Clean/Remove Junk Files On iPhone With iCleaner [Cydia]

A huge Android fan, I do admire iOS for its fluidity and app loading and exit times. Android on the other hand has been improving at an accelerated pace but is subject to slowing down on accumulation of junk files, like most computer OS as well. iOS however is believed to be resistant to such issues, but that’s how we perceive it and to be blunt, we take the speed and fluidity for granted (but why not?). iOS does keep caches and temporary files that become redundant over time and do nothing but slow your device down while taking up precious space. Well not enough for you to notice, but it always bugs me when something useless takes up space in my phone. iCleaner is to iOS what CCleaner is to Windows and Mac OS X – that is, to clean up junk files. Read on after the break to learn more about this app available for free on the Cydia store.Read More

SwitcherCleaner: Keep Only Recent Apps In iPhone App Switcher [Cydia]

If you are a perfectionist, it is quite likely that you are always aware of the amount of apps currently visible in your iOS device’s App Switcher tray. Many people, including myself, are in the habit of continuously launching the App Switcher tray on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, and then removing all unused apps present there. The reason behind this might be the (rather small) performance improvement you get from having less apps in the App Switcher, or you maybe you just don’t like all those frozen apps displayed in the menu. Whatever the reason, SwitcherCleaner is a new Cydia tweak which makes sure that only recent apps stay in the tray, and also adds the kill button to the icons in the App Switcher, even when they are not in jiggle mode.Read More

Scan & Clean Your Computer With FileLab Windows Cleaner

Gone are the days when you had to download an application to get it to work. With changing times and faster internet connections, more complex web apps have begun surfacing, allowing users to perform different tasks without downloading complete applications to their systems. In order to keep your system one notch up, its advisable to keep it free from extra files junk or unwanted registry entries, let alone virus. After FileLab’s web-based Video Editor and Audio Editor apps, they have come up with a Windows junk file removal tool, labelled as FileLab Windows Cleaner. This app is capable of cleansing your PC of problematic items, including Registry Entries, Junk Files, Recycle Bin, Broken Shortcuts, Corrupted Applications, Rootkits and Malware. Read on past the break to see how it works.Read More

SHREDroid For Android Wipes Traces Of Deleted Files From Internal Memory & SD Card

Deleted files leave behind residues that can be used to recover or reconstruct them. They aren’t completely removed unless the memory sectors that contain said residual remains are overwritten. Which means that the bookmarks, contacts and other private data that you delete from your mobile device are merely brushed under the rug and very much recoverable. SHREDroid for Android is a free, easy-to-use app that allows you to either manually remove all traces of deleted files from your device’s internal memory and/or SD card or set it to do so automatically after set intervals of time. That’s right. It’s like a simpler version of CCleaner's Drive Wiper feature. The app basically overwrites sectors housing residues of deleted data to prevent its recovery. This can prove to be particularly useful for people who regularly find the need to do away with sensitive or confidential data stored on their phones.Read More

Cool Cleaner For Android Makes Clearing History And App Cache Easier

Cool cleaner is a free Android app that brings all major application cache files and history data under one hood and allows you to do away with them with a couple of taps. Quite a handy application to have if you want to regularly clear cache that certain applications might be accumulating, or to be able to clear browser, call and search history of certain Google apps without having to do it separately for each of the mentioned applications.Read More

Moo0 DiskCleaner: Cleans Junk And Unwanted Files Quickly

Moo0 DiskCleaner is small portable utility which lets you easily remove all the superfluous content from your system. As it offers mobility you wont need to install the application and check for a any compatibility issues. It supports multitude of file types which includes; system temporary files, private data in registry files, browsers cache, cookies, etc.Read More