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qrSend Lets You Scan QR Codes To Transfer Files From Windows, Mac & Linux To Android

Do you transfer a lot of files from PC to your Android device? What sort of connection you mostly prefer for the purpose? If it’s, Wi-Fi then today we have an impressive app for you that will make file transfers dead simple. qrSend is an Android app with desktop counterparts for Windows, OS X and Linux that lets you transfer files by scanning QR codes. That’s right – no more drag and drop or copy-pasting files around, because all you have to do is scan the QR code that’s displayed on your computer and bingo, your desired item will instantly be transferred to your phone or tablet. Click the Read More button for the details.

Most Android apps that let you transfer files over Wi-Fi require some sort of app or browser-based connection between the device and the computer, or the involvement of a web service. This can sometime make you stuck with only one task at a time. qrSend does away with that, and opts for a rather easier solution by employing QR code scanning method. The procedure to get it running on your PC and Android is fairly simple.

First off, download qrSend’s Windows application (JAR file for Mac OS X or Linux) on your computer, and install the Android app on your device. The Windows application doesn’t have any GUI and creates a new shell extension in the right-click context menu of the files. In order to transfer the file(s), simply right-click your desired item, followed by clicking ‘Send with qrSend’ from the context menu.


A QR code instantly pops up on the computer screen, letting you to scan it through any code scanning app on Android. qrSend’s Android app uses Barcode Scanner by default, but you can also any other app of your choice by installing it from Google Play.


Now open the qrSend app on your Android device and tap the minuscule upload button at the top. If Barcode Scanner isn’t already installed on your device, you can tap ‘Yes’ to let qrSend automatically download it for you. Having done that, scan the QR code and the selected file(s) will be instantly copied to the device. You can also access the file(s) without leaving qrSend by tapping the eye button. There’s also a Settings screen that lets you toggle file transfer notifications and select the download folder as well as your default QR code scanning app.

qrSend_Android qrSend_ qrSend_Settings

It’s good to see that qrSend lets you transfer multiple files in batch, though you can’t transfer a folder via this method, which would have been a nice option to have. All in all, it’s a very useful tool for instantly copying files from your computer to your Android device without much hassle.

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