Lets You Share A Webpage With A Certain Portion Highlighted [Web]

Normally, we share full website URLs with friends even when we want them to see a particular image, link or paragraph on the page. Not only do we have to send them the link, but we also have to describe the particular content in detail, so they know exactly where to look. is a free web application that solves this very common problem by letting you easily highlight a certain part of a website and get a shareable URL for the resulting screenshot. The app offers users with a bookmarklet, as well as a Chrome extension. To start off, all you have to do is click the bookmarklet or the button in the toolbar and a highlight box will pop up, letting you focus on your desired content. Once you have made your selection, you can then hit the Copy URL button to get the URL address that you want to share with others.

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Generate Detailed Graphical Analysis For All Your Chrome Bookmarks

Often, while browsing the web, we tend to quickly bookmark multiple websites without organizing or giving them meaningful names. This cannot only clutter your Bookmarks Bar and folders, but can also be very difficult to organize these at a later time. In such a scenario, you won't normally be able to get an idea of the nature of content that is stored for later in your favorites, or the origin of most of them. This is where Gleana Bookmark Infographic comes in useful. This nifty Chrome extension quickly generates an infographic-style visual report for your browser bookmarks, letting you view various aspects of your collection, such as folder structures, largest folders, deepest folders, top domains, total number of folders, bookmarks and more. It does this by displaying bookmark statistics in bar charts, line graphs and mind maps. Gleana seamlessly integrates with Chrome, letting you view, access and arrange bookmarks in a unique and interesting way.Read More

Pearls Extension Scans For & Highlights A Set Of Words On Multiple Websites [Chrome]

If you have to repeatedly search for specific terms on websites that are constantly updated, then Pearls Extension is just what you need. This nifty little Chrome extension provides you with super fast search results for text on any website, and lets you save a lot of time when you have to look up the same term on multiple pages. All search terms are highlighted with different colors, and multiple words can be highlighted at the same time. A real-time count of the "pearls" also appears over the button in the toolbar. Note that the extension does not interfere with the default Chrome browser search functionality, so you can always use that too. With it, you can stay up to date with updating information of interest on your favorite blogs, news and social media websites.Read More

Accupix: Pick Colors From Websites To Copy Their Hex Codes To Clipboard [Chrome]

It happens so often that we come across a certain color shade or scheme on the web - something that we'd even like to use in one of our own designing projects - but are unable to determine what the color exactly is. For such cases, a color picker makes things easier, as it allows you to pick and identify Hex codes of any color present on your screen. Accupix is a simple yet powerful Chrome extension that lets you identify and copy any color on your screen through a zoomed in preview of an image/area and a virtual dropper. The eyedropper tool lets you surf through different colors and gets the color code for any pixel on the screen. To help designers, it automatically copies Hexadecimal codes to the clipboard. Moreover, the extension comes with some handy keyboard shortcuts for zooming in and out, picking pixels and more.Read More

DuckDuckGo Zero-Click Info Adds Instant Answers To Google Search [Chrome]

If you have heard of Knowledge Graph already, it's a new feature being worked on by Google that enables you to search for things, people or places  relevant to your query. If Google is your favorite search engine and you want something similar to Knowledge Graph before it becomes available, then you might want to try out a Chrome extension called DuckDuckGo Zero-Click Info. The extension uses DuckDuckGo's methodology of grabbing information from crowd-sourced websites (e.g., Wikipedia) to augment traditional results with auto-generated content and improved relevance.  The extension offers you zero-click information boxes that are automatically integrated at the top of Google search results for your queries, just like DuckDuckGo. These boxes generally display multiple meanings  for your query, and provide direct links to the main article pages, so you don’t have scroll and click around to find what you’re looking for.Read More

autoConvert: Interchange Units Between Metric & Imperial System [Chrome]

From time to time, almost anyone would find themselves in need of converting something from one unit to another. These conversions can get a bit confusing, especially when some parts of the world are using the Metric system, while others still stick to the Imperial one. Hence, one would undoubtedly find a need for a unit converter, be it a simple app, an online tool or browser add-on. autoConvert is a clever Chrome extension that is rather different from others, as it automatically converts values on websites to units that you are familiar with. The original values get highlighted while the converted ones can be viewed in a tooltip by hovering your mouse over the highlighted part. Additionally, the Options for this extension allow you to set your preferred measurement system (Imperial, Metric, or a mix of two), change the highlight color or disable it altogether, and more.Read More

Glue: Personal Clipboard For Online Content With Tag Support [Chrome]

Glue, a Chrome extension, is your personal clipboard that lets you copy-paste text, images and links in a fast and elegant way. Copy-pasting items or bookmarking websites for later use can not only take time, but can also result in a lot of clutter. This nifty little tool may come useful in situations where you have to copy text and take a lot of screenshots. The Glue web application comes with a basic-looking interface, which is very easy to navigate around. With it, you can copy items from the right-click context menu, add tags and save them quickly to your personal Glueboard. A “Glued” item can be edited or deleted later with ease. Not only does the extension let you save bits and pieces of information, but also lets you instantly share them with your friends on Twitter. Moreover, Glued items are saved and displayed with auto-generated titles and source links, which you can either view or copy afterwards.Read More

Mail Control: Check, Read & Compose Gmail Messages When Offline [Chrome]

Are you looking for an easy way to read and compose emails even when you're not connected to the internet? Mail Control adds a highly useful functionality to your browser – reading and composing Gmail emails offline. This handy Chrome extension pops up a toolbar with Offline Mail, Desktop Gmail, Compose Mail (desktop and offline), Show Last notification and Google Calendar options. After installation, the extension will require you to allow offline emailing in Gmail; once done, you will be able to compose messages offline, which will be sent to the recipient next time you connect to the internet. Moreover, you will be able to access all your folders, including Inbox, Sent, Starred and Important Mail. The button in the toolbar displays a count for unread messages and lets you switch between three different pop-up layouts. Additionally, you will be able to switch between Desktop and Offline Gmail options; however, please note that you will have to install the Offline Google Mail Chrome app in order for Mail Control to completely work. Mail Control is really handy for those who are not connected to internet all the time, but need to access their inbox for various purposes.Read More

Twitter Pulse: View & Filter Most Tweeted Content For Any Website [Chrome]

Only a few days ago, we covered Plus Comments, a Chrome extension that let you view what others are saying about a particular website on Google+. Twitter Pulse is a similar tool that displays up to 10 URLs that have been tweeted the most for the domain you are currently viewing. Moreover, these tweets and articles can then be filtered by different time intervals, such as Now, 24Hours, 7Days, Month and All. Twitter Pulse lets you find popular social content and gives you the ability to see the latest Twitter buzz for your favorite websites. The extension adds a button in the URL bar, which you can click to view articles that have been retweeted the most for the currently-viewed page. Twitter Pulse collects and organizes tweets for popular articles and arranges them in a pop-up, with multiple options.Read More

Zootool: Create Visual Bookmarks With Actual Content Snippets [Chrome]

Zootool is a web application that lets you collect, organize and share your favorite images, videos, documents and links from all over the web. It offers visual bookmarking that can specially come in handy when you’ve got loads of bookmarks and can’t remember a particular website. Zootool uses images to bookmark content, so you can access it in an easier way. Signing up for the service requires only a few simple steps, after which you can bookmark images, videos, documents or pages from any website. The Chrome extension for the service speeds up the whole process by letting you bookmark content from any website directly from the toolbar. Zootool allows you to save not only URLs, but actual content snippets, so you can quickly locate or find them at a later time.Read More

HashMask Helps You Avoid Mistyping Passwords In Chrome

Setting up long passwords has its own advantage, in that it makes your accounts more secure and difficult to crack. On the other hand, such passwords increase the chance of entering the wrong combination, as it's likely you would press an adjacent key rather than the original one. This problem becomes more pronounced with those login forms where you have a limit to number of attempts. HashMask is a Chrome extension that turns your passwords into a colored sparkline, so you can instantly detect any mistyped passwords. After you’ve installed this handy utility, you’ll be able to see a spark line in every password field, which will change colors as you type. You can think of the hash as being your password’s fingerprint. With time, you will be able to remember the color or shape of the hash, which will allow you to see whether you’ve typed passwords correctly or not. HashMask seamlessly integrates with websites and basically helps you in making sure that you do not enter a wrong password for your online accounts.Read More

Spread Helps You Speed Read Selected Text From Any Website [Chrome]

Speed reading is a technique that attempts to increase rate of reading without greatly reducing comprehension or retention. There are many apps out there that claim to speed up your reading, or at least teach you how to do that, However, most of these solutions are either paid or too complicated. Spread, a Chrome extension, has been designed to improve your reading speed by loading selected text into a neat pop-up, letting you read articles faster. It also offers customization options for reading speed, number of characters and font size. Not only does this nifty little tool provide you with a great way to speed read through text, but also read text without any clutter or distractions. After installing the extension, simply highlight text and select the right-click context menu option to start speed reading.Read More

InstaBrowser Lets You View Instagram Photos From Chrome Toolbar

While Instagram may have become one of the most popular social networking apps for both iOS and Android, the service still lacks a web client. Of course, there are third-party offerings available, and capable ones at that, but they still require you to launch a separate browser tab or window to view photos and/or comment on them. Since no web-based app for Instagram would let you add images to the famous network, the maximum you gain out of these clients is the ability to download images, like them or add your comments. InstaBrowser is a Chrome extension that lets you view your Instagram stream within your browser without having to sign in every time or open a new tab. Once signed in, all you have to do is click the button in the toolbar, and it will automatically load your stream in a scrollable pop-up. Using this extension, you can go through your own Instagram images and those uploaded by other users, search or explore new photos uploaded from near your area, and much more.Read More

Search Plus: Search Tabs By Keywords & Sort Them By Title, URL & Time [Chrome]

One of the bigger nuisances associated with working with a large number of tabs, is the tab handles getting squeezed so close together that favicons disappear. Then, at other times, you might want to quickly search a word or phrase across all opened tabs, close a set of tabs or shift existing tabs into a new window. Search Plus is a browser extension for Chrome that offers you a set of useful features that improve your tabbed browsing experience. The extension acts like a search engine for the tabs that you have open. It helps to find the tabs you’re looking for provided you can enter the name of the site you are looking for. Search is done across windows so it matters little which window a tab is open in. The extension will let you preform various operations, such as search a specific text string through all tabs, collect tabs into a single window, insert text to the titles of tabs, capture images from tabs and more.Read More

Plus Comments: View Google+ Discussions For Any Web Page [Chrome]

Want to find out what people think about websites that you often visit? Plus Comments lets you view what others are saying about a particular website on Google+. With it, you can also see which Google+ users have shared content that you often browse. As you surf the web, an icon will appear in the URL bar linking you to discussions between Google+ users about that particular page. The extension collects and organizes social media content from Google+ and displays it in a compact pop-up. When you click an item, you will be redirected to the associated share on Google+. You can then read comments on the shares and add your own thoughts to the thread.Read More

Totalizer: Run Spreadsheet Functions On Tables In HTML Websites [Chrome]

Totalizer, a useful Chrome extension, provides you with the option to perform arithmetic functions on table columns within HTML-based websites. The extension can specially come in handy if you're working on some stats and want to quickly preform some basic spreadsheet functions for table columns. Some of the functions that can be applied are, Sum, Average, Min and Max. Apart from these, you can also exclude a given cell or row and use the Clear option to remove a function. The extension is easy-to-use; all you have to do is click the button in the toolbar, right-click on a table column, and select a function from the context menu. As soon as a function is selected, results are instantly calculated and displayed at the bottom of the column. That’s how simple it is!Read More

Block Certain Channels From Appearing In YouTube Suggestions List [Chrome]

While listening to music or watching our favorite videos on YouTube, we often get distracted by the related or suggested videos in the sidebar. While we can always choose to ignore those, there might be one persistent enough to make you lose focus and skip to that video instead of what you were watching. While getting distracted is not as big of a nuisance, if you get tired of misleading thumbnails or titles, then RE:Channel Blocker, a Chrome extension, is what you need. This neat utility lets you block videos from unwanted channels of your choice hat keep appearing in the Suggestions list. It gives you a nice way to filter out videos from particular channels that can ruin your YouTube experience.Read More

Handy Maps: Quickly Access Google Maps Through The Chrome Toolbar

When it comes to finding routes and destinations, getting directions and virtually exploring a location, Google Maps need no introduction. However, should you want to speed up the process of finding directions, addresses or popular places and get relevant information without opening a website, then Handy Maps is a Chrome extension that would interest you for certain. The extension lets you make quick searches through the Chrome toolbar and displays Google Maps in a handy pop-up. It lets you search for just about anything – address, city, country, streets etc, and you can also get a street view right within the pop-up.Read More

View Images & Articles Within Reddit By Hovering Over Their Links [Chrome]

Normally, whenever you want to take a better look at a particular image or link on Reddit, you have to open it in a new tab, and then switch tabs in order to return to the main page, which is neither convenient nor efficient. Seeit!, a Chrome extension, solves this common problem by providing you with preview capabilities for Reddit. The extension adds a button to the URL bar for all Reddit pages, and allows you to view images and read articles in a scrollable, resizable pop-up window by hovering over their links. Not only does it let you access content on the same page, but also lets you minimize interesting images/articles to the bottom of the website, so you can return to them at a later time.Read More

Streamified: Merge All Your Social & RSS Feeds With Google+ [Chrome]

It's always more convenient if, instead of opening social media websites in multiple windows or tabs, you're allowed to view all your social network feeds and updates from one central location. Streamified is an extension for Chrome that gives you an overview of your social networks as well as RSS feeds within Google+. It saves you the trouble of having to visit each social media website by letting you view all the activity from a single window. The extension supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram & Google Reader; feeds from all these networks and services can be added to your Google+ stream. This will not only simplify the process of sharing images and links with others, but also allow you to quickly update your status across all selected social media accounts. In short, Streamified provides a one-stop solution to keep tabs on all important social media feeds. More after the break.Read More