial contains a group with the full list of URLs visited by you, related to that domain. Additionally, you can add any dial from the Most Visited category. Another great feature of the extension is that if you’ve closed a page or multiple pages earlier, you can always reopen them by clicking the Recently Closed category. You can block URLs from the speed dial, change the background color and more. Also, you can group speed dials in to different groups, such as default, work, home etc. Read More

Get Instant Facebook Notifications On Any Website With MyStatusBar [Chrome]

Facebook addiction can take reach astounding heights; some people are satisfied with just checking their feed once in the morning and once in the evening while others seem to think everything they do or are thinking of doing is worth sharing with the world. If you’re somewhere between these two spectrums  and are looking for an easier way to keep up with your feed, try MyStatusBar. It is a  Chrome extension that adds a bar at the bottom of your window and notifies you of all activity that takes place on your Facebook account. This includes friend requests, comments and likes on a picture, pokes, invitation to an event and messages. The extension also features a search bar but does not allow you to share directly to your account. It’s simply a way to keep up with new activity and not to interact with friends on Facebook. Read More

gleeBox: Complete Website Navigation Using Keyboard [Chrome]

gleeBox is the perfect tool for keyboard and command line lovers. This Chrome extension takes a keyboard-centric approach for navigating websites and provides alternatives to actions that are traditionally performed via the mouse, such as clicking, scrolling, selecting text fields and more. gleeBox comes with various commands that allow you to traverse through different elements on a page, perform different types of actions, such as scroll through the headings, select linked images, open articles in a clutter free reader or Google Reader and more. Gleebox offers a highly customizable and intuitive way to navigate web pages via keyboard. To start off, hit the G key, type a part or all of the link name into the search bar, gleeBox will then immediately highlight all the link on the page. You can then press Enter to go to the URL or press Shift+Enter to open the links in a new tab. Read More

Briteclick: Search, Reference & Shopping Through A Customizable Sidebar [Extension]

Wouldn’t it be great if we never had to leave our email or current webpage to access relevant information from various sources? Briteclick is an innovative search tool that makes finding information and completing tasks on the internet much easier and faster. After installing the extension, all you have to do is highlight keywords and get intelligent search results, neatly organized in a slick sidebar. This Chrome and Firefox extension lets you instantly view results from popular sources, like Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, eBay and much more. Briteclick tailors results based on the keywords you search and presents them in a convenient sidebar, so you never have to leave the current page to open multiple tabs. Read More

Add Custom Notes To Lengthy Articles For Easy Scrolling [Chrome]

Sometimes, while reading lengthy articles online, we scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and tend to lose focus from the last read sentence. In such situations, it can be quite difficult and tiring to skim through articles to find the part where we left off. This is where Annotated Scrollbars, a Chrome extension, comes in handy. This smart tool remembers the position of your latest browsed articles, so that you can come back to it and continue reading with ease. Annotated Scrollbars helps you navigate through important sections of a lengthy documents by allowing you to mark specific parts of an article, so that you can scroll back to them at a later time. All you have to do is add sticky notes to the scrollbar using the context menu, and navigate between the notes by clicking them. Read More

Generate Playlist For All Videos On A Particular Webpage [Chrome]

Everybody loves watching videos from sites like Facebook and YouTube, but sometimes, searching for videos/tracks in unending lists and feeds can become frustrating. So, if you're sick of scrolling Facebook feeds and YouTube playlists for music or entertaining videos, then Moovu Video Clipper pulls all videos from a particular webpage and lets you play them in a beautiful interface, without any clutter. With it, you can literally transform any webpage into a playlist and turn your browser into an amazing platform for viewing, collecting and sharing videos. Moovu makes sure that you stay tuned with all the videos on the web and never miss one again, with the best part being the fact that you can listen to all of them sequentially, without having to open all those YouTube links or scroll back and forth through your feed. You may share videos with your Facebook buddies and even play them in a pop-up. The Chrome extension works perfectly on websites like Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and more. Read More

Pixable: Browse Facebook Photos In iPhone-Like Interface [Chrome]

When we browse through our Facebook newsfeed, we come across a massive collection of all kinds of photos, uploaded by our friends and family. To see all these images we need a lot of time, and with all the effort, it is still possible that we might miss out on the ones that actually matter to us. This is where Pixable, a Chrome extension, comes in handy. This smart tool organizes photos in a gorgeous way and lets you see all of them in one slick pop-up. The extension is fully customizable, and after you’ve connected your Facebook account with Pixable, it instantly pulls photos from Facebook feed and creates a photo stream that you can view right in the pop-up. Additionally, Pixable ranks and sorts your friends’ photos based on popularity and your connections, giving you a more personal viewing experience. With it, you can flip through feeds like New Cover Photos, My Likes & Comments, Top of the Day, New Profile Pics, Most Recent Photos and others. The extension makes sure that you enjoy your friends' photos by following them, and receive notifications when they upload or when they are tagged in photos. Read More

Switch: Transfer All Tabs In Current Window To Another Browser [Mac]

We’ve covered quite a few extensions that allow you to send your currently open tabs from one browser to another. These extensions, although not for the general web surfer, are nonetheless useful for developers and designers who need to check how their developments are rendered across different browsers. The slight drawback with these extensions is that not all browsers have one such extension available, not all extensions work the same, and you might have compatibility issues if any one of the browsers is updated. Switch is a free Mac app that goes above and beyond all this, (literally - it sits in the Menu bar) and allows you to send all open tabs in the current window to anyone of the browsers that you have installed. Read More

LockMyFavs: Add Password Protected Cloud-Based Bookmarks In Chrome

Often, while we browse the web, we come across pages that we would like to bookmark, but at the same time, we don’t want them to show up in the bookmark bar or folders due to privacy concerns. LockMyFavs is a Chrome extension that lets you easily add and manage bookmarks that nobody needs to see or know about, with the best part being the fact that the bookmarks don't get stored in your computer, but in the cloud. This means you can access these private bookmarks on any machine. It brings together fast one-click bookmarking through the right-click context menu, and lets you organize your favorites so you can view them later when you have time. All you have to do is right-click a webpage and add it to the pop-up list, or manually add the page by entering a URL and Alias. Once you’ve saved the webpages, click the cross at the bottom of the pop-up to log out. Read More

SearchMark: Search For Items Within Bookmarked Pages [Chrome]

If you have a massive collection of bookmarks stored in your Chrome browser, or a bunch of folders containing loads of bookmarks, manually sorting through your bookmark library to find a page you once bookmarked, can be a very difficult task. This is where SearchMark comes in handy. The Chrome extension does not only allow you to search your bookmarked pages by title or web address, but bookmarks can also be searched by page content. SearchMark makes bookmarking management a breeze, so you no longer need to waste time by manually searching multiple folders and your bookmarks bar. Read More

Clicker: Find Shows/ Episodes On Hulu, Amazon, Netflix & iTunes [Chrome]

Reading a movie review and wondering if it’s available on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, iTunes or anywhere else online? Thousands of episodes from various shows and seasons, mixed among random clips and videos, can be found on different websites. With the massive amount of choices online, finding a show or an episode of your favorite season to watch online can be pain. Clicker, a Chrome extension, is a complete guide to internet television that makes it simple for you to find the right show at the right place. Clicker basically lets you find movie information, episodes and videos that are available online on various popular websites, such as Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, iTunes and more. It integrates all these sources into one slick interface, so you can easily discover what's available to watch online. Read More

Create Notes & Access Google Docs Through A Pop Up [Chrome]

Notebook Professional is a simple note editor that can be used to copy selected text from a webpage, create to-dos/notes or simply jot down your ideas for later use. With it, you can create, manage and organize notes with a simple, list interface. NoteBook Professional automatically saves the entered text along with the time and date, whereas notes that are created by selecting text and sending it to the extension view the context menu are saved with the first few words of the text as the title. You can also switch between the HTML and Visual Editor mode. You can clip both images and text, and open Google NoteBook, or Google Docs. Read More

Enhance YouTube’s Music Search With Filters & Artist Information [Chrome]

seevl For YouTube is a Chrome extension that lets you explore music in a contextual way, by providing you with intelligent music suggestions and connections between artists on YouTube. With it, you can tailor what you want to listen to by browsing artists, labels or genres, or by combining all these features together to find new ones. seevl uses relations between artists and gives you automatic recommendations based on your current music track. Additionally, it offers you with artist biographies, fact-sheets, information about collaborations, influences, genres, record labels, and lets you learn how everything is connected. Read More