Sync Text Across Devices Over Your WiFi Network

Syncing clipboard content across devices is something we often need to do and there are plenty of apps out there for just this purpose. These apps aren't just satisfied with syncing clipboard content; they'll back it up, sync it, keep your history, do your laundry, and much more. That said, I've never found an app or service that I liked enough to keep using. Running an app in the background or using a clunky app to sync text between my phone has never seemed 'easy', possibly because of the hundred or so other features that these apps come with. Savr is a little web app that exclusively syncs text across any and all devices over your WiFi network. You need to install absolutely nothing. The app will work in your browser, both on your mobile and your computer. All you need to do is copy and paste the text. Read More

Copy An Image Or Contents Of A Text File Without Opening It [Windows]

The clipboard is a very basic and exceptionally important feature in every operating system. Both desktop and mobile operating systems support this feature and you will still find apps that attempt to give you something that is far more powerful. These third party clipboard apps might let you copy multiple text snippets, store your clipboard history after a system restart, or copy text while preserving the formatting. Copy Contents is a free Windows app that makes copying text from a simple text file or copying an image much faster. Instead of first opening the text file or the image, selecting its contents, and hitting Ctrl+C, the app lets your right-click the file and copy its contents from the Copy Contents context menu option that it adds. Read More

StuffMerge: Gather & Arrange Clipboard Text Into A Single Message [Android]

I often share stories from both my Twitter and Facebook feed. Sometimes it's a simple retweet or clicking the Share button but most times, after I've read an article through, I like to share an interesting snippet from it too. When sharing from Twitter to Facebook, or vice versa, it's a more complicated process which has me copy pasting and switching between apps a lot. StuffMerge Message Wizard is an Android app that is an extension of the clipboard, allowing you to gather text and links to a clipboard. It sounds ordinary enough to not be a big deal but StuffMerge is not a replacement for your device's default clipboard. It records snippets you save to the clipboard when you want it to. These snippets are added to a board and can be added with a simple tap, so you can gather, arrange, and share them as one. Read More

Copy Bubble: A Floating Clipboard Manager That Saves Multiple Snippets [Android]

For PC users, the clipboard feature is as natural as anything else. It allows users to easily copy and paste text, files, folders, and more. Luckily for Android users, the copy & paste functionality has always been there too but akin to the default clipboard feature of desktop, the clipboard of Android can store only one item at a time. Copy Bubble is a new nifty little application that improves the default single-purpose clipboard in Android by allowing you to save multiple text snippets to it and use them any time you want. But since there are many similar apps we’ve seen before, Copy Bubble makes itself stand out from the crowd by presenting everything in a floating window giving you access to clipboard items on the fly by tapping an always-accessible hovering bubble. Read More

ClipboardFusion Is A Windows Clipboard Manager With Text Replacement, Scrubbing & Macros

Windows’ native clipboard feature gets the job done when it comes to basic copy-paste operations, but third-party clipboard managers like ArsClip, Clippy, or go way beyond the operating system’s limitations. Where the default clipboard copies data from the host application to the memory temporarily and one item at a time, clipboard managers can handle multiple items, store this data and/or modify it based on certain rules. A similar app dubbed ClipboardFusion offers additional features that you may not find in most other apps from this genre, such as ability to scrub clipboard text, replace text with pre-defined strings, and create custom macros using C#. Read More

Sync Clipboard Content From Chrome On One Computer To Another

Both Chrome and Firefox let you sync data such as add-ons/extensions, browsing history, saved passwords, auto-fill data etc. between two or more computers. For most of your data, browsers have got you covered except when it comes to clipboard data. It can be rather frustrating when you are using two different devices at the same time and need to copy something from your browser on one computer to the same browser running on the other device, only to find that syncing clipboard content between browsers requires a third party tool. What's equally annoying is that you will have to go searching for the tool and there's no one solution for all desktop platforms. Clipboard Sync is a Chrome extension that syncs your clipboard data between synced Chrome browsers. It does the job exceptionally well and even lets you differentiate between clipboard text shared using different profiles. Read More

Scatter Offers Auto P2P File & Clipboard Sync Between PC & Android

Sending files between two computers, whether they're both Macs or PCs, is quite easy; you can share them over your local network, use a file sharing service or P2P file transfer apps, or simply transfer them using a USB flash drive. Same goes for sharing files between computers and mobile devices, but sharing text is a whole different story. Unless you have something like Messages and iMessage as is the case with Macs and iOS devices, sharing text between computers and mobile devices isn't all that easy. Scatter is a free app for Windows and Android (coming soon to iOS) that is an all-in-one solution for sharing clipboard content and files between a PC and an Android device. Not only does the app make P2P file and data sharing simple, it also syncs your data between two or more devices. Read More

Transfer Clipboard Content & Song Playback Position Between iPhone & Mac With BeamApp

We’ve covered about a dozen different apps that let you send files from your iPhone to your Mac and vice versa; some free, some paid; some gorgeous, and others ugly. What they all have in common is that they work over Wi-Fi. The apps are useful if you don’t want to connect your phone to your Mac with a cable, or if you don’t have your cable at hand. BeamApp is a free Mac app available in the Mac App Store with an iOS companion app that allows you to send and receive items from your clipboard to your Mac over the internet regardless of whether they are on the same Wi-Fi network or not. The content you can bean could be email addresses, navigation directions, phone numbers, or a URL. When a website URL is sent from your iPhone to a Mac, BeamApp for Mac opens it in your default browser. In addition to sending and receiving content from your clipboard, you can also send the current song playing in the iPod app on your iPhone to your Mac. Read More

MyClip Is A Lightweight, Powerful Clipboard Manager For Copied Text

There’s an umpteen number of desktop tools that give your everyday computer tasks a productive boost. Clipboard managers proudly sit among the top of such tools that can get things done in less time and effort. They save you the hassle of retyping or recopying text items again and again while composing emails, essays, documents and so on. If you’re looking for a lightweight, simple and basic clipboard manager that doesn’t bog down your system performance with unusual memory leaks, try MyClip. It’s an open-source clipboard utility for Windows that boasts a plethora of features such as clipboard bookmarking, predefined text items such as date, time and IDs, integrated search, hotkeys support and more. Read More

Easily Copy Select Web Content To Evernote With EverClip For Android

While there’s no doubting the astounding note-taking proficiency of Evernote, things can become a bit tough while clipping stuff from webpages on your mobile device. This holds true especially if you’re looking to clip just select material instead of the entire webpage itself. For instance there might be just an image of interest on the webpage that you want to clip, or you might want to save just the main contents, a required text portion, an image snapshot of a part of the web page, or its URL, instead of the complete article itself. If you’re looking for an efficient web clipping app for Android that can store select content in your Evernote account, EverClip might be just what you're looking for. Let's find out more about this handy app after the jump. Read More

Send Copied Text Between iOS & OS X Over iCloud With CloudClip

Clipboard on our computers are among those things that we just know are there, use them without any second thought. Keeping in mind how much convenience we get out of the clipboard, imagine the utility you would get from a cloud clipboard in today's world where most of us use multiple devices. CloudClip is a free Mac app available in the Mac App Store with a free iOS companion app that gives you just that - a clipboard on the cloud, using iCloud to let you send your copied text between your iOS device and your Mac. Since the app uses iCloud, you won’t have to sign up for any other service; with the apps installed and iCloud enabled on all your devices, you need only copy text and it will sync between them. Read More

Cycle Through Multiple Clipboard Items With Ease Using RClipStep

The Windows Clipboard, one of the most extensively used features of Windows, makes use of your PC's RAM to store copied items on a temporary basis. Even though it proves to be a big time saver, the native Windows clipboard manager doesn’t have the ability to hold more than one copied item at a time. That is the reason why a lot of third party clipboard managers have surfaced to let users save as many copied items in the clipboard as they want. Some of them, like the previously covered ClipboardZanager, allows you to hold clipboard items in its memory even after the system reboots. Another useful clipboard tool called automatically saves everything you are working on, including text, images, URLs, files and folders. Today, we have another clipboard manager for you called RClipStep that lets you store multiple entries and cycle through them by repeatedly pressing V while pasting them using the Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut. Moreover, the application also saves copied text items and images in a folder, allowing you to keep them saved them for as long as you wish. Read More

Manage Windows 8 Clipboard & Copy Items Between Desktop & Modern Apps

Ctrl+C, Alt+Tab, Ctrl+V, homework done! We've gone through this process many times, but for most of us, it has always been a daunting task to do it over and over again - switching from one window to the other and back, while keeping our fingers in a state of distress. Few of us know exactly how it works. When you copy something (a piece of text, for instance), it gets stored in a space known as the clipboard. Once you copy something else, whatever you copied earlier is replaced with the new clip. You don’t usually get to see the clipboard, but with an appropriate clipboard manager, you can do that and so much more. After the jump, let’s see how you can get these extra clipboard management functions in Windows 8 and RT. Read More

Get An Omnipresent Clipboard, File Storage Area & Notepad In Mac With Unclutter

Unclutter is a very simple Mac app available for $2.99 in the Mac App Store. It acts as a clipboard manager, a file storage area, and a note pad. You can probably find other apps that do this, but Unclutter is different in two very significant ways. It is a clipboard manager and file storage app in one. Most clipboard managers only capture multiple instances of copied text and do not support images. Unclutter supports all types of files, and the storage area acts as a temporary file repository that helps move files around. The best feature, though, is how easy it is to call the app. It comes down to ease of access, and Unclutter does an excellent job in that area. Where most apps rely on keyboard shortcuts or Menu Bar icons, Unclutter makes use of gestures and mouse movements. It is omnipresent; you drag your mouse to the top of your screen and scroll downwards to get the Unclutter panel to open. Text or files on your clipboard are automatically copied to the clipboard section, files are dragged & dropped to the File Storage area, and the note can be edited to include important information. Read More

Append Text To Previous Snippet Copied Onto Firefox Clipboard

Clipboard managers, whether for your desktop or for your web browser, usually extend the clipboard's functionality to hold more than one instance of clipped text or media. Apps and extensions like that are great when you have to copy and paste a lot of text across multiple apps, and they serve as a useful temporary repository to hold text so you don’t have to repeatedly return to its source to copy another part of it. Append to Clipboard is a Firefox add-on that lets you append additional text to the previously copied clips using an option it adds to the right-click context menu. The add-on takes care to keep the option separate so that it doesn’t interfere with the default copy function. It recognizes the need to clip text independently and does not always append it to the previous clip. Currently, Append to Clipboard only supports text and not images or links. Read More Is The Ultimate Clipboard Manager For Windows

The Windows Clipboard is probably one of the most used features of Windows. Most of us uses it a lot, hitting that Ctrl + C, Ctrl+X and Ctrl + V combination several times during the course of each day as we cut, copy and paste files across our storage media. However, whether it’s a text snippet, an image or a URL, the default Windows Clipboard can not hold more than one item at a time. If you have to copy and paste multiple items when either the source or target is different, you have to do it one by one. Until Microsoft decides to enhance the functionality of the Windows Clipboard, developers will keep coming up with third party applications to fulfill the need. Each third party clipboard application has its own strong point, for instance, some automatically sort the clipboard entries into different groups, while others retain the clipboard entries even after system reboot. Today, we have a clipboard management application called that automatically saves everything you are working on, including text, images, URLs, files, and folders. It lets you manage the clipboard entries, letting you add new items, edit them, save them in files and delete the unneeded ones. You can even preview any saved clipboard item from right within the app. Read More’s Official iPhone App Lets You Bookmark & Share Clipboard Content

Bookmarking services and apps are not something that incite a lot of excitement among users, because there are plenty of them already available out there for almost all platforms. iOS is no exception to that, of course. However, despite the sheer number of apps in the App Store, something worthwhile still manages to pop-up in every category, every now and then. The official Clipboard for is a shining example of such apps. The app is a bookmark manager, but it doesn’t do anything as run-of-the-mill as sorting browser bookmarks. Like its web counterpart, Clipboard allows you to copy anything from anywhere on your iPhone, access and share this content, along with anything copied from your computer, under one hood. Everything sent to the app can be viewed in text form or as HTML content; plus there's the old-fashioned way of saving it as a bookmark. The best thing about the app? It is not limited to Safari; any area of iOS that allows the copy/paste Action menu can be used to import content to Clipboard. Read More

Clips: Instantly Share Clipboard Items From iPhone To PC via Dropbox

One of the features that made Chrome a really popular browser on iOS, is its real-time tab syncing. People really find it useful that everything they do on their iPhone is reflected on their computer straight away. Clips is a Cydia tweak that is based on the same concept, except that it syncs your iDevice’s clipboard rather than browser data. Using this action menu-based tweak, you can share images and text from your iPhone to PC with a single tap. All you need is a Dropbox account and a Windows PC to enjoy some really efficient instant sharing. Although the text data from your clipboard will appear in your Dropbox account immediately after you give it the Clips treatment, you will need the service’s desktop client to read the shared files. While this might be a slight inconvenience, there are no such limitations for images and even for text you are sure to get used to the way things work in Clips. Read More

Multi Clipboard Manager: Record Copied Items Under Different Categories

Whenever you execute an application, the pertaining files and data of the application are loaded to the RAM for quick and seamless access. This in turn also decreases hard drive work load. Since RAM can store data on temporary basis, Windows uses this feature to store clipboard items. Although quite nifty and a big time saver, Windows native clipboard manager doesn't have the ability to hold more than one copied item at a time, and that's the reason why a lot of third party clipboard managers have been developed that extend the functionality of the Windows Clipboard, letting users save as many copied items in the database as they want. In the past, we have covered a lot of clipboard managers such as Ars Clip (reviewed here), Ethervane Echo (reviewed here) and ClipX (reviewed here). They all provide you with different clipboard functionalities, such as customizable hotkey support, organizing clipboard entries into different groups, saving images directly from the clipboard etc. Today, we came across yet another clipboard manager called Multi Clipboard Recorder. It is a portable tool for Windows that allows you to record clipboard entries under different user-specified categories. The application provides you with a tree-list to easily manage and use the clipboard items that belong to a specific category. Each category has collapsible/expandable controls to help you focus on the required type of clipboard entries. Read More

Glue: Personal Clipboard For Online Content With Tag Support [Chrome]

Glue, a Chrome extension, is your personal clipboard that lets you copy-paste text, images and links in a fast and elegant way. Copy-pasting items or bookmarking websites for later use can not only take time, but can also result in a lot of clutter. This nifty little tool may come useful in situations where you have to copy text and take a lot of screenshots. The Glue web application comes with a basic-looking interface, which is very easy to navigate around. With it, you can copy items from the right-click context menu, add tags and save them quickly to your personal Glueboard. A “Glued” item can be edited or deleted later with ease. Not only does the extension let you save bits and pieces of information, but also lets you instantly share them with your friends on Twitter. Moreover, Glued items are saved and displayed with auto-generated titles and source links, which you can either view or copy afterwards. Read More