Clean My Desktop: Sort Files According To Type & Move To Folder [Mac]

If your desktop routinely looks like someone threw up icons on it, it might mean one of two things; you are either a bad organizer, or just too lazy to clean your desktop clutter. It can actually be both these things, but whatever it is that keeps you from cleaning up the mess on your screen, it needs a solution before you run out of places to click. Clean My Desktop is a Mac app that works wonders; it analyzes and sorts all files and icons on your desktop, categorizes them as Applications, Documents, Pictures, Movies, Music, Source Code, Folders and Aliases, and separates them into folders. All folders are created as sub-folder in any location of your choice.Read More

ScreenBlur Automatically Locks Your PC Screen In Case Of Inactivity

Leaving your PC unlocked leaves more room for greater the risk of compromising your personal data. The statement holds quite true for banking sector, where even a single mistake can lead to millions of losses. That's the reason it's a strict rule to always lock your computer before leaving the desk. However, mistakes do happen and where there is no room for mistakes, its better to take precautionary measures instead of facing guilty next to your boss. Just a few days ago we covered a screen locking application named Smart PC Locker Pro. The application would let you lock your system with a hotkey, along with an option to automatically shut down the PC after a specified number of wrong attempts, and allowed you to change the lock screen wallpaper. Although the application was robust, if you are looking for a simple lock screen application, try  ScreenBlur. It is a portable application that lets you simply lock your computer screen, and bars access to any item on your desktop. There is no dialogue box, no complicated procedures and no need to go through tedious configurations - just set your password and secure your desktop! Keep reading to find if can help you out.Read More

Tab Notifier: Get Desktop Notifications From Social Networks [Firefox]

Firefox has a built-in feature for sending users desktop notifications but it isn’t used as much. Despite its sophistication, Firefox’s desktop notification just don’t see as much use as they could be. Tab Notifier is a Firefox add-on that helps make better use of the notification feature in Firefox. It lets you receive notifications from any website. You can configure it to show or restrict notifications from websites. It is useful if you would like to be notified when there is new activity on your Facebook, Twitter, Yahoomail or Hotmail etc., or any other page. When the title of a tab changes, or when you receive instant messages on various social networking sites, even when the tab is not focused, Tab Notifier notifies you with new desktop messages, and clicking on these simply opens the tab that triggered the message. You may add filters to specify websites that will be ignored when sending desktop notifications.Read More

3 Apps To Change Mac Desktop, Save Icon Layout & Add Second Menu Bar

If you need a feature-rich image editor, or a really great app to edit and mash up videos, you wouldn’t normally go scourging for small apps, and you’d very likely be paying for what you need. For the bigger things you want to do on your Mac, there is a whole store full of them, but for smaller desktop managing needs, here are three apps that you might find useful. Secondbar lets you add a second menu bar to your Mac display, and you can extend it as a separate bar to a second monitor. The  bar can be dragged to any part of the screen, mirroring the original system menu bar in behavior. Desktop Icon Manager is a simple app that will memorize where you’ve positioned your icons, and will restore them to that point for you. Change Desktop is an app that lets you select several folders on your system, and display all images in them as wallpaper. The app expertly handles smaller photographs by complimenting the extra space with a color that brings the images out. More on these three after the break.Read More

Bypass Windows 8 Start Screen On Startup & Jump Directly To Desktop

Unlike previous versions of Windows where you are taken to desktop at system startup, Windows 8 welcomes you with Metro Start Screen, providing quick access to applications and system shortcuts, pinned programs, and so on. Apparently, Windows 8 doesn’t allow users to bring the classic Windows Startup behavior back. If you don’t want to click the Desktop metro tile every time after logging into Windows, here’s how to bypass Metro Start Screen and jump to desktop directly.Read More

Android Design Preview: Desktop To Android Screen Mirroring Over USB

Over the years, we have seen quite a lot of utilities surface for the Android OS, with the majority of them being mobile based, and a select few, desktop based. Developed by Roman Nurik, Android Design Preview is a handy tool for Android, that lets you mirror a portion of your desktop screen onto your mobile device over a USB connection. While we’ve had apps in the past that let you stream your desktop onto an Android device (the likes of Teamviewer), this app's purpose is much simpler. It is actually meant for developers who want a quick way to see how their apps or themes look on their mobile devices. A beta of the tool is out, and you can check it out, provided you have Java Runtime Environment installed.Read More

ProtectYourVision Reduces Eye Strain While Computing [Web]

Have tired, sore and watery eyes after working for long hours on the computer? You may even develop a temporary condition known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) if you work on the computer without taking breaks.  ProtectYourVision, a web app, automatically alerts you and sends you desktop notifications when it's time for you to take a break and to give your eyes some rest. It also provides you with some nice eye gymnastics that you can practice in order to reduce the tension in your eyes. Set a reminder on EVO whenever you start working on your computer. ProtectYourVision comes with three different themes and two modes for reminders. Furthermore, it also offers desktop notifications for Chrome and Firefox browsers.Read More

How To Create Desktop Shortcuts For Websites In Ubuntu 11.10 [Tip]

There are many favorite websites that one visits more frequently than any other. Normally, we type the URL of these websites, or retrieve their links from bookmarks. However, another quicker way of launching favorite websites is by creating desktop shortcuts for them. In this tip, we will tell you how to create desktop shortcuts for your favorite websites in Ubuntu 11.10.Read More

Create Folder Toolbars On Your Windows 7 Desktop With OldBar

From time to time Microsoft has tried enhancing their Windows OS. They simply remove features they found useless in new Windows releases, which are found in prior versions. Likewise, they simply provide an alternative solution for the tool or utility we are already using. However, some of us are sometimes so much used to a few of the options or features that not having them almost seems like the world being turned upside down. Before Windows Vista, there was an option in Windows to add folders as toolbars to your desktop. Although, am not a fan of this feature and hardly found the need to use it, some people still do so. When Microsoft introduced Jump lists with Windows Vista, they removed the toolbar feature. If you are one of those folks who still find its need and wish if somehow you could bring that missing thing back, then consider your wish granted. Meet OldBar - a program that lets you add multiple folder toolbars to your desktop, attach them either to a side, or place them anywhere on the desktop. The position of the folders' contents can also be changed within a toolbar by moving them up and down the list. Button height & width is adjustable, and the toolbar can be set to stay always on top, hide automatically, animated etc.Read More

CloudTune Lets You Stream, Share And Manage Online Music From Desktop

The way we listen to music has changed in the last few years. Gone are the days when people used to store large music libraries in their hard drives and compact disks. More and more people are turning towards online music platforms including Grooveshark, Spotify and, which provide massive databases of every genre of music. CloudTune is a audio stream player that lets you play and organize online music from your desktop. You can create playlists, search music, add tracks to favorites and share music on Facebook and Twitter. CloudTune stores your library, playlists and favorites in its repository, so that they can be accessed from anywhere. Other features include importing music from and VKontakte, finding music videos on YouTube and searching lyrics of tracks.Read More

Name Dropper: Drag & Drop Text To Batch Rename Files & Folders

If you’ve recently taken a vacation or just like to take a lot of pictures then it is likely you know how difficult it is to organize images taken either from your digital camera or phone camera since they are all saved with the same name prefix with a number appended after it. Renaming these files can be a pain because you have no choice but to rename each one individually. While this may occur most commonly with image files, you might need to rename a number of other types of files too. Name Dropper is a desktop application that allows you to rename files and attach an incremental number to each one by dragging & dropping the name on to each file.

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SnapInstall: Mouse Triggered Screenshot Tool To Create Product Manuals

There are multiple ways of taking and editing screenshots; whether you choose to use the  Windows Snipping tool or some other application like Greenshot, or Shotty, these applications have one thing in common, they are all triggered by keyboards controls. Most screen capturing tools are triggered primarily by the Print Screen key (or in combination with the Ctrl or Alt keys), SnapInstall is a desktop tool for taking screenshots that is triggered by the mouse, more specifically, the middle mouse button/ mouse wheel. The tool automatically saves the images and adds them all to a single PDF file to create a manual or installation instruction.Read More

TheGOOD Uploadr: Upload Images To Flickr Sets & Photostream From Desktop

Flickr is one of the biggest sources of images online, rivaled only by Picasa. There are plenty of third party desktop applications that let you upload pictures to your Flickr account but there isn’t an official desktop application from Flickr itself like there is for Picasa. TheGOOD Uploadr is another third party Adobe Air based application that allows you to upload pictures directly to your Flickr Stream or to one of the existing sets. The application lets you add a caption and description to all images, or to one image at a time. You can add tags and edit privacy settings for the image from within the application’s interface, open them from their source (where they’re saved on your system) and rotate them. It supports multiple accounts allowing you to easily switch between different Flickr accounts and upload images to either one.

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Mind On Track Automatically Creates Tasks From Mind Maps You Make

A good mind map is a good way to get started on any project, it serves as a great way for always staying on track but mind maps too go through changes as a project progresses and requirements change. What gets frustrating is when you’ve already started a project based on a mind map, specified tasks and have to go back, change the map and reallocate tasks. The problem arises mainly because mind mapping and tasking are jobs kept in isolation from each other. Mind On Track is a desktop application for Windows and Linux that combines both these jobs in to one. As you create a mind map, different ideas are automatically turned in to tasks that can be tagged and given due dates.Read More

PlexyDesk Transforms Your Desktop Background With Useful Widgets

PlexyDesk is an open source desktop extension for Windows, Mac and Linux based operating systems which transforms the look of the desktop and allows adding QML based widgets. It is not to be mistaken for a desktop environment like KDE or Gnome. Instead, it renders the desktop workspace and allows you to organize it. Currently, it provides a clock widget, photo frame, and file browser on the main sand allows adding extra widgets via drag and drop, which can further change the look and feel of your desktop.Read More

NotiPage – Monitor Web Pages For Changes Or Updates Without Using RSS

RSS is a simple way of monitoring a website for changes but would you add just about any site to your feed? For sites that don’t have RSS or any other way to keep up with updates, you have to manually check for new content. To monitor single pages or to monitor a page for a particular update, NotiPage is a better solution. Instead of cluttering your feed reader, this desktop application lets you create alerts for a particular page. You can monitor a page for updates or for new content related to a particular topic by entering keywords.Read More

Email Large Files From Your Desktop With Kicksend

Email attachments sizes are limited from the best services to the worst. While Gmail allows you to attach files of 25MB, you cannot send them to to any other account except to a Gmail one. With restrictions like these and the fact that file sizes are now only getting bigger, Kicksend offers you a viable solution. Kicksend is a web service that comes with an Adobe air based desktop application for Windows and Mac. The service can be used to send files of up to 150MB but the desktop application lets you send files of any size you want. You can add contacts or import them from Gmail. Files that you send as attachments are uploaded to the service, a link to the file is sent in the email for the recipient to download from. All files that you upload are deleted automatically after two weeks. The desktop application only allows you to send or download files, to add contacts you will have to use the web interface.Read More

Desktop Curtain Cleans Up Mac Desktop To Take Great Screenshots

One thing which becomes quite hard to manage for Mac users is the desktop, as Mac OS X doesn’t provide an option to quickly organize and unclutter the desktop. You may sometimes want to hide all desktop items to take clear and wide-screen screenshots and record screencasts, etc, so that required screen area can be easily captured without having to adjust desktop items at edges of the screen. Desktop Curtain is developed for users who want to hide clutter on the desktop to keep their focus on important tasks and capture screenshots by hiding the desktop items.Read More

DesktopCal Calendar – Create Events, Schedule Tasks & Change Wallpaper

The default Windows calendar located in the system tray is quite handy for viewing current month and navigating between months and years, but doesn't provide other options to set reminders, create and schedule events, etc. DesktopCal is a desktop calendar application which lets you add custom shortcuts, events, and reminders.  It completely blends in with your wallpaper and enables adding quick notes (when you double-click on a specific date). DesktopCal can use your current wallpaper as its background or loop through images from a specified directory to update the desktop background periodically. By default, it takes less than half of your screen size which is sufficient for viewing purposes. In case you find the default size to be undesirable, you can resize it according to your screen dimensions. It supports adding files, folders and shortcuts to date boxes along with small notes, which makes it easier to remember important tasks.Read More

Show/Hide User Library, Desktop Items & Empty Trash With DesktopUtility [Mac]

If you don’t want to use Mac Terminal for performing tiny system tasks, such as, hide desktop items, toggle file visibility, etc., and need an application that can provide one-click access to such commands, DesktopUtiltiy may help you in performing numerous system tasks quickly without having to learn Terminal commands. It is a menu bar application for Mac developed to provide some unique system tasks which are not natively supported by Mac or require entering commands in Terminal everytime you need to perform them. DesktopUtiltiy lets you easily hide/show Invisible files and user Library (for Mac Lion), forcibly empty Trash, and hide desktop items with a single click.Read More