Root Motorola Flipout In One Click [How To]

Do you have a Motorola Flipout lying around? The device is sure a peculiar one, with a full QWERTY keypad and a  pivoting point in the lower right corner, around which the screen and keyboard half rotate. The device was launched with Android 2.1 Éclair and never really saw an update coming it’s way. If you still haven’t rooted this flashy looking phone, we can tell you, doing so is as easy as installing an app on your phone. Actually that is what you’ll be doing. Read More

How To Root Huawei Ascend M860 On Android 2.1 Eclair

The Huawei Ascend M860 has been around for a while, yet there is no dedicated forum - or at least we didn’t fine one - when it comes to rooting or modding the Android device running Android 2.1 Eclair. As per a request by one of our readers for a guide on rooting the Ascend M860, we may have found the simplest solution for all you Ascend M860 owners looking to root their device, that is SuperOneClick. Read More

How To Root Android Nook Touch Reader

The Nook Touch Reader by Barnes & Noble may not exactly be an Android tablet, but being an E-Reader and running Android 2.1 Eclair, the device executes its job in style. The device has now been rooted, giving it a touch of excitement considering the black and white screen at hand. More on the rooting instructions after the break! Read More

How to Root Motorola Milestone

Motorola Milestone - the GSM version of Motorola Droid - came with Android 2.1 Éclair, which could be easily rooted using an application that used an exploit to fool the OS into enabling SuperUser rights for many applications. However, if you are looking to customize your device to the fullest and get access to Android features like tethering, screenshots, overclocking or if you need to install Custom ROMs on it, you’ll need to get full root access on your device by using the Vulnerable Recovery Flash method. Below mentioned are the instructions that help you do so: Read More

Install AOSP Android 2.1 Eclair On Samsung Fascinate

An Android 2.1 Éclair build compiled from the Éclair AOSP (Android Open Source Project) source code has just been released for the Samsung Fascinate. It is an alpha build but has a lot of features working. If you want to flash this ROM to your device, read on for more details, download link and installation instructions. Read More

Install Android 2.3 Gingerbread UI ROM On Motorola Defy

Android 2.3 Gingerbread has been out for a while now but most devices have yet to receive official updates. The developer community has ported the latest Android release to several devices though some are still lacking in that regard as well, including Motorola Defy. Though if you own one, you can still enjoy the user interface of Gingerbread on your phone by installing the BlueGinger 2.3 Gingerbread UI ROM. Read More

Fix GMT Time For Better Syncing Your Froyo /Eclair Based Android Device

Although this fix might sound a bit too awkward and small, yet it can help you sync your Android device time with correct GMT pre and post hours. The GMT Time problem is actually applicable in geographic locations which need to add up hours as + 5, +6 etc. now you can rectify this problem by rooting your any Froyo or Eclair based device. Due to this GMT time bug, most of the time reliant applications such as twitter apps etc, do not work properly and you miss important stuff on time lines etc. Read More

Install Flash 10.1 On Samsung Galaxy S On Android 2.1 Eclair

While Adobe has officially announced that Android 2.2 Froyo will have Adobe Flash available, bringing flash support to all the devices that will get the Froyo update like the Samsung Galaxy S, the Flash Player shipped with Froyo will not work on devices running Android 2.1 Eclair. Though thanks to the Android hacking community out there, you no longer have to wait for the Froyo update to hit your device, to be able to use Flash on it. We have found a version of Flash player that has been hacked to work on Eclair, and it works perfectly fine on the Galaxy S series devices. In what follows, we will show you how you can download and install Flash Player on your Android 2.1 Eclair device, such as the Galaxy S series phones. Read More

Cyanogenmod 0.5.8 For HTC Dream And Sapphire Released

There is some great news for all HTC Dream G! and Sapphire owners who love to put Custom ROMs on their rooted devices. The most stable Android 2.1 Eclair version of Cyanogenmod 0.5.8 is finally released and now you can have your G1’s and Sapphire running Eclair 2.1 without any issues.

Read More

How To: Install Flash 10.1 On Android 2.1 Eclair Devices

It has been a widely believed myth amongst most Android users that only Android 2.2 Froyo or later versions are capable of handling Flash 10.1 but now as the story unfolds, it appears that you can in fact install Flash 10.1 onto your Android 2.1 Eclair powered handsets as well, and that too wishout any complicated procedure. So if you've got an Android device running Eclair and want to enjoy Flash 10.1 on it, we've got the complete installation instructions for you. Just read on after the jump for details. Read More