PerfectDisk Free: Defrag Disks & Optimize Solid State Drives (SSD)

Disk defragmentation is vital to keep your computer up and running steadily. Not only does it boost the processing performance of a computer, but also keeps the hard disk drive in healthy state. Installations, copying and moving files here and there, other similar activities leave a lot of fragmented data on your disk that create performance bottle necks due the fact that your data gets scattered around the hard disk platters. To cope with this problem, Windows’ default defragmentation utility pretty much handles the job. However, if you need something more reliable and quicker, then meet PerfectDisk Free, developed by Raxco Software. The application packs in some powerful features with handsome interface, and automatically starts running with your windows to always keep drive fragmentation in check. It comes with a special focus on SSDs (Solid State Drives), which do not need regular defragmentation and may get damaged if subjected to such a process.Read More

Check Data Fragmentation Level And Defrag Drives With My Defragmenter

It is always advised to analyze system drives for data fragmentation before starting off with defragmentation process. Unfortunately, both Windows Vista and Windows 7 native defrag tools can’t recommend drives which have to go through defragmentation process for gaining quicker access. To quickly check drives and perform data defragmentation, try My Defragmenter – an application with dead simple usage. It is however not comparable with previously covered Defraggler by Piriform in terms of features but can be used to quickly check which drives need defragmentation. It analyzes your auxiliary storage drives to check whether data defragmentation will do any good or not. If you don’t not sure what is data defragmentation, it is a process of arranging data contiguously in order to increase the access time. With My Defragmenter, you can schedule defragmentation to run the process at defined intervals.Read More

Reduce Windows Registry Index Size With Simple Defragmentation

We have previously reviewed a list of registry optimization & defragmentation utilities, such as, Simnet Registry Defrag, QuickSys RegDefrag, and Registry Life, the first two tools are designed especially to make registry data contiguous while latter is an advanced tool for cleaning & optimizing registry. Today we have come across WinMend Registry Defrag – an application which which claims to effectively rebuild the registry index in order to remove the unused fragments/voids. Since data defragmentation is carried out by making data contiguous, it re-organizes the Windows registry space to let installed applications fetch associated registry keys with more speed.
Editor's Note: It must be noted that registry defgramentation does not necessarily speed up your system by a huge margin. It does however speed up access to registry (but the effect is very minimal). You should only defrag your registry when your PC is clogged and only as a last resort.
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Contig: Advanced Defragmentation Of Specified Folder

Defragmentation is a phenomenon of streamlining the non-contiguous data to make it contiguous in order to access data more rapidly. Windows offers a simple defrag tool and you can also find Advanced Defragmentation tools in numbers, generally the process is lengthy and takes a lot of time to completely defrag the disk’s content. Considering the importance, wouldn’t it be great if you can defrag the data which you frequently use, Contig is designed to full-fill this very need.Read More

Quickly Defrag Hard Disk & Optimize Windows With Disk Speedup Defrag Tool

Disk Speedup is a simple and efficient, two-click defrag tool. It compresses data on the hard drives, optimizing it for enhanced computer performance. Generally, computer users reject defrag applications because they assume them to be complex and time-consuming. If you’ve also avoided computer defragmentation thus far, then you should consider giving this super-fast defrag application a shot.Read More

Fast Hard Drive Defragmentation With Smart Defrag

Even though Windows build-in defragmentation tool is easy to use and can be scheduled to automatically defrag selected drive(s). You might be thinking as to why go for a dedicated defrag tool? The reason being, Windows intrinsic defragmentation tool is not that efficient in  terms of defragmenting data and especially in speed. Smart Defrag is a free and powerful defrag tool, which promises you to instantly defrag your data. It is both efficient and optimized fragmentation analysis algorithm proven to be one of the best when it comes to other defrag tools available.Read More

WinContig: Free Portable Disk Defragmentation Tool

WinContig, unlike most other defrag apps, has a straightforward interface which allows one to defrag any files and folders instead of the whole disk. We all know that the default Windows Disk Defragmenter is too slow since it would analyze and defrag the whole drive instead of a specific file or folder. We have reviewed plenty of other alternatives, such as, Defraggler, Auslogics Disk Defrag, and MyDefrag.Read More

Windows 7 Advanced Disk Defragmentation

The defragmentation process searches your disk partitions and makes sure that the stored files are in one contiguous piece which results in better system performance. If you want to maintain your file system then the easiest and perhaps the most important way is that you should routinely defrag your drives.Windows 7 has many added features in comparison to Windows Vista and XP, and one of them is the Advanced Disk Defragmentation feature. Just like Windows Vista, Windows 7 lets you easily perform common disk defragmentation tasks from the command line as well. In this post, we will take a look at how to perform advance disk defragmentation in Windows 7.Read More

MyDefrag – Defrag And Optimize Your Hard Disk For Free

Disk defragmentation results in better performance of your hard disk, some people don’t realize that. Windows come with a build-in defragmentation tool, but is too slow sometimes. If your computer activity involves a lot of hard disk usage, it is recommended that you should defrag and optimize your hard disk at least once a month.Read More

Windows 7 Disk Defragmentation

The defragmentation process searches your disk partitions and makes sure that the stored files are in one contiguous piece which results in better system performance. If you want to maintain your file system then the easiest and perhaps the most important way is that you should routinely defrag your drives. The windows 7 has improved disk defragmentation utility which gives users more control over defragmentation tasks. The most important features of Windows 7 defragmenter is that it lets you safely terminate the defrag process any time without any adverse effect and can defrag multiple volumes at the same time.Read More

How To Defrag Whole Disk Or Specific Files With Defraggler

When someone says defragment, it is usually understood to defrag the whole disk. This is because almost all 3rd party software for Windows allow you to defrag the whole disk. Defraggler, if you haven’t heard of it before is an excellent defragmentation tool that lets you defrag specific files and folders. It is developed by Piriform, the company behind both CCCleaner and Recuva and is Windows Vista compatible.Read More