Delete Obsolete Application Data From Your System With AppCleaner

The widely acclaimed system cleaning applications, like CCleaner, Glary Utilities, Advanced SystemCare, etc., often fail to completely remove junk from the system, which compels user to try other cleaning utilities to ensure that the left over data of uninstalled applications and obsolete files are no more present in the system. AppCleaner is a freshly baked junk cleaning utility, allowing you to scan system for applications’ data, Temp directories, hidden locations containing junk files, browsing history and traces, etc. In addition to pre-listed applications and system paths, it lets you specify folders which are to be scanned during the cleaning process for junk data. Unlike CCleaner, it allows you to select all the important Windows registry locations to remove junk entries in order to optimize the registry structure. Similarly, a host of Windows locations can be included in cleaning process, which includes, FTP accounts, Recycle Bin, Windows Explorer’s MRU lists, Chkdsk File Fragments, User Assist History, Old Prefetch data, Menu Order cache and so on.Read More

RefreshPC – Restore System Back To Factory State To Fix All Issues

What measures do you take to stave off an imminent system failure? Generally, it is recommended to stop all the user-generated processes, quit running applications, and wait until system resolves all the deadlocks. Going through such a lengthy procedure to take unload apps, services, and other threads off the memory blocks may reinstate your system back to normal, but what if there are issues with system related services. How would you tackle problems related with core system services, prefetch files, registry settings etc? A simple yet effective solution is provided by RefreshPC. It is a small tool which not only refreshes the system but attempts to resolve issues by resetting Windows services, cleaning Temp folders and prefetch files and by optimizing only system specific registry keys.Read More

Square Privacy Cleaner Protects Your Privacy By Removing Junk From Windows

Square Privacy Cleaner is a portable system cleaning and privacy protection utility which is developed to remove Windows search traces, Application’s MRU lists, Prefetch files, Web browsers histories, Temp Folders data files, and Registry keys, with a single click. According to the developer it is designed to make your system more fast, stable and smooth to work on, at the same time protecting your privacy.  The application also caters to third-party tools, you can remove history of WinRAR, WinZip, Java specific files (Cache, Logs & Temp folders), Media Player Classic, MS Office, and lot more.Read More

Defrag Windows Registry Files With QuickSys RegDefrag

QuickSys RegDefrag is a Windows registry defragmentation tool. The application is designed keeping the fact in mind that Windows registry is constantly evolving due to installation of new software and also because of adding Windows extensions, applications’ plug-ins, and add-ons. These installations causes fragmentation of registry files. As defragmentation is another name of making data contiguous, this application optimizes the registry by eliminating voids and fragments.Read More

FCleaner: Clean Browsers Junk And Optimize Registry And System Files

If you’ve been using the system which hasn't been scanned in a long time then it might contain tons of clutter, redundant registry files, browsing traces and cookies. Even though many tools have been developed to clean up the system and offers multiple solutions along. FCleaner is one free powerful tool built to clean up your system from all sorts of clutter. Primarily it is designed to clean and optimize registry & disk usage by removing superfluous content. Apart from merely a disk optimizer, it includes multitude of features, which will let you perform other Windows build-in functions like; Application Uninstaller, Startup Manager, and lot more.Read More