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How to automatically save images from the clipboard on Windows 10

When you capture a screenshot on Windows 10 with the Win+PrntScrn shortcut, or when you tap the PrntScrn key, the screenshot is copied to your clipboard. If you use the Win+PrntScrn shortcut, the file is also saved automatically but in all other cases, whether you’re tapping the PrntScrn key or you’re copying an image from a browser, document processor, or an email message, you have to save it yourself. If you want a quicker way to save images from the clipboard, you can use ClipSnappy. It’s a free, fairly old app that can save images copied to the clipboard.

The app has no real interface to speak of. It runs in a Command Prompt window and gives you log of the files it has saved. It also doesn’t save images files that you copy e.g., if you open File Explorer, select an image, and tap the Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut, the file is going to be copied to the clipboard but ClipSnappy won’t save it. However, if you right-click an image in your browser and select the copy option from the context menu, the image will be saved as a file by the app.

Automatically save images from clipboard

Download and run ClipSnappy. You can minimize the app to the taskbar and go ahead and start copying images to your clipboard. The window will show you the images that it has saved from the clipboard.

The images are saved in the same folder that the app’s EXE is in and since this app is portable, you can run it from the folder you want to save images to.

The command prompt window needs to stay open or you’re effectively closing the app. When you’re done, you can either close the window or tap the Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut with the app’s console window in focus.

ClipSnappy saves images in the PNG format even if the image you copy is a JPEG, JPG, GIF, or some other file type. It will not change the size of the image, but they will all save as PNGs, and they will be given a custom name that corresponds to the date and time they were copied on. PNG is a lossless format so you will end up with a good quality image however, if you copy a GIF, you will lose the animation if there is any. In that case, it is best to use the ‘Save as’ and save it from the app/program that you’re viewing it in.

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