Ultimate Settings Panel: One Click Access To Windows, Outlook, & Config Manager Settings

With complex programs, the settings are equally complex. Developers try their best to optimally group the settings so that users can find the right one when they look for it but when a program is as complex as say, an email client, it's still complicated. Ultimate Settings Panel is a new portable app released by Techy Geeks that puts settings for Windows, Outlook 2010, Configuration Manager 2007 and 2012 in a neat list. Click any one of the items and it will open the configuration window for you. The application saves you the trouble of having to wade your way through menus, and sub-menus of options. to find the setting you're looking forRead More

Windows Tweaker: 100+ Tweaks For System Utilities & UI Components

Most power users want their Windows to be customized to their own liking and comfort, and in order to achieve that, they tweak Windows Registry and Local Group Policy Editor. In the past, we've covered a lot of tweaking utilities for Windows 7, such as Sunrise Seven (an application designed for Windows 7 that provides you with a long list of tweaks compiled in a unified interface), and Simple Performance Boost (a system tweaking tool that enables you to to increase response time and ensure stability of the system by providing you with only the safest tweaks that do not compromise the security or functioning of your system). Today, we came across another system tweaking utility called Windows Tweaker. This open source application contains a large number of tweaks (over 100) grouped together in 11 different categories. The tweaks are related to System, Windows Explorer, Display settings, Right-click context menu, Windows Features, Login settings, Maintenance and other Utilities. Keep reading to find out more about Windows Tweaker.Read More

ControlPlane: Auto-Change Mac Configuration Profiles By Defined Rules

Configuring the system according to location or situation is arguably a difficult task, as one needs to change all the major system elements’ settings ranging from network settings, CPU and memory usage, connected peripherals, audio output devices to Wifi adapter, display monitor and so on. If you often have to configure your Mac according to location i.e for home and office, we recommend using ControlPlane instead of configuring system elements manually. It’s a comprehensive yet easy-to-use context-sensitive utility for Mac OS X that caters to all configurable system components including display monitor, Bluetooth, Wifi, network settings, instant messaging apps, sound devices, chat clients and so on.Read More

Prevent Log Off And Shutdown Of A Windows XP Computer

Are you working on a shared computer and don’t want anyone to shutdown or log off your computer? If you’re looking for a way to prevent other users from shutting down or logging off your Windows XP machine this is the right place for you to learn.There are several ways In Windows XP to shut down a computer which includes, clicking on Start and Shut Down or Turn Off, pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL and choosing Shutdown, opening up the command prompt and type in the simplest shutdown command, the computer can also be turned off by installing a third party application that shuts down the computer automatically at a given time.

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Easiest Way To Set Gmail As Default Firefox 3 Mail Client

Does email clients such as Microsoft Window Mail or Microsoft Outlook Express prompt up everytime you click on an email link?. If you are a Firefox 3 user and use Gmail frequently, then you can configure and set Gmail as a default email client. The latest Firefox 3 comes with support of YahooMail as default email client. For Gmail users, some setting needs to be done to edit the mailto application handler.Read More

How To Configure Windows To Automatically Switch Between Static And DHCP Network

It is annoying to keep on changing the network TCP/IP properties for a mobile computer user who needs to work in DHCP and static IP network environment from time to time, especially when you are in the hurry to solve an urgent issue or need to get the task completed as sooner as possible. The problem can be solved by Alternate Configuration functionality, which will auto detect the network change and switches for you automatically without the hassle to manually configure it.

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