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Reduce Noise And Upscale A Photo Up To Two Times Its Resolution

The cameras on phones get better every year. It’s hard to remember what it was like when we were taking photos with VGA cameras and hoping there was enough natural light because the phone itself didn’t have a flash. With today’s phones and the cameras they have, we can take breathtaking panoramic photos without worrying about light. That said, you can still have noise in photos and we are still waiting on the technology seen in NCIS that lets us enhance and zoom a photo a thousand times and still come away with a nice clear picture. Waifu is a little web utility that reduces the noise in a picture and lets you improve its resolution. We took it for a spin and here are our results.

Using Waifu is easy; you select the photo you’re looking to fix. You can upload the photo from your hard drive or from a link. Waifu has its limits duly stated for images;

Limits: Size: 3MB, Noise Reduction: 2560x2560px, Upscaling: 1280x1280px

Once you’ve selected the image, select the level of noise reduction and how much you want to upscale the image, and click Submit.


We tested the app out with a PNG that was compressed twice to a JPEG with high level of compression applied. The Noise reduction was set to High and we chose not to upscale it. Here are the results;


There is a very obvious difference between the two photos. The repaired photo isn’t of the highest quality but it’s definitely removed a lot of the edges from the image we uploaded. The result from the app will obviously depend on how much noise is in a picture but it’s definitely worth trying out.

Visit Waifu2X

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