How To Create A Quick YouTube Playlist In Chrome

You can create playlists on YouTube but some conditions apply. For one, you have to sign into YouTube. If you don't sign into YouTube, the playlist feature will not be available. When you're creating a playlist, you have to add the videos one by one. For each video you want to add, you have to open it and click the 'Add To' option under the video's description. That is three clicks per video for the playlist you want to create. The good news is, if you use Chrome, you can create a quick YouTube playlist using TubeLister. It's a Chrome extension that will add all open YouTube videos to a new playlist. Here's how it works.Read More

How To View Tabs In Full Screen Mode In Chrome

You can go full screen in any Chrome tab. The full screen feature isn't limited to just media i.e. videos. If you're using a web app to type, using it in full screen will help avoid distractions. The full screen mode hides all tabs that you have open in the same Chrome window. The Taskbar/Dock disappear as well though you might still get alerts from apps. Tab Revolution is a Chrome extension that lets you view tabs in full screen mode. The tabs appear when you move your mouse to the top of the screen. You can click a tab to switch to it.Read More

How To Identify Clickbait On Facebook [Chrome]

You'll never believe what this Chrome extension does. It can identify clickbait on Facebook and save you from reading through a long, ad-laced list of outdated and/old/incorrect information. The extension is called This is Clickbait and it's available in the Chrome Web Store. It does two things; identify links shared on Facebook as clickbait or not clickbait, and for the slightly ambiguous links, it offers a clickbait score. Here's how it works.Read More

How To Sort Answers On Quora By Votes

Quora is a pretty great place to get advice on just about anything. It's like a reasonable Reddit where conversations don't devolve into puns and you can't be shadow banned. There are quite a few subject matter experts that contribute to discussions and offer their insight. The answers are sorted based on an algorithm which might not suit everyone. Quora Upvotes is a Firefox add-on and Chrome extension that lets you sort answers on Quora by votes.Read More

How To Install Extensions From Outside The Windows Store In Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge now supports extensions. You can download an extension for Edge from the Windows Store. Microsoft has added support for extensions only recently to Edge so there aren't a lot of them in the Windows Store. Quite a few are still in beta and developers prefer to make them available outside the Windows Store, possibly to avoid poor ratings. If you want to install an extension in Edge, it's a fairly simple process if you know what to do.Read More

Add Custom Extensions To DashClock Lock Screen Widget For Android

Recently, we wrote about DashClock Widget - the brainchild of leading Google team member Roman Nurik - and the widget has already proved to be one of the most impressive and widely acknowledged Android app releases of the year. DashClock Widget basically looks to exploit true potential of Android lockscreen widgets announced in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean by presenting users with a plethora of information and notifications pertaining to various apps on the very same screen, which would otherwise mostly be accessed only by unlocking the device and navigating to the relevant apps. The widget’s own dedicated extensions aside, it’s the extensible nature of DashClock Widget that has done it a world of good. Almost every other day, a brand new third-party extension for the widget hits the Play Store, introducing us to yet another one of the countless possibilities offered by this simple little widget. Dashclock Custom Extension by Dominik Gross is one of the most interesting extensions we've seen for the widget so far. It lets you add a few customizable extensions to the widget that you can personalize according to your needs, complete with various user-defined actions.Read More

Manage Your Open Chrome Tabs In Tree View With Session History Support

Google has catered a really large user base with their Chrome web browser. Although unleashed rather late in comparison to other web browsers, such as Opera, Firefox or Safari, it quickly captured a considerable chunk of market share, even topping many people’s favorite web browser list. Being a Google Chrome user, if you have a habit of keeping tens, or maybe hundreds, of tabs open simultaneously, then you must also have an idea of how hard it is to manage those tabs, especially if you’re a notebook user. It becomes quite difficult to look for a particular tab due to space conservation. One extremely handy alternative solution you can try is Tabs Outliner. This lightweight Chrome extension aims to flourish your web experience, if you know how to make the best use of it. Tabs Outliner does have a steep learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it’s sure to make your life uber-easy. The extension is designed to provide a tree structure for all your opened tabs, letting you sort them in groups, add annotation notes, and also keep a history of past sessions.Read More

How To Unhide/Show File Extensions In Windows

[For newbies/beginners] By default, Windows has extensions set to hidden for known file types, and that prevents users from changing them directly. There are many occasions on which you might need to change the extension of a file. In what follows, we will show you how to unhide file extensions for all file types. Read More

News Factory: All Your Favorite Websites And Social News In One Place [Chrome]

News Factory, a Chrome extension, lets you view and read social news in a unique and interesting way. The extension makes use of your browsing history to detect and retrieve websites that can be added to the News Factory list. In addition to that, it automatically retrieves and updates Google Reader feeds. You can add new websites by entering a search term or URL in the search field, and then clicking Add once you've found the website. The News Factory button also displays the number of new posts right in your toolbar, and real-time desktop notifications are displayed after specific time intervals.Read More

Open Secure: Open Links Over The HTTPS Protocol In Firefox

Browsing over a secure network is something you want to make more a habit out of than an option. Websites, by default, open pages over the HTTP protocol and not over HTTPS even if it is available. Among different ways to open a website over the HTTPS protocol, extensions are one. The HTTPS Everywhere Firefox extension reviewed in August was one such extension that ensured some of the top 1000 sites opened over a secure network. Open Secure is yet another Firefox extension that opens links over HTTPS. As opposed to the HTTPS Everywhere extension, this extension allows you to open any link securely, provided the page exists.Read More

Display Search History From Google Goggles In Chrome

Google Goggles made image search on the go simple, all you need is your Android or iPhone, the free app and you’re all good to go. The app also makes it easier to translate text by uploading an image; extremely useful in case you’re visiting another country and having difficulty reading signs or directions. Ever wonder what happens to all those images? If you’ve enabled Search History in Google Goggles, then they are saved as you take pictures and use them to search. My Search History from Google Goggles is a Chrome extension that lets you see different pictures you’ve taken and the search results that turned all from within the Chrome browser.Read More

theTabs – Preview And Switch Between Tabs In Any Window [Chrome]

Are you an Internet Explorer fan while secretly being a closet Chrome or Firefox user or is it the other way around? You love a browser that isn’t Internet Explorer but there are times when you wish a certain feature from the Windows’ default browser would be added to your favorite one? One feature that would rock if added to other browsers would be how all open tabs in Internet Explorer 9 can be previewed using the Windows Aero Peek feature. If you preview either Chrome or Firefox, you only see the active tab for each window and that makes it hard to find the tab you’re looking for. theTabs is a Chrome extension that allows you to preview all open tabs in any window in a new tab. While it doesn’t add anything like the tab previews that Internet Explorer has, it makes it easier to find tabs in a window.

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Remove Real-Time News Ticker From Right Sidebar In Facebook [Chrome]

Facebook has just rolled out some major design changes and all of Facebook’s population will be split in to three groups; the ones who are complaining about how God awful the new look is and threatening to stop using the site, the ones who have just joined the social networking site and really don’t know why everyone is complaining about this awesome design and those select few who know from experience that complaining isn’t the way to get rid of a Facebook feature you hate, a browser extension is. Unannoying Facebook is a Chrome extension that removes two of the new features that some might find annoying; the news ticker and the top bar that now sticks to the top when you scroll down.Read More

Quick Links – One Button Access To Chrome Pages & Your Favorite Sites

Do you frequently enable and disable your bookmarks bar  (Ctrl+Shift+B) in Chrome? That is something that might signify you have a love-hate thing for the bookmarks bar. Chrome (like other browsers) allows you to save bookmarks to folders and keep only the very important ones on the bar itself but that’s not to say the bookmarks bar doesn’t seem unappealing and space hogging since you just use it to get to your links. Quick Links is a Chrome extension that allows you to access 11 of your most frequently visited sites from a single button. The extension opens a compact panel that you can use to access the sites and to access Chrome pages.Read More

MoveThemAll – Move Photos From One Facebook Album To Another [Chrome]

If you frequently take pictures on the go and share them on Facebook, it’s likely that you’ve got a huge collection of pictures in either the Mobile uploads or Wall Photos. While Facebook conveniently allows you to move images from one album to another, you have to select the destination album for all image individually. MoveThemAll is Chrome extension that automatically selects the same destination album for all photos and make it easier to migrate all images from one album to another.Read More

Insert Text Enters Frequently Used Text From Right Click Menu [Chrome]

If you frequently find you have to enter the same text, on different sites, on a regular basis in text fields then you must obviously know how annoying it can get be to type the same words over and over. Your clipboard can provide you a shortcut in this regard; you can save the text in a TXT file and copy & paste it from there but it remains a redundant process. Insert Text is a Chrome extension that makes it easy for you to enter text like your email address or home address in any part of a text field by saving it to the extension and entering it from the right-click context menu.Read More

Cookie Monster – Micro Manage Site & Domain Wide Cookies In Firefox

You know that most, if not all, site store cookies. What you might not know is that you can manage every single one of them any way you like. The reason you don’t is because it isn’t the easiest thing to do and no one can really be bothered with checking out which cookies each site saves. Cookie Monster is a Firefox extension that lets you micro manage cookies all from the add-on bar. It lets you control site wide and domain wide cookies, allow them temporarily for the current session and see at a glance which site is storing cookies and which cookies each site is storing.Read More

Open In Chrome – Open All Firefox Tabs In Chrome From Tool Menu

If you’re a Firefox user or you, like many other people use two browsers (the other being Chrome), then it is highly likely that you’ve needed to migrate your browsing session from one browser to another. To do that, you have to copy every one of the links you have open in Firefox in to Chrome. It’s not a big deal if you’ve just got three or four tabs open but what if you’ve got 20? It might seem more like you’re evacuating a city, you can alternatively use Open In Chrome, a Firefox extension that lets you open all tabs from Firefox in Chrome. You can export tabs from one window at a time. Why is this better than all the other similar extensions out there? Because it works.Read More

NewTab – Open Links In New Tab Without Middle Mouse Button [Chrome]

When working on a laptop, a tablet or with a really old mouse that does not have a scroll wheel/ middle-click button, opening a link in a new tab means going through the right-click context menu. Not only is it inconvenient but it gets annoying after awhile especially if you have a fully functional mouse on your desktop but a not so functional touch pad on your laptop. NewTab is a Chrome extension that resolves one functionality that comes with the absence of a middle-click mouse button; it gives you the option to open a link in a new tab when you mouse over it.

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Cookie Controller – View & Manage Cookies From Add-On Bar [Firefox]

It is highly unlikely that you individually choose to allow or deny every site you visit to save cookies. What’s probable is that you let all websites save cookies knowing they will be discarded when you close your browser. What happens is your browser remembers which sites you allowed to save cookies and references your choice in future. This means a site you’ve permitted to save cookies once will always be allowed to save cookies, unless you do something about it. Cookie Controller is a Firefox extension that lets you see at a glance whether or not, the site you’re visiting is allowed to save cookies, if the cookies will be discarded when you close your browser or if the site has been restricted from saving cookies. You can toggle permissions on & off for any site by clicking the extension’s buttons in the add-on bar.

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