Reduce Noise And Upscale A Photo Up To Two Times Its Resolution

The cameras on phones get better every year. It's hard to remember what it was like when we were taking photos with VGA cameras and hoping there was enough natural light because the phone itself didn't have a flash. With today's phones and the cameras they have, we can take breathtaking panoramic photos without worrying about light. That said, you can still have noise in photos and we are still waiting on the technology seen in NCIS that lets us enhance and zoom a photo a thousand times and still come away with a nice clear picture. Waifu is a little web utility that reduces the noise in a picture and lets you improve its resolution. We took it for a spin and here are our results.Read More

Official RAR Archiving App Now Available for Android

For the uninitiated, file compression utilities can be fairly confusing due to a bewildering number of file formats out there, many of which are only supported by specific applications. For the power-users among us, a compression tool must also carry advanced settings to tweak every little detail. Most people used to employ file compression tools on computers, but since the advent of powerful smartphones, the task has become common on mobile devices as well. Finding a good file compression app, however, can be a confusing task unless the app is from an authoritative developer. The free RAR for Android from RARLAB - the team behind WinRAR - aims to help.Read More

Compress To & Extract From Several Archive Formats On Android With B1 Free Archiver

File archiving feature that usually comes built-in with popular Android file managers like ES, Astro ad Dual File Manager is handy enough to quickly pack and unpack popular compressed archive formats such as ZIP, RAR, 7Z and the like. But the aforementioned solutions are fairly ineffective when it comes to extracting or compressing a handful of less popular archive formats. This is why tools like B1 Free Archiver are still around at the Google Play. It’s a simple application that lets you extract, view and compress your desired files from and to a wide array of formats including 7Z, APK, TAR, LZMA, TGZ, LZH, MTZ, RPM, XAR, XZ, ZIPX, GZ, TBZ and more. Read on for more details after the jump.Read More

Batch Compress PDF Files, Set Custom DPI & Remove Select Elements

Saving document files in PDF does make sense, because it is generally more secure against unintended modifications compared to other formats such as TXT, RTF, DOCX and more. Therefore, many of us rely on PDF these days when it comes to sharing files that contain sensitive information. One drawback of this is that PDF files are often larger in size compared to many other document formats. If you require to send a document through a channel that has certain file size limitations, you probably want to keep your files as compact as possible. Previously, we've covered some really useful PDF compression tools such as PDF Compressor, PocoDoc or Nice PDF Compressor. If you've already tried those and are looking for something more effective at compression, ORPALIS PDF Reducer Free is yet another option with a decent output quality and batch processing mode.Read More

CoffeeZip For Windows Offers Impressive Archive Format Support

7-zip’s reputation in the file archive genre speaks for itself. The open-source tool wins over various paid file compression utilities including WinRAR and WinZip. While the number of features it offers might not be on par with its paid counterparts, this is actually an advantage for most users who don't require those advanced features. Though 7-zip isn't the only free file archiving utility out there; Recently when we reviewed KuaiZip for Windows, we were impressed by its compression algorithm, and even added it to our top Windows applications of 2012 list. Today, we’re bringing you another promising file archiving tool called CoffeeZip. Even though it’s not the most feature-rich app from its genre, its extensive format support - especially for file extraction - seems great. It allows you to compress and extract ZIP, WIM, TAR and 7z files. In addition, you can extract (but not compress) ARJ, ALZ, CAB, CHM, CPIO, CramFS, DEB, DMG, EGG, FAT, HFS, ISO, LZH, LZMA, MBR, MSI, NSIS, NTFS, RAR, RPM, SquashFS, UDF, VHD, WIM, XAR and Z files.Read More

Free Archiving Tool KuaiZip Boasts Better Compression Than 7-Zip

There’s an umpteen number of file compression utilities out there but 7-Zip easily wins hands-down for most users due to its open-source nature, light memory footprint, wide range of compressed archive format support, and price tag of free. Most archive utilities that we come across nowadays tend to support various archive formats irrespective of their default extension. Though usually, a file archiver works best with its native format for the best overall compression ratio. KuaiZip is a Windows file compression utility that recently crossed my way and left me utterly impressed, to say the least. Not only does it seem to be more powerful than 7-Zip, but its intuitive UI makes it extremely easy to use, even for novices. The tool allows extracting most of the popular archive formats including ZIP, 7Z, ACE, ARJ, BZ2, CAB, GZ, ISO, JAR, LZH, TAR, UUE, Z, as well as KuaiZip's own KZ format.Read More

Batch Compress PDFs To Reduce Size Without Loss Of Quality

If your common method of sharing PDF files is through email, or any other internet-dependent medium, it is important that the documents are small in size. The purpose of any compression app is to reduce the size of the file without bringing down its quality, but unfortunately, many do bring down the quality while compressing. If you are looking for a way to reduce the size of your PDF documents without decline in noticeable quality loss, you are in luck. PDF Compressor is a brand new Windows app that allows you to compress your PDF documents and reduce their file size. The app is capable of processing thousands of PDF files at one time in batch mode, according to the developer. The best part about the app that it's touch enabled, which means you can use it easily on a Windows 8 Pro tablet. The simple interface ensures there is absolutely no learning curve for common users.Read More

MoreSpace: Compress Files & Folders Into HFS+ Format To Save Space

Space and file size matter more in cases where data has to be transferred online, because there is always a limit and because sending large files takes time and precious bandwidth that you may be short on. As far as your local hard disk is concerned, time isn’t a issue, but space still matters; however, files can’t be kept in an archive format all the time. They will have to be extracted each time you want to access them and will need to be recompressed once you’ve made changes. MoreSpace Folder Compression is a Mac app worth $0.99 in the Mac App Store that compresses files but does not add them to an archive. Files are kept in their original format and compression is on the HFS+ system. The app actively monitors any folder that you’ve added and compressed for changes, and when a change is detected, i.e., items are added to a folder, the app will compress the new items. In addition to compressing any folder you choose to add, it will also compress your email.Read More

Explzh: An Excellent File Compression Alternative To 7-Zip & WinRAR

For file archiving and data compression, WinRAR is among the most popular tools. However, WinRAR is paid. 7-zip, an open source utility, is also a handy and powerful solution, which, due to its robust compression ratio, has won many accolades. Although both WinRAR and 7-Zip don't seem to be lacking in features and functionality, you can try Explzh as well, should you need an alternate solution (I still can't figure out how to pronounce it, though). Albeit simple in design (well, that’s how most file archivers are, anyway), Explzh seems to be one of the best in the business. It supports a multitude of formats, including LHA, JAR, RAR, ZIP, ISO-9660/ISO-13346, just to name a few, and can easily extract files to target locations, including FTP support. It also includes an integrated file splitter to easily split large files into your desired-sized fragments. Furthermore, it can be used to compress and encrypt files using AES (Advance Encryption Standard). Additional features include tabbed windows, thumbnail view of archived files, search for in-archive content, file editing within the archives, OLE2 drag & drop support, incremental search, AutoComplete, Batch compression, and much more.Read More

PDF Toolkit: Compress PDFs, Extract Text And Images In Different Sizes [Mac]

Feature rich free PDF tools and/or editors are hard to come by. PDF is one of the most common formats for viewing image rich documents on a slew of devices and that leaves you with little choice except to pay up for a halfway decent PDF tool or use several free alternative apps instead of a single one. PDF Toolkit is a PDF editing app for Mac that normally costs $4.99 but is free this month (makes you love Summer, doesn’t it?). PDF Toolkit isn’t for editing a PDF file i.e., you cannot add or remove text and images from a file. What you can do is merge multiple PDFs into a single file. Unlike free tools that only let you merge 2 files into one, PDF Toolkit gives you the freedom to merge as many files as you want. It can extract pages from a file, either in order or as per user specifications and create a new PDF from the extracted pages. Additionally, you can extract text and images from a file and compress it on four different standards to reduce the size. Note that this compression does not mean adding it to a zipped file, compression with PDF Toolkit is different and discussed in detail below.Read More

Panther: Feature-Rich Media Converter With Audio Compression Feature

When we talk about media converters, names like Handbrake, Format Factory or Freemake Video Converter automatically come to the mind. These media converters offer a plethora of features to customize the video and audio conversion process. We have also tested and reviewed various media converter tools in the past - Motion Man, Oxelon Media Converter, Adapter, E-Z Media Converter, just to name a few - which include a limited feature-set for converting video and audio files. However, what makes a media player different from others is the quality of its encoding engine, user interface and ease of use. If the latter factor is what attracts you the most, then you should give Panther Media Converter a try. It is a stylish media conversion application that lets you convert both audio and video files into widely used media formats. Additionally, you can compress your audio files with the built-in media compression option, which according to the developer, compresses the media file without hurting the original audio quality.Read More

Auto Delete Archives/Files After Extraction Or Compression In Mac [Tip]

Desktops can be (and are) among the most cluttered places on your Mac, so much so that apps like Clean My Desktop exist to help you manage it. The thing is, your desktop isn’t the only biggest repository of junk on your Mac; the Downloads folder is often brimming with files that you’ve downloaded, used once and never needed again. Of these files, zipped files and extracted folders are one type. Even if you move the extracted files to another location, the archive remains taking up disk space in the original location. If you use the default archiving and extraction utility i.e. the Unarchiver, you can set it to automatically delete the archive folder once it’s extracted the files. Similarly, you can set the utility to delete files once they’ve been compressed. This tip shows you how.Read More

Contenta Converter Basic: Image Compressor, Resizer & Converter [Mac]

Format conversion software aren't that hard to come by, as you can find even web apps that do as much, but there are few options for file compression, and not many of them deliver reasonable quality images. Contenta Converter Basic is a Mac app that converts between various image file formats, and compresses them. The app also helps you organize the converted images by setting renaming patterns based on one of several parameters provided in the app. Similarly, it lets you create folders for organizing images, where folder names can be pre-defined based on available tags.Read More

Desktop Hunter: Take Screenshots With Defined Image Compression Level

Screenshots play a pivotal role in making your target audience understand the steps involved in configuring or installing an application. When you provide an image with a description, readers can easily comprehend the description as well as verify the sequence of steps involved. As they, "A picture is worth a thousand words", so true this quote stands. Capturing screenshots is quite easy, and while, in older version of Windows you were limited to Print Screen on your keyboard, the options have evolved in Windows 7 Snipping Tool. However, if Snipping Tool still doesn't satiate your appetite then third party tools are the way to go. There are various Windows applications that provide a number of screenshot options, and some that even feel somewhat unnecessary. One of those tools you can try is Desktop Hunter. It is a screenshot-taking utility that lets you capture screenshots and save them in multiple image formats such as JPEG, PNG, BMP and GIF. Unlike previously covered tools including Shotty and GreenShot, both of which are quite awesome too, it allows you to set individual compression levels for each image format. You can set custom hotkeys for taking screenshots of a selected region, active window or the complete desktop.Read More

Optimize / Reduce MS Office Documents And PDF File Size With PocoDoc

You may find 5-10 compression and optimization levels in file archiving utilities to squeeze through multiple files in limited storage space. But many a times file compression utilities fail to compress document files, including, DOC, DOCX, PDF, PPTX, etc. I have faced such problems with both 7-Zip and WinZip. PocoDoc is small document optimization tool to compress document file size according to specified compression level. Contrasting to other file compression tools, it supports 19 compression levels in total, with 1 is for achieving highest compression and 19 for lowest.Read More

Compress Portable Application Data To Save Disk Space With AppCompactor

Consider a situation where you need to copy some portable applications to your external storage medium but there isn’t sufficient space available on device in question. In such a case, many users will start removing unnecessary data in order to copy much needed applications files or other data, but what if there isn’t a single file that you can afford to delete from your portable storage medium? In such situations, the best method around to squeeze through more files without deleting existing data is to use compression utility for saving precious disk space. AppCompactor can compress data of portable applications in order to save disk space and also to improve their performance. This could come extremely useful when you’re already running out of disk space and want to save some important data on it. Unlike traditional file compression applications, it applies high compression on each file without archiving all of them into single container, allowing you to use the compressed application without having to unpack the contents.Read More

FileThin NTFS Saves Disk Space On NTFS File System

If you’re running an operating system supporting NTFS, disk space shouldn’t be a problem for you thanks to NTFS file system’s built-in transparent compression functionality. FileThin NTFS is a free tool that utilizes the same function of the native file-system, but also enhances it with additional support and extra features.Read More

Document Press: Compress MS Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access

Document Press is an attempt from developers of 7-Zip compression utility to compress Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access files instead of using other generic compression software, which might not be effective in compressing MS Office documents. It is a small portable tool which was released back in 1999 (Yes, I know it is more than a decade back) and has not been updated since. The version is still 1.0 and the reason for reviewing it today is because we found it to be working with Office 2010 as well. Developed for older versions of Office, the official support, as mentioned in the user's manual, is for .doc, .xls, .ppt, and some more document formats only, but we found it to be working with .docx and .xlsx too.Read More

Bru File Manager Includes FTP Client, Creates Compressed Archives, And Sync Files & Folders

File managers comes useful in concurrently handling the data which is residing in multiple locations. File managers have to be fast in terms of file processing and must hosts multiple features to quickly apply settings and perform data transfer. Amongst many file managers featuring essentials, Bru File Manager is a new java-based tool which offers multitude of options to manage folders/files residing in two different locations. It includes a simple FTP client to quickly establish a FTP connection with the server for transferring data.Read More

PowerArchiver 2010 Is Free Compression And Archiving Utility

PowerArchiver is one of the best compression utility out there developed by ConeXware. They’ve recently changed tracks and are offering their eminent product free for personal use, which is a stripped-down version of standard PowerArchiver yet provides many feature and options to make the most of it. For those who don't know, it supports a huge list of features and formats ranging from famous Zip, ZIPX to CAB, open source 7-Zip, to ISO, BIN , including Nero’s NRG.Read More