Official Dell Mobile App Debuts On The Android Market

When talking of renowned computer hardware manufacturers and distributors, Dell is one such name that immediately strikes the mind. The award-winning electronics company holds a unique status due to the durability, affordability and most importantly, the quality of its products – a chain of which extends to desktop computers, laptops, notebooks, printers, server computers, handheld devices, home theaters, cameras and other electronic hardware and accessories. Just recently, the company has launched Dell Mobile – their official client for Android devices. With Dell Mobile, users can purchase, track and support their favorite Dell products right from their devices.Read More

What Is Windows Phone 7 Diagnosis Menu & How To Tweak Your Phone With It?

Windows Phone 7 comes under heavy fire from its opponents for a variety of reasons. First there was the “copy/ paste” saga, then issues like MMS errors and Bluetooth file transfer plagued its progress. But to be fair, underneath all that, lies an operating system that is pretty neat and user friendly. If you use WP7 with an open mind, you might just fall in love with it.However, WP7 sure is a newer OS and thus, majority of users don’t know about many of the hidden features/functions present in there. For example it took me weeks to find out that you can select individual alphabets while typing by simply pressing and holding the empty text area. One such ignored feature is the Diagnosis menu in Windows Phone 7 devices. This is a hidden menu which can be accessed using a code (manufacturer dependent), providing you with a ton of options to tweak low-level settings and let you interact with the phone’s hardware directly. The Diagnosis menu is built into devices for the use of manufacturers during device testing. Also, when you send your device back for repairing, Diagnosis menu plays a major role in tracking down the problem. Read More

How To Fix Dell Venue Pro’s Crashing Issue

Dell is a well known and much respected company when it comes to manufacturing computers and laptops. However, it is still a new addition to the mobile market and struggling to make its mark. Dell Venue Pro was quite a successful product for an emerging mobile maker like Dell. But soon things started going downhill for the smartphone. Venue Pro has a major bug. Many users have complained that the phone restarts or freezes when they are installing any new app on their device using Wi-Fi. And not only that, sometimes it gets stuck at any random instant. The user can do nothing but remove and then reinsert the phone’s battery to get it running again. This is quite a deal-breaker for an otherwise lovable Windows Phone 7 device. You can request Dell to replace your phone. But there is no guarantee that the same thing won’t happen on your new Venue Pro. So what to do?Read More

How To Root Dell Venue With SuperOneClick

Dell Venue is the latest Android device released by Dell in December 2010 and having been out for just a month, it has successfully been rooted. If you have bought a Dell Venue and want to root it to be able to customize it beyond what’s allowed by its standard Android 2.2 Froyo installation, read on for details.Read More

Dell Aero Specs And Price

Today Dell announced their AT&T bound Android handset, Dell Aero. The device will be available starting today and is a mid-tier Android phone with some decent specs and features, and killer sleek and stylish looks. Read on for more details and the spec sheet.Read More