Copy Offers File Sharing, Cloud Storage & Sync With 12GB+ Free Space

File sharing has become immensely easy over the past few years, thanks to the fast internet availability in many parts of the world, and services like Jumpshare and Dropbox. The aforementioned file sharing solutions help users share files with much more ease than they could just a few years ago. In addition, such services also provides them with virtual cloud storage to back up their content as well as access it remotely over the internet. Copy is a great new file sharing and cloud storage service that I recently discovered and took for a spin. Available for desktop, mobile and web, the service makes file sharing as well as collaboration simple and intuitive.Update: Copy is shutting down.Read More

Create & Share A Virtual Wall Of Documents & Media With Padlet

Padlet (formerly known as Wallwisher) is an awesome web app that lets you share files and messages with others in an intuitive drag-and-drop style. The core idea behind the the service is to create a virtual wall, where a single user or a group of people can create and share anything they like. This swift way of file sharing and collaboration is sure to attract diverse group of people such as students, teachers, project managers, business executives and even companies and organizations etc. to easily share their files and thoughts. The service calls this virtual space the Wall, where each participant has full control over what's being shared, and any individual or group can build a virtual wall and load it with any stuff they like. Let’s see how it works after the jump. Read More

Chat & Share Dropbox Files With Nearby iPhone Users With ProxToMe

Sharing photos with nearby people using Bluetooth isn’t much of an issue even on iOS, since the App Store offers plenty of apps for this purpose. When it comes to sending and receiving other files though, things get a little tricky. Sharing music, videos and documents takes some extra effort, but recently some easy ways of doing this have finally started to emerge. ProxToMe is a new iOS app that allows you to connect with other users of the service who are nearby to chat with them and send them any file stored in your Dropbox account. The app uses Bluetooth to find the nearby users. Any files that you receive can be stored in the ProxToMe folder created by the app in your Dropbox.Read More

Securely Share Files With Specific Permissions & Recipients Using SmartRM

There are a lot of file sharing application available on the internet, but many of them don't provide you with a lot of options when it comes to the amount of control you have over who can view the file. Using various services, you can share a file via email, social media, or a URL. Most of the times, anyone can view the files using their direct links, for instance, someone with access to an image URL can easily view it by pasting it in the browser. SmartRM is an file sharing service with an open-source application for Windows that allows you to overcome that problem and lets you share files only with people that you intend to. Other than directly sending the files using any online method (email, IM, social networks), you can also share it using a USB drive or even Dropbox. Once received, only people with proper permissions can access the file, that too only during a limited time frame specified by you.Read More

Share Groups Of Docs & Photos Publicly Or Privately With Noteshares

Noteshares is a web service for sharing notes and photo albums with friends. It is somewhat of a cross between Evernote and Facebook, but unlike both of them, it concentrates on keeping things very simple. Notes can be made as public updates or private ones to be shared with specific people. You can also create Binders and upload files to them, leave comments on files, and ‘rebind’ a Binder to share it to your own profile. Files of many popular formats can be previewed in Noteshares. There does not appear to be a storage limit mentioned on the website or the service's blog. Though Noteshares is currently in Beta, and this may change in a future version.Read More

FileXare Allows Easy File Transfer & Instant Messaging Between PCs Over LAN

FileXare is a portable, open-source Windows application that lets you transfer files among computers that are connected to the same local network. To send or receive the files, you just have to run the application on both computers and establish a network connection between the machines from either end, using the IP address of the other PC. Along with providing an easy file transfer solution, the tool also lets you send instant text messages between the connected computers, thanks to its integrated chat option. Let’s dig deeper into the app and see how it works.Read More

Sharable Allows Cross-Platform Public & Private File Sharing Over WiFi

When it comes to instant and wireless file sharing across devices, Android users have an extensive pool of tools to choose from. From relatively new data sharing techniques like Wi-Fi Direct and NFC Beam to various file sharing apps and services out there, you have countless means to share files from one device with another. We have already covered numerous tools that allow remote content sharing from desktop to mobile, mobile to mobile and mobile to desktop. However, we were yet to come across a multi-platform tool that allows quick and convenient file sharing among your desktop, iDevices and Android. Say Hello to Sharable – a cross-platform file sharing app for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS (soon) that not only impresses with its universal sharing capabilities, but also comes as one of the most user-friendly apps belonging to its genre. Sharable can be used to share data with select devices over the same Wi-Fi network or through the Wi-Fi hotspot of another device, meaning you don’t have to face the restrictions of staying at a specific spot in order to transfer content to your recipient's device.Read More

Wirelessly Copy Videos Between Macs & iOS Devices With Ease Using MovieShare

Copying files to your iPhone is not as simple as everything Apple makes; it is tied down to iTunes, which means your music, pictures, and videos have to go through it in order to reach your device. iTunes isn’t that bad an app; it just isn't as user-friendly or light on system resources as it could've been. There are times when you wish you could treat your iPhone like a mas storage device or just transfer things to it faster. MovieShare is a free Mac app that not only lets you easily share videos with other Macs, but also has a universal companion iOS app available in the App Store that allows transfer of videos to and from your Mac and any iOS device. The iOS client receives the video files and gives you the option to save them to your iPhone’s camera roll. Both Mac and iOS apps have free versions, though these are ad-supported and have limitations with respect to the file formats you can share. Upgrading the apps to their full variants removes ads and allows you to convert unsupported formats before transfer. Files are transferred over Wi-Fi, so both devices involved need to be connected to the same network.Read More

Zapya Brings Intuitive Gesture-Based WiFi File Sharing To Android & iOS

Wireless file transfer solutions for smartphones and tablets are available in abundance, but few make the entire sharing experience as fun-filled as Zapya – a cross-platform file sharing tool for Android and iOS with a touch of innovation. Using Zapya, you can easily and swiftly transfer data with multiple nearby devices over a Wi-Fi network as well as a Wi-Fi Hotspot established on one of the devices. The app has a built-in media, app and file browser to allow sharing of any type of data with an individual contact or a group of recipients. Another impressive aspect of Zapya is its various gesture-controlled sharing modes that can be used to share multiple files with select contact, or a particular file with several contacts.Read More

Share Any File Through Google Drive & SMS Using Send It For Android

Fresh to the Play Store, Send It is an innovative file sharing tool for Android smartphones and tablets. Using Send It, you can share any file stored on your Android device with your phone, email and / or social contacts without requiring the recipients to install any app on their end or register with a service. Basically, Send It utilizes your Google Drive storage to upload shared content to a dedicated folder. Once files are uploaded, the app then generates a short URL of the shared stuff that can be forwarded to the intended recipients via SMS, email or social media. A major advantage is that if sent via SMS, your recipients instantly receive the notification and download link of the shared content regardless of whether they’re currently connected to the internet or not. All Send It requires to work its trick is a valid Google Drive account (for storing uploaded files), a high speed internet connection for large uploads, and SMS credit available on your plan to share URL-containing texts. The app supports sharing virtually every file type with any number of recipients you desire, and integrates stringently with your Android’s universal file sharing menu to allow you to share content from the Gallery or any Android file manager.Read More

Stream Files From Your PC Or Mac To iPad From Anywhere With QuikIO

Being able to access your computer’s files on your iOS device can be quite useful, even if it is only over Wi-Fi. Though wouldn't it be better if you could stream any document or media file from your PC or Mac to your iPad even when you are in another part of the world? While services like SkyDrive and Dropbox might work for you in these scenarios, most of the file formats that are not compatible with iOS won’t be of any use on your iPad. Also, uploading large files is really a pain in the neck that most people would rather avoid. QuikIO is a convenient solution that allows you to stream videos, music, documents and other files to your iPad from anywhere, over the Internet.Read More

Share Android Apps, Files, Folders & Contacts Over Web & WiFi With Send Anywhere

The pace at which private file sharing services are increasing these days makes it quite perplexing for the users to pick the best one, since each service has its own specific set of goodies. Send Anywhere, a relatively new name among apps of this kind, provides a neat layout and support for multiple modes of secure wireless file sharing. The official Android client of Send Anywhere, which has just been released to the Google Play Store, allows users to remotely share whatever content they please over the web and with other Android users. The most appealing aspect of the Send Anywhere mobile app is its support for all types of file formats, and the various ways in which it allows content sharing. For instance, you may share the unique input key referring to the shared content with the recipient via SMS, email or any preferred means, generate or scan a unique QR code of the file, or share files with nearby devices over a common WiFi network.Read More

Enjoy Quick P2P File Sharing On Android With JustBeamIt

Reviewed in October last year, JustBeamIt is a free Peer-To-Peer (P2P) file sharing service that allows users to securely share data with others over the web. Neither does it require users to sign up for an account to start sharing content, nor does it involve any desktop/FTP clients. Besides an immensely simple-to-use interface, the advantage JustBeamIt holds over regular file sharing services is that it doesn’t store your personal data on any servers. Instead, data transfer (buffering) begins only when the recipient accesses the download link of the file or files being shared. To make using the service easier on the go, the team behind it has released its official Android client to the Google Play Store. The mobile app supports two way data transfer, allowing you to wirelessly share and receive content on your mobile device. How does it fare as compared to the likes of EZ Drop and other similar alternatives? Read on past the break to find out.Read More

Jumpshare: Instant File Sharing With Online Viewing For 200+ File Formats

Today, you’ve got a very wide range of file sharing services; some focus on syncing, while others focus on providing a better interface. Google and Microsoft have an integrated cloud drive that works with their email service and yet services like Dropbox and Box are around showing you that file sharing can always get better and simpler. These services all have something in common; they’re meant to store files only to be retrieved later. Downloading a file and viewing it on your computer seems normal but the thing is, normal isn’t necessarily convenient and that’s where a service like Jumpshare makes an innovative mark.Jumpshare is the brain child of Ghaus Iftikhar. Many of you know him as the founder of AddictiveTips. It is a file sharing service, currently in Beta, that allows you to upload and share files by emailing or copying and sharing the link on different social media sites. It also has its very own file viewer that allows you to open all your files online. You don’t need to download them and you aren’t reliant on any software or app to open a file for you.Read More

Official MediaFire App For iPhone Released, Lets You Stream Media & Manage Files

You might not be a registered member of MediaFire, but chances are high that you have downloaded some file from the service at least once. MediaFire is quite widely used, and is the first choice for file sharing/hosting for a lot of people. If you have ever uploaded a file to MediaFire, and have an account for the service, you can now use MediaFire from your iPhone, thanks to its official client that has just been released in the App Store. The app has a beautiful interface, but the MediaFire app is not just about beauty, and offers some really good features. You can do just about anything using the app that is possible via the service’s desktop version, as the iPhone client offers upload/download of files, account management, file viewing and even media streaming. The best thing about the app is that you can upload photos and videos directly from your iPhone’s camera or photo library, and you will get 50GB of free storage space!Read More

Turn Your iPhone Or iPad Into A Server For Sharing Media Between iOS Devices Over WiFi

To highlight iOS’s ability to let its users transfer files via Bluetooth or over Wi-Fi, we recently published a list of all the best iPhone and iPad apps that let you transfer files wirelessly between two iDevices. Our list consisted wholly of free apps, and that means there are some other good file sharing solutions available for iOS that didn’t make it into our compilation . Fortunately, one of those apps, SuperShare, has just gone free. SuperShare acts as a server for whole photo albums or documents on your iPhone, and this means that the recipient can download anything at will, and you won’t have to upload unnecessary data. Of course, both the receiver and the sender of files will need to have SuperShare on their iPhone or iPad, but the features and variety of file formats supported by the app overshadow this limitation. Read More

Edit, Rename & Share Files From Your iPhone/iPad With FileApp Pro

For iOS users having jailbroken devices, iFile is the best file management app. If you are not a fan of the Cydia store, however, there are a lot of apps in the App Store that can help you gather your important files in one place, and then edit them with convenience. FileApp Pro is one such file manager for iPhone and iPad that can be used for file sharing and editing. The app supports file transfer via USB and over Wi-Fi, and once you have gotten a photo or document inside FileApp Pro, you can make a lot of changes to it, or share it with anyone else quite easily. The file formats supported by FileApp Pro are numerous, and include the likes of iWork files, images, PDFs, MS Office documents, archives and media files.Read More

Maxxo: Yet Another Cloud Storage Service With Private & Secure File Sharing

Whenever I come across a cloud storage service now, the feelings inside me stay quite placid. One of the reasons maybe – as there are now numerous of them at disposal – there is nothing to get excited about, really. For all my cloud storage and file sharing needs, Dropbox or SkyDrive pretty much suffice the job. And of course, I never needed to upgrade beyond their free plans (even 5 gigs do for me). So, in order to leave that flabbergasting impression on users, companies are trying to approach with new ideas and thoughts, to win a share of your wallet. One serious effort has been made by Maxxo. It isn’t your another Google Drive inspired cloud storage clone (the concept isn’t something unique, though), but the service mainly focuses on making file sharing a lucid experience among your peers, friends, clienteles etc, meanwhile keeping everything private and secure. Maxxo is still in its initial stages and currently invitation only (more of a public Beta, I’d say), so it might take sometime before you get an account activation email, as their servers are currently flooded with requests. I received my approval within a couple of days and proceeded to give it a try.Read More

WebDisk Provides The Easiest Way To Share Files Between iPhone & Desktop

There are more ways of sharing files between computers and iOS devices than anyone would care to know. You can use the official method and stick with iTunes, or if you want something that isn’t likely to wipe your entire music library without warning, there are plenty of third-party apps available for iPhone that let users transfer files without creating a lot of fuss. WebDisk is one such app, and it can be used to share files between iOS devices and your desktop computer over Wi-Fi. So, what’s really special about WebDisk when there are other apps capable of performing the same feat? The biggest advantage WebDisk has over its competitors is its simplicity. In a couple of steps, you can transfer any file from your PC to an iPhone or iPad. In addition to that, WebDisk has a pretty decent file viewer of its own, which supports a lot of file formats and ensures that you don’t have to open most received files in other apps just to view their content.Read More

WiFi Shoot! For Android Allows Photo & Video Sharing Over Wi-Fi Direct

No matter from whatever perspective you look at it, the emergence of Android as one of the top-notch contemporary mobile operating systems is, to say the least, quite encouraging. Although each subsequent iteration of Google’s mobile OS is known to bring some innovative and user-friendly features to the table, none has managed to get as much attention and admiration as Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Included within this ground-breaking version of Android were a couple of very handy wireless file sharing methods in the form of Near Field Communication (NFC) Beam and Wi-Fi Direct. For those unfamiliar with the latter, it can, at best, be described as a super-fast version of Bluetooth file transfer wherein you don’t require any Wi-Fi router or Access Point (AP) in between to share data from one Wi-Fi Direct compatible device to the other. Instead, it’s direct device-to-device file sharing at super-high speed. So far, we haven’t seen too many apps taking advantage of said feature, but thanks to the developer community, one of the first-of-its kind solutions has finally arrived, and it’s quite a useful one, too. Currently in beta, WiFi Shoot! puts the aforementioned Wi-Fi Direct feature to good use, allowing Android users to wirelessly share photos and videos with each other.Read More